Tantrums are the “unique skills” of the weak

  When I was 22, I experienced the first job application in my life. That was a failed application.
  At noon, I went to the office of Mr. Benson, the manager of the airline. After I handed him the results of the first two written tests, he looked at me with admiration. He said that this was the best result he had seen so far. He also wished me well in this final round of interviews. score.
  I’m so happy. I asked Mr. Benson what I need to do. He took out a small paper box and handed it to me and said: “You take this box to the office 12-8 on the 12th floor to find the supervisor, Mr. Dominic, and ask him to sign it. Bring it up again, okay?”
  ”Okay!” I told the manager. I picked up the box and walked out. I was on the 11th floor. It took a long time to wait for the elevator. I simply walked up to the 12th floor and found Mr. Dominic. After I asked him to sign, I He took the box and returned to Mr. Benson’s office. After checking Mr. Dominic’s signature, Mr. Benson signed his name next to Mr. Dominic’s signature. He handed me the box again and asked me to take it up again and sign it for Mr. Dominic. I think it’s weird. Didn’t you sign it just now? But I thought there might be something else in it, so I smiled and went to the 12th floor again, and asked Director Dominic to sign…
  I swear I had never heard of such a thing: the manager and the supervisor were not separated at all. Seeing what’s in the box, they just let me run around and keep asking them to sign. After I ran back and forth nine times, my mood was extremely bad. When I walked to Mr. Benson’s office on the ninth trip, my legs were already trembling, and I thought they were just teasing me. I opened the door of the office and said angrily to Mr. Benson, “I decided to give up the interview. You are not really looking to hire a flight attendant at all, you are just playing tricks!”
  Mr. Benson looked at me with some surprise. I ignored him. I put the box heavily on his table, turned and left. When I came to the door, Mr. Benson said, “You don’t want to see what’s in this box? You are concerned!”
  I turned my head to look at him in surprise. I didn’t believe that they would have anything related to me. I took a look at it curiously. I didn’t expect that there was a cup inside. Inside the cup was a packet of instant coffee and a note. The note read: “If you After nine times with a smile, it means that you have been hired. You can make this cup of coffee and have a good chat with Mr. Benson about your work! ”
  It turned out that this was an interview, but I was very angry in the end. , Where is the smile? I regret it very much. I don’t know what to say. Mr. Benson smiled and said to me: “Since you have already finished nine trips, let me tell you why I have to set nine trips. The first three trips are joyful. In the obedient phase, the middle three times are the overcoming emotional phase, and the next three times are the temper test phase. If you do not lose your temper until you finish nine runs, you can be hired, but unfortunately, although you have finished nine runs, you still Lost my temper to me!”
  ”But, is this fair to me? I don’t understand what you are going to do at all. How can I not lose my temper if I run around like this?” I explained.
  ”No, you will face all kinds of people and all kinds of requirements on the plane. You will not be able to understand many things, but you don’t need to understand. You only need to provide everyone with the services you should provide. That’s fine, even if someone asks you for 10 glasses of water within two minutes. You can also choose to politely ask me your questions, but you don’t have any, you are just losing your temper.” Mr. Benson shook his head and said, “You the written exam is very good, but at the moment, you are in my eyes is a weak and incompetent, because only the weak are always angry ‘unique skills’, you always have to remember that angry people will lose a lot! ”
  I I felt frustrated for missing this opportunity, but I also felt fortunate that although I was not hired, I at least got a fortune that might benefit me a lifetime.