South Africa’s proposal for polyandry is strongly controversial

the South African Ministry of the Interior had previously consulted the public on the reform of the marriage system, and proposed in a green paper to allow polyandry, which aroused dissatisfaction among conservatives.

South Africa’s current marriage law allows same-sex marriage and polygamy, and even allows minors to marry. However, the Green Paper believes that the current marriage system in South Africa still has shortcomings. The South African Ministry of the Interior hopes to develop a “gender-neutral” marriage system that “abolishes the classification of marriages based on race, sexual orientation, religion and culture.” This means that South Africa can adopt a dual marriage system of monogamy or polygamy. Taking into account the “gender neutrality” factor, if the law allows polygamy in men, it will also apply to women’s polygamy.

Conservatives in South Africa were shocked and opposed to this, including Meshu, the head of the African Christian Democratic Party, the South African political party. He said that polygamy is “acceptable” but not polyandry. In addition, South African star Mseleku, who has four wives, said, “I support equality, but polyandry will make the child’s fatherhood questionable.” He also called for opposition to polyandry, saying it was “to defend Cultural traditions and customs”. For this approach, some netizens think he is “too double standard.”

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