Songs about parting

  Sometimes it’s really strange to think about it: the older people are, the more experiences they have that can be turned into songs, but it seems that the most prosperous times for creation and reception are in the youthful period.
  I still remember the first time I heard campus ballads, it was at a good friend’s house in middle school. An old tape, a creaking tape recorder, and I listened to it over and over all night. Although at that time, I had not experienced the train station in the graduation season of the university, nor had I met the first love on campus, but I was deeply affected by the pure sadness of separation. Before they really came, I had done countless drills in my mind. When I was young, I was filled with infinite melancholy: How will I face the things that have not yet come, but will be lost in the end…
  When I reach middle age, I find that compared to when I was young, the changes in my mentality and life are not what I thought when I was a child It’s that big, but it’s true that you’ll be listening less and less to the songs you used to be obsessed with. On the one hand, it is because of gradually discovering the limitations of words relative to music – music is obviously more abstract, but also more imaginative;
  Those pre-rehearsed sadness, right? Have. But in real experience, you will find that it is far less intense and painful than imagined. Childhood childhood, girlfriends in middle school, best friends in college… Many people who promised to be with each other forever, those who made an appointment to meet again in the next year on a certain day and a certain day, still wandered away one by one. Some can only appear in unsuspecting dreams, and cannot stay awake during the day.
  So I used to think that most of those songs about parting are just the product of artistic processing, and they are not realistic. However, after another ten years, another 20 years, when I recall the past or hear old songs, I have new insights: it turns out that the hasty and dullness of the official parting was also due to the desire and panic of youth – the love for the new school. Curiosity, curiosity about a new city, buying formal clothes for the first time, going to the talent market again and again, revising my resume over and over again, the anxiety of not knowing where I will live… Besides, we didn’t know at that time, What does this turn around again and again mean?
  Now, although I understand it, I can’t go back to the mood when I was young. Not only will they not take the initiative to listen to those songs about parting, but they will even avoid them intentionally. Because gradually I have come to know that this time and again parting is inevitable in life. All relatives and friends will part one day. Even if some partings make your heart palpitate when you think of them, you know that there is nothing you can do about them, so why bother to emphasize them again and again. And those so-called regrets and misses are not worth chewing and assuming too much. There are not so many obstacles in the right time and place, but because their ability at the time was not enough to grasp.
  Therefore, some songs can only be written when you are young and listened to when you are young. It sounded after many years, and the melancholy in my heart was no longer enough to communicate with humanity: “At the beginning we met, and then we separated, the sky is the same beautiful, those many simple plots, those many complex expressions, slowly become memories…”