Sodium camphorsulfonate

Product Name: Sodium camphorsulfonate
Camphor Sulfonic Acid; Sodium Camphorsulphonate; 10-Camphorsulfonic acid sodium salt; sodium (±)-7,7-dimethyl-2-oxobicyclo[2,2,1]heptane-1-methanesulphonate; sodium (7,7-dimethyl-2-oxobicyclo[2.2.1]hept-1-yl)methanesulfonate; (7,7-dimethyl-2-oxo-norbornan-1-yl)methylsulfonyloxysodium; sodium 2-oxobornane-10-sulphonate; Sodium Camphorsulfonate; P-camphor-10-sulfonic acid sodium salt; Camphor-W-sulphonic acid sodium; sodium [(1S,4S)-7,7-dimethyl-2-oxobicyclo[2.2.1]hept-1-yl]methanesulfonate; Sodium Camphor Sulfonate; (+/-)-10-Camphorsulfonic acid sodium salt; Sodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate; Sodium (+)-10-camphorsulfonate; (+/-)-10-Camphorsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
CAS RN.: 21791-94-6
EINECS: 252-250-7
Molecular Weight: 254.2785
Molecular Formula: C10H15NaO4S
Melting Point(℃): 286-288 °C

Pharmacological effects
(1) Central nervous system stimulant. It has the excitement of breathing and circulation of camphor, but it does not last long. After camphor is absorbed and oxidized into oxidized camphor in the body, it can excite the cerebral cortex, extend the brain respiratory center and vascular motor center, and directly excite the heart. It is suitable for acute disorders of breathing and circulation, poisoning against central nervous system inhibitors, etc. It can also play a role in strengthening the heart, improving blood circulation, and promoting metabolism.
(2) It can also be used as a resolving agent for resolving optically active materials.

It absorbs quickly after injection, and it forms better complex salt with sodium sulfonate. Hydroxylation in the liver forms camphor metabolites. Combined with glucuronic acid and excreted from the kidney, it can pass through the placental barrier.

Application range
(1) This product is used in central to suppress poisoning, respiratory depression caused by pneumonia and enteritis, weakened respiratory function and decreased circulatory function. Mainly used for symptoms such as respiratory depression, dyspnea, dyspepsia, decreased gastric function, heart failure, decreased blood pressure, and insufficient blood supply.
(2) In recent years, studies have found that this product also has the functions of enhancing the immune function of animals, promoting feed intake, improving the mental state of sick and weak individuals, and accelerating the accelerated recovery of the disease.
(3) In addition to the water injection type, veterinary medicine powder companies have been widely used in mixing powder and drinking water. As an auxiliary drug, they can play a good effect and help promote the rapid recovery of the body.

Used for respiratory failure.