Spend time

what happened? Why don’t you read on WeChat!

Liu Donghai called on the phone, blamed his face, and scared me, thinking that something was delayed. Not waiting for me to speak up, he immediately said, look, there are complaints again, the work order is posted on your WeChat, handle it well!

I quickly said, okay, watch now.

Liu Donghai is the director of the City Banking Association. I used to meet in the dining room before. I didn’t drink too much, and I didn’t say much when I touted each other. Over the past year, as I went down, there were fewer opportunities to eat, and my life changed, and my tone of voice also changed. Of course, I understand human nature.

Hang up the phone, click on WeChat, it really turned red. All are groups, useless groups, time-wasting groups. When I turned down, I saw the drowning “Haina River”, which is Liu Donghai’s net name. Click on “Haina River” and see a picture. Click to open the picture, which is the content of the work order: At 10:05 am on April 14, the customer handled the withdrawal service at the Dongyuan branch office of Bank A. During the withdrawal process, there was a quarrel with the lobby manager, and we are now complaining about the service of the Dongyuan branch office Poor attitude, please coordinate with relevant departments to solve.

The complainant did not leave a name, only a mobile phone number.

Dongyuan Branch Office belongs to Chengdong Sub-branch. I called Xiaofu Secretary of Chengdong Sub-branch and asked her to investigate immediately. Xiaofu’s secretary is not young. She is in her early forties. She looks small and compact, and she is very attractive. I have always had a good impression of her, joking her as a “little woman.” She said on the phone, President Hu, you can rest assured that I will investigate this matter and give you a reply. Where is my total, but a little clerk.

When I heard her nice voice, my tone eased. The “little woman” did not put down the phone, but her voice was softer: Mr. Hu, the Banking Association also asked you to do more work, and strive not to report it to our bank, otherwise we will deduct points and money. Leaders will blame.

Suddenly, I was a little annoyed. The “little woman” was not sensible. What can I do with the work of the Banking Association? I said, you investigate first and then talk about it.

The “little woman” immediately became serious, pinched the conversation, and said, okay, I will investigate now and investigate seriously.

Putting down the phone, I was dumbfounded.

For consumer protection work, I am also a layman, like a bald monk-will come. It took less than a year for me to “sink” from the vital department to the Consumer Protection Section for some reason. In the eyes of others, it was a gray day for me; for me, it was a gray day. But I try my best to integrate into my work and adjust this gray day. It is not a good attitude, but for life. There are often articles on the public account that teach people to control emotions, saying that losing temper is an instinct, and controlling emotions is the ability. In fact, when you reach my age, you know that that set is all deceptive, can lose temper, can endure, capital, uncle, can not lose temper, it is useless, suffocating, grandson.

Consumer protection, at first glance, thought that it was firefighting to protect the fire and the fire. No, the full name is called “protection of consumer rights.” It is somewhat similar to fire extinguishing, mainly to extinguish customers’ hearts. The customer complained that which one did not hold back the evil fire, and whoever spit fire at the sight of it, I went to solve it, and it happened to be a breathing bag, and the fire point was transferred to me. In other words, to wipe the buttocks for others, but not clean, but also make my hands dirty. If it’s a reasonable customer, it’s just annoying. I’m afraid that I’m afraid of encountering some customers who are arrogant and polite.

There are also uneasy bank employees who are emotional at work, have bad attitudes, are unreasonable, and quarrel with customers in a few words. There are two types of bank employees in this category: one is young people, and they are very upset and arrogant, and they are spoiled by their parents at home. Older employees, who are older, have been on the counter for many years, and have become old qualifications. They feel that they are uncles, and they have a little bit of anger when talking to others. Whether you are an uncle or an uncle, you are at home, the customer is God, which one is yours? There was a disagreement and noisy. If you don’t give in to each other, you will upgrade and complain.

I was thinking, the “little woman” phone came: Oops, President Hu, I investigated immediately, and really don’t blame us, that client, is a neuropathy.

When I heard it, I got angry again and said, Secretary Fu, I must find the reason on my body.

“Little woman” said, Oops, President Hu, what I said is true, this time I really encountered a neuropathy, I tell you, who is the teller he complained, you know who is reasonable, it is our Wang Hongjun Wang Wu Brother.

As soon as I heard Wang Hongjun’s three words, I was silent.

This is not an outsider.

Wang Hongjun is an old employee of our bank, because he is ranked fifth, and he is called Wang Laowu. Twenty years ago, I graduated from a bank school and was assigned to Bank A. The first stop was the most remote Dongyuan branch office. The master was Wang Laowu. Wang Laowu is a few years older than me. He is very mature and kind. Everyone calls him Wang Wuwu. He is serious in his work, proficient in business, and provides first-class service. He has never had a holiday with his colleagues or disputes with customers. Both inside and outside, he was highly praised, and he was a famous old man. But because he was too honest, he hadn’t moved his nest at the Dongyuan branch, and still sat on the countertop. Unhappy in life, his wife ran away with others. For these years, he has not married anymore. And because I wrote some articles, I quickly left that bitter den and went to the office of Chengdong Sub-branch, and then went to the office of the city branch to play with the pen. The Dongyuan branch office is my “nanny”. I have nothing to do with it. I will go there and have a look. Over the past two decades, the urban area has continued to expand from south to east. After several extensions and renovations, the branch office has changed greatly, and the personnel are constantly changing. Only Wang Wuge still sticks to his position. I once wanted to write a manuscript for him to publicize him, whether it is public or private, it is well deserved. Maybe I can help him. But he refused. Just last year, he obscured himself in the limelight. He couldn’t accept the propaganda. That year, he was exactly fifty years old.

We have built a Sino-Korean enterprise park here, which is similar to the Dongyuan branch. One day, a South Korean merchant drank some wine and burned his buttocks to do business, saying he had to hurry to catch the plane. Brother Wu is the lobby manager. He hurriedly led him to the smart teller machine to handle the business. It took only three or five minutes. It was noon and there were few hot days. Brother Wu raised his head sharply and saw a small brown leather bag lying there on the teller machine. No need to ask, it must be the old Korean. He grabbed the bag and ran out, looking around, the old man was gone. He quickly called up the background record, found the old man’s phone number, and dialed in, unable to connect to the left, and busy to the right. Wang Wuge thought, the old man must be calling to find a package. When he was doing business, he heard the old man say he was going to catch the plane. Presumably he was in a hurry at the airport, so he called and took a taxi to the airport. When he got to the airport, the phone was on. He said that he was looking for a bag at the airport. He had made several calls. The driver, office secretary, and restaurant owner were looking for a bank. He wanted to go back to the state, because he drank some wine, but he didn’t even realize he was missing a thing. He had to change the boarding pass immediately. It was too late to get back. The fifth brother Wang had already sent it, just in time to catch him on the plane. The old man took out a stack of cash from his bag and stuffed it with his brother. No brother. The time was urgent. The old man took his handbag, changed the boarding pass, passed the security check, and reluctantly left.

A few days later, the old man came back and sent a banner and a thank-you note. The “little woman” of Chengdong Sub-branch wrote me a newsletter at an untimely time. When I saw it, it was from the old man Wang Wuge, and my enthusiasm increased greatly. I added a class and formed a special report. The head office newspaper, local media, After being bombarded in turns, Wang Wuge became famous all of a sudden. Friends of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee are familiar with me. After reading the report I wrote, we are looking for such a model, optimizing the investment environment, and promoting positive energy. Moreover, we are evaluating “good people in the city” every year. , There are all walks of life, there is no bank, Pharaoh fills this vacancy. So, quickly fill out the form to declare. Soon, Wang Wuge was rated as the “Good Man in Drifting City” of the year, followed by “Good Man in Jiangsu”.

How can such a good person have a bad service attitude? It’s incredible.

This is a neuropathy! The director of the branch, Old Yang Zhiya, has a tooth.

I decided to make an on-site investigation and rode the battery car to the Dongyuan branch office. This is my old base, very familiar. As soon as he entered the hall, “Little Woman” and outlet director Lao Yang greeted him. Just like the appointment with the “little woman”, Director Yang also came up with a “neuropathy” sentence. Director Yang is in his early forties, and he is also a director of an old outlet with good performance. When I interviewed Wang Wuge last time, I also interviewed him. It can be said that Wang Wuge’s deeds spewed out like waves of water in his mouth, one after another.

I saw that Wang Wuge was guiding customers to operate on the smart teller machine, but I didn’t alarm him. But he obviously heard my voice and turned to smile at me. I also smiled at him.

This person is a well-known professional complaint accountant, and almost all the banks nearby have been complained by her. Director Yang took me to the office and continued.

Why don’t I know? I took the glass from the “little woman” and asked.

Hey, how can you know that you didn’t do this before, you used to do publicity, and dig out good people and good things, such bad things don’t reach your ears, sometimes we digest them internally. Director Yang said.

He is right, I am really not familiar with this line.

Director Yang went on to say, what’s going on, I will report to you. At ten o’clock yesterday morning, our fifth brother Wang was guiding customers, and the service of the fifth brother Wang was two dumb kisses-nothing to say. At this time, that neuropathy came in.

Not to mention the neurosis, what is the name. I interrupted Director Yang.

Director Yang smiled embarrassedly. “Little woman” said next to you, you are a metaphor for the real image, but dumb kissed nothing. Director Yang smiled again and said that in front of the writer, he wanted to be vivid. He went on to say that the customer’s surname was Hua Yuerong. You listen to this name, how nice it is. I think she should change her name to “Xianrenqiu”. While receiving this client, Wang Wuge smiled at her. This is the art of reception of Wang Wuge. He calls one after another, greets three, and uses his eyes, mouth, and hands together. He is busy but not disorderly and methodical. But that neuropathy-no-Hua Yuerong, wearing a helmet, pulling down the glass cover, blocking his face, fully armed, like an alien, simply ignored the fifth brother, went directly and said, I want to do business, fast, fast, I have to do it now. Brother Wu has already done a good job with the first customer, and turned back to this new customer, that is, Hua Yuerong, let me help you get a number first, there are two customers in front, wait a moment. Two customers, in a matter of minutes, could spend Yuerong’s helmet without picking up, the glass cover did not turn over, and they didn’t even care about the fifth brother, so they took the mobile phone to shoot the fifth brother, the lobby, and the window. I saw, which one is this? Hurry up. When I looked at this height and figure, I felt Gordon in my heart and felt that I had met the old thorn. Why do you say that? Because I knew her, I met her when she was in the welcome office a year ago, and she complained about me, and I did neglect her. It was hard to deal with it, and now she is here again, I know it’s not good, touch the porcelain. Hurry up and talk to her, and open a green channel for her to do her business. She didn’t appreciate it yet. She said that your lobby manager has a bad attitude. I want to complain to him. I said, no, it’s not very good. I will give you a special deal. I also secretly gave her a towel, but I didn’t expect her not to, just left. I thought she had learned well, and left when she left. Anyone who wanted to go out and complained was so insidious.

Director Yang’s remarks made me speak of Yunshan Mist. To be honest, although I haven’t worked long in consumer protection, I have also seen a lot of customer complaints, but I haven’t seen such an inexplicable one. I said, you are responsible for your words, I have recorded it. He said, absolutely no problem, I am responsible. I said, I went back to the background and watched the video to see if what you said was really untrue. He said he was willing to be reviewed. I said, I am not qualified to review you, but one thing, be sure to appease the client, smooth things out, and don’t let the situation escalate to form a reputational risk. He said, I try my best.

I stood up and suddenly remembered something, and asked, what is this client doing?

Director Yang said that without work, he opened a grocery store on Dongyuan Street.

I nodded and walked out to the lobby. Brother Wang was still busy greeting customers.

I hurt him a little bit.

Go back to the branch, go to the monitoring room of the security department to retrieve the video, and watch it from beginning to end. There is no sound in the video, which is basically similar to the process that Director Yang said. I took a closer look at the legendary Huayue Rong. It looked like a short stature. She was wearing a helmet from beginning to end.

The next morning, I went to the office, thinking about how things were handled at the Dongyuan branch, and I received a call from the “little woman.” “Little woman” said that last night, we took some small gifts to Huayuerong’s grocery store. The communication was not smooth, and even the seats were not compromised, and he refused to agree to withdraw his complaint. I asked, did she have any requirements? The “little woman” said, yes, I want Pharaoh to apologize to her and form a written text. I also ask the staff of Dongyuan branch office to strengthen learning and hold a reflection meeting to discuss the matter and criticize and educate Pharaoh. People write an experience of no less than 500 words. President Hu, what do you say is not a neuropathy? Can normal people make this request? It is purely unreasonable!

I heard it ridiculously, but I thought there should be an article in it. Ask, how did you answer?

“Little woman” said, what’s the answer? If you hadn’t asked for anything, we asked her to turn our face, especially Director Yang, I couldn’t hold back the fire, I was pressed down hard, I said, this We can’t decide on things, we must ask the leadership. She said, okay, reply to me as soon as possible. Leader, what do you say about this matter?

I also only scratched my scalp and thought about it, or else, I went to see her.

The “little woman” giggled over there and led, and that’s right, they also named Hua Yuerong to see you.

I said, don’t make a joke, hurry up and handle things.

“Little woman” said, what I can say is true, she asked me if you have a writer named Hu Liang from Bank A, I said yes, she said, you let him come to see me, I want Talk to him. President Hu, this is the original word.

I was stunned for a while, and listening to the “little woman” did not sound like a lie.

“Little woman” said, she also took care of her, don’t want anyone to accompany you, only to see you alone, President Hu, is she your fan? You may be lucky. Haha.

The convenience store is located on Dongyuan Street about 500 meters east of Dongyuan Office.

When I came here, it was almost noon. Just turned around the alley and saw a small wooden boarding house in front of the flower garden in front of the convenience store. Two cats, one yellow and one black, are basking in the sun on the roof. I also have cats in my family, so I am very kind to cats. I said “meow” twice to be friendly. But they ignored me, their eyelids twitched, and they squinted again.

I turned around and the six words on the lintel of the convenience store caught my eye: Spend Time Convenience Store. The last three words are small, and the three words “spend time” are very full, really like flowers. I smirked in my heart, a convenience store, how to get such a romantic and sad name, it looks like a flower shop or a cafe.

I walked into the convenience store.

I might have bought things more than ten years ago. The facade is not big, there is only a small room, the goods are on the two sides of the shelf, at first glance no one, the room is filled with a special smell. Suddenly someone talked on it, what’s the point? As soon as I looked up, there was still a floor in the room, an open small loft, blocked by a red railing. A middle-aged woman is looking down. I said, you are the flower boss, I am from Bank A. The woman listened and said, yo, Hu writer is here. I wondered how she recognized me. She pointed to the wall and said, come up. It turned out that there was a narrow staircase by the wall that only one person could pass by. I walked up and saw a small table and two chairs upstairs, and a high platform was placed in it, two porcelain statues were placed side by side, and a big-bellied Maitreya Buddha was placed on the left. The one on the right surprised me. It turned out to be Kong Sheng. A scent of incense was burned in the front in the middle and the smoke was smoky. There are stoves on both sides of the table, and the rice cooker is steaming. There is a pot on the ground. The pot is filled with washed leeks and cucumbers. I understand that the special flavor is a mixture of sandalwood and rice. She pointed to the stool. I settled down and looked at her seriously. As shown in the video, he is chunky, his face is round, his skin is slightly darker, and he has short hair. Although he is not beautiful, his facial features are upright. It looks familiar.

She wiped her hands, sat down and said, “Looking like you are not a writer.” I said, what should a writer look like? She said, of course, should be thin, wearing glasses, or long hair, or bald, but unfortunately you do not account for it. I smiled, so I am not a writer, just writing. She also smiled and said, you are humble, I only read the article you wrote before applauding. I said, where have you read my article. She said in the newspaper. He said, stood up, went over a cabinet on the wall and took out a few newspapers.

When I saw it, it turned out to be my article promoting Wang Wuge.

I don’t understand, ask, what are you doing with this?

She said, look, learn good people.

I said that it was not well written and made you laugh.

She said, okay, vivid and vivid, but I don’t understand it. I just picked up a bag and returned it to the owner. Why did it blow like this? Isn’t this what he should do? He didn’t give the bag to the owner, would he take it home? Does he dare? With so many cameras in the bank, he wanted to die. He is a banker, decent, picking up a bag and returning it to the owner. It’s really no big deal. It’s just a matter of “good guys in the city,” and it’s incredible to be rated as “good guys in Jiangsu”.

I said, I can’t say that. He is not just returning the bag, but he is anxious about the customer’s urgency. He sends the bag to the airport to allow the customer to board the plane smoothly. If the time is delayed, a negotiation will be delayed and it may be lost. A big order. Moreover, the fifth brother Wang also established a righteous attitude, established a new image of the floating city people, and also established a new image of the bankers, increasing the confidence of foreign investors in our floating city investment.

I said this, not only did she not accept it, but she was even more disdainful: 嘁, what a coincidence is that you imposed it on you, out of nothing.

I said, you call me, just say this?

She said it was to explain the words.

I said, it’s not easy to do anything, and it’s not easy to be a good person. In fact, good people don’t have to do earth-shattering big things, and they don’t necessarily have to be courageous and self-denying to save others, because there are few such opportunities. A good person is someone else who thinks it should be done, but someone else hasn’t done it. He just did it.

She said that the writer can speak.

I said, I was telling the truth.

She said, you go and tell the good guy, I am going to settle the account this time.

I said, settle accounts?

She said, yes, settle accounts!

I said, what account?

She said that she didn’t want to say today that I was going to eat.

I know that she is the eviction order. Today’s communication can only come here, and sitting can’t solve the problem, so I get up and say goodbye, and go downstairs and ask, are you eating here?

She took me downstairs and said that I was here to eat and live and couldn’t afford a house.

She pointed to the back, and I looked up. Sure enough, there was a folding bed against the innermost wall of the stairwell. Looking inside, there is still a compartment, which seems to be a warehouse, which is full of debris, clothes, books, etc., neatly arranged.

I walked out to the flower garden again, and the two cats were still there. The yellow cat turned over, his legs straight toward the sky, his mouth yawning with his mouth open. The black cat stretched its legs, not looking down, licking the fur on its legs, suddenly got up, and got into the small wooden nest. I found that one of its hind legs was lame, as if it was injured.

She called me at the door, writer.

I asked back, what?

She said, please write me an article too.

I said, what to write?

She said, do not tell you now, wait for me to think about it.

Liu Donghai called: The customer called to withdraw. He said, your processing ability is really good, as far as I know, this man is a thorn, how do you settle it?

I was a little surprised, because there was no good communication in the morning, why did you withdraw the complaint this afternoon? Indulge me, I can’t speak clearly in a few words, and I have the opportunity to report to you.

I had wanted to go to the “Spend Time Convenience Store” again, and suddenly thought that there was still a visit in the afternoon.

There is a “good man’s house” in Drift City, built in Drift City Park. Our governor often walks in the park. One day, following the signs, I walked into the pavilion and visited it. After I came back, I was greatly appreciated. The “Good People Pavilion” is really good. We should let employees learn and study, especially the staff at the outlets. So that they can increase their service awareness.

The first group organized the director of the branch. In the afternoon, we walked into the “Good House”. The Goodman Pavilion is divided into three exhibition halls, namely China Goodman, Jiangsu Goodman and Drift City Goodman. In the Jiangsu Goodman Showroom, I saw Brother Wu. Director Yang said that next time we will let all the employees of our branch office come to see it.

Surprisingly, I saw Hua Yuerong in the Good People Exhibition Area of ​​Drift City. In the photo, her face is more round and her smile is full. Both pictures and texts say that she has donated clothes, books and cash to children out of school in poverty-stricken areas for the past 20 years, equivalent to more than RMB 300,000.

Director Yang was watching, and snorted: Such people are also good people, which really subverted my three views.

I said that they did really well.

He said, hey, what, these clothes, books, money are all her complaints. Do you remember I told you that she complained to me, I finally solved it, do you know how to solve it? I’m afraid she’s irritating, so I’ll send some souvenirs to her. She refuses to let her compensate. I said, no loss, she said, no, otherwise, give you a chance, you mobilize your outlet staff, Tomorrow everyone will bring a piece of clothing, and then bring two more books, just give it to me, I want to use where it is needed. As soon as I saw that this method was not bad, I listened to her. Who has few old clothes that I don’t wear and books that I don’t read? It also takes up space at home, so I mobilize employees and bring things to her. Suppressed the incident. In this way, she got a lot of money and books, and then she donated these things to poor children, and the good people let her do it. Writer, do you say this is blackmail?

I didn’t speak.

Director Yang saw that I didn’t talk, and went on to say that it was a perverted person, a normal person, why wouldn’t he find a man after a few decades alone!

I was shocked and asked, she had never been married?

Director Yang said, no, it’s better to be with a man in the middle. When the man ran away, she had been alone. The man was also the director of a bank branch.

I look at the pictures of Hua Yuerong on the wall, and Hua Yuerong is also staring at me.

She spoke, writer, and you write an article for me.

I came to the “Spend Time Convenience Store” again. Just turned the corner and saw Hua Yuerong was beside the log cabin in front of the door, holding a small box in one hand and a spoon in the other, pouring the cat food on the concrete table of the flowerbed, and the two cats were eating their heads Happy. I stood behind her and watched quietly. She stood up, turned around to see me, froze, and said, yo, the writer is here, why not squeak.

I said, afraid to disturb you to feed the cat.

She said, you like cats too?

I said, I also have a stray cat at home, which my lover picked up.

She said that your lover is also a good person.

I felt like I was scratched by a cat’s paw. I asked after a while, is this your cat?

She said it was also a stray cat, and I looked at the poor, so I built a nest for them.

I said, really a caring person.

She said that you are ironic of me, saying that I have no love in life.

I said, where does it really mean?

She said, hi, kidding.

We entered the room and looked inside the compartment. It was empty than yesterday, as if it had been cleaned. She said aside, just sent a batch. Upstairs, she poured me a glass of water. The big-bellied Maitreya Buddha was still topless and exposed, laughing broadly, and Kong Sheng’s long beard fluttered and looked serious. In the middle there is a stick of incense, and the cigarette is wrapped around. It is not yet time to cook, there is no mixing of rice flavor, and the fragrance is relatively pure.

I said that this time, I thank you for withdrawing the complaint.

She said, there is nothing to thank, I’m nervous.

I said, can’t say that, our service needs to be improved.

She was a little embarrassed and said that since you said that, I told you that I had not intended to withdraw the complaint, but at noon yesterday, I saw you watched the cat for a long time, and I decided to withdraw the complaint.

I did not expect a small move to achieve this effect.

But, did you talk about accounting last time?

Yeah, settle the account, okay, I just told you without reservation.

She took a sip of tea and said, to be honest, I knew Wang Hongjun long ago. Twenty years ago, I went to his office to do a pen business. His attitude was very bad that day, and I was very dissatisfied. But at that time, I had no complaints. This time I saw him selected in the newspaper as a good man in Drifttown and then promoted to a good man in Jiangsu.

I said, did you remember the wrong thing? The person you complained about is indeed doing very well. It has been serving here for more than 20 years and has a very good reputation.

She said with certainty, yes, it was him, who knew it by burning it. You are a writer, and I don’t have to hide it. I, I–

She was a little embarrassed. I asked, what’s wrong?

She said, I used to like him.

I was shocked, but I didn’t expect a love story.

She said that this shop was opened by my aunt’s house more than 20 years ago. I didn’t graduate from junior high school, so I dropped out of school. I still miss school. My grades are good, but my family is too poor. There are two younger brothers below. If I want to study, my parents are partial, so I won’t read it. Let me go to the city to help my aunt to see the shop and earn some pocket money. At that time, the bank’s dormitory was just behind Dongyuan Street. He passed by the front of my shop every day, with a bald face. My envy, I always thought he could enter my shop and catch up with him. He didn’t squint. Finally, one day, when it was sunny and sunny, there was a sudden heavy rain. The “good man” just passed the door of my shop and came in to hide the rain. I walked out of the counter and chatted with him for a while. It can be seen that he is always absent-minded, there is no sound with me, his eyes are watching the rain outside.

I said, was it something he didn’t care about at the time? It was all inaccurate.

She said it was possible, but with my efforts, he changed and finally opened the mouth. When the rain stopped, he hadn’t gone yet, so we could have a good time talking later. I really like him, he is very honest. Later, I went to the bank again to withdraw money. He pretended not to know me. You said, why did he pretend not to know me?

I asked, what do you think?

She said that because he was a banker, noble, I was afraid I would stick to him.

I said, no.

She said, why not, you are not the same?

Before I could answer, she suddenly turned her head to stare at me, staring me straight at the hair. For a while, she said, do you remember the movie theater that day?

what? I am confused.

She said, you forgot? You hugged a strange girl in the cinema.

I was shocked, like a movie in my head, flashing the scene of the year.

Once, I was in the last row of the cinema. The lights were dark, the movie had been screened, and a space next to it was empty. In about ten minutes, the seat next to him finally arrived. Intuitively, he was a young girl. That day was Zhang Yimou’s “Ju Dou”, a famous movie. Half of the movie was put, and my hand on the armrest was caught by the other. It was the girl, I thought she found my hand on the armrest, and immediately withdrew it. Unexpectedly, she didn’t move. My heart beats like a snare drum, and I beat hard, trying to draw my hand back, but it didn’t move. At this time, Gong Li and a man’s bed scene appeared on the screen, a breathing voice. I found that the other person’s hands were tighter. I drew my hand back, stretched my back over her back, and hugged her. She did not refuse, but also hugged me. Just hold it for a long time before letting go. After the movie ended, I was suddenly scared, turned and squeezed into the flow of people, and turned around to see that no one had followed up before my heart let go.

It’s you? I ask.

What do you say She asked rhetorically. Seeing that I didn’t speak, she went on to say, I thought you were going with me. I didn’t want to. You turned around and walked away. I was really lost. The next day, I deposited the store’s business money. Like Wang Laowu, you pretended not to know me, counted your money, and frowned, as if I owed you something.

I was silent for a long time before I said, why can’t I remember.

She “hummed” and said, of course you can’t remember it, including your fifth brother. You all know that I am a small shop, so I dare not talk to me. I’m not poor, I can’t afford to study. If I read to me at home, I can read it, just like you.

I’m speechless.

She said that your writers don’t write destiny often, that’s my life. Later, when I saw the novel you wrote in the newspaper, I didn’t care about it. One day, the newspaper introduced you to a full page, with your photo on it, I learned that you have become a writer, I rely on that night When watching movies, a writer embraced me.

I smiled awkwardly.

She laughed, and then said, do you feel strange, why would I like you? Actually, I don’t like you either, I like your work. I don’t like your job, but to fight for a breath. Let me tell you one more thing. I was in love early, and I talked to a boyfriend in junior high school, which is a classmate. He said he liked me, and I also liked him, more, because he is a street person, I want to marry him in the future, I can stay on the street. We are just fine. However, after graduating from junior high school, his dad found him a relationship, entered the bank on the street, put on a bank uniform, and ignored me again. This seriously hurts my self-esteem. I don’t want to stay there. I have to change my fate before I go to my aunt and show her shop. I was wholeheartedly looking for a bank. In that way, I took the boyfriend of the bank back to the street of our house. I would like to say to my classmate, I also find a bank, the county, which is better than you! However, destiny is unfair to me, and my hopes have failed again and again. Later, I got better with the director of Bank B’s branch. Others were good. They treated me well and demanded progress. The business indicators of their branches were very well completed and often praised. But when we talked about marriage, he Something went wrong. One of his important customers ran away. The deadly thing was that he had provided capital guarantee for this customer. Millions of customers. The customer ran away. The creditors came to him. He knew that he could not afford it. He quietly said to the bank After taking office, I came here as usual, after eating, sleeping, and disappeared without a trace the next day. After that, I began to hate banks. An angry expression appeared on her face. Over the years, I have complained to many banks to let them bleed. Of course, I don’t want these things either, and I donate them to poor children who are out of school.

I just recovered, and said that most of the bank’s staff services are still very good, but the wages of those front-line employees are not high. They may not have much income from your small store, and their pressure is also great. Services, as well as index tasks, are not easy.

She said, I just refused to accept this anger, I just want to see your bankers apologize to me, my heart is happy.

I said, everyone has a gray day, the key is to come out from the gray days.

She said, but how difficult it is to come out, for example, my boyfriend who ran away, now I don’t know where, and what kind of days I live, how much I hope he will come back, let’s find something to do together, put the debt together Return, An Ansheng lived a life, even if it is bitter.

My heart warmed, and at the same time, I sighed deeply and said, Yesterday, I saw your deeds in the “Good House”, I really admire you, and persisted for so many years.

It’s nothing, not for life, for a fight.

I said, alas, who is not for life, for a breath.

I didn’t want to comment on any good people in the city. They asked me. My heart was soft, but it was really boring.

I said, the last time you asked me to write an article for you, what kind of article do you write?

She said that I wanted you to write an article for me, log in on the provincial newspaper, and comment on me as a “Jiangsu good man”. My deeds were posted in the newspaper. Maybe he could see it and come back, but now , I don’t want to.

I said, why not?

She said, what’s the point of returning, can you return to the past?

I said, what can I do for you?

She thought about it and said, “Why not use my materials to write a novel?

After talking, she smiled. I laughed too.

Not aware that at noon, I stood up, and she also stood up. I turned downstairs to the stairs, but she stopped me. I turned around and saw her open her arms and made a hug. I froze for a moment, and also opened my arms and made a hug. She smiled, so did I. I turned downstairs and she followed. In front of the flower garden, the two cats were still there. I took out two boxes of canned fish from the bag. This was taken from home when I left in the morning. I don’t know if the shelf life has passed. I had an accident a year ago, because a few years ago, I couldn’t stand the soft and hard bubbles of a friend, and signed a word in a place that should not be signed. As a result, the East Window incident occurred, which was blamed, and a lot of money was lost. Marginalized, my ex-wife also abandoned me. Before leaving, I took away the cat, the cat food, and the cat litter. Somehow, after dropping the two boxes, I never threw them. I didn’t expect it to come in handy. Opened and placed on the flower garden stand, a fishy smell came out. The two cats each made a meow, four eyes glowed, and immediately ran over and ate their heads to eat, just like the one my ex-wife raised, greedy and hungry.

The midday sun was silently sprinkled on the flowerbed, sprinkled on the green plants, sprinkled on the bodies of the two cats, everything was so harmonious and so warm.

I know that behind her, at the door of the convenience store, a woman is watching all this, her eyes are soft and full of love.

I squatted down and stroked the black cat. The small, warm and soft touch made me feel warm. I whispered that one day I will come back again and listen to your story… Before I finish talking, I will get up and run quickly.