Sulfamonomethoxine sodium

CAS No.: 38006-08-5
Chemical Name: Sulfamonomethoxine sodium
Synonyms: Sulfamonomethoxine sodium;Sulfamonomethoxine sodium salt;Sulfamonomethoxine sodium USP/EP/BP;Sulfamonomethoxine sodium Solution, 100ppm;Sulfamonomethoxine sodium ISO 9001:2015 REACH;Sulfamonomethoxine sodium (SMM) Solution in Methanol, 100μg/mL;Sodium ((4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl)(6-methoxypyrimidin-4-yl)amide;Sodium (4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl-(6-methoxypyrimidin-4-yl)azanide

Molecular Formula:C11H13N4NaO3S
Molecular Weight:304.3

a.Mainly used for sensitive bacteria infection.
b.Also used in the treatment of the infection caused by toxoplasma gondii pigs and chickens live leucocyte.


Appearance White crystal or crystalline power
PH 9.6-10.5
Clarity of solution Clear
Loss on drying 6.0%
Heavy metal 20PPM
Assay ≥98.0%