Sodium Camphorsulfonate

Alias: Sodium camp;10-Sodium camp;Sodium camphor-10-sulfonate;(+/-)-10-Sodium camp;Mixed Sodium camp;DL-camphor-10-sulfonic acid Sodium
Salt EINECS No.: 252-250-7
Executive Standard: CPV90, BP93
Specific Rotation: ±18°
Packing Specification: 25kg/barrel
Property: White crystal or crystalline powder; odorless or almost odorless, slightly bitter at the beginning, After sweet.
Melting point 286-288 °C (lit.) This product is prepared by sulfonating camphor into camphorsulfonic acid and neutralizing it with sodium bicarbonate ethanol solution.
1. Product name: sodium camphorsulphonate
2. Structural formula: C10H15NaO4S254.29
3. Property: White crystal or crystalline powder. Odorless. The taste is slightly bitter at the beginning and sweet at the end. The melting point is about 190°C. Soluble in water and hot ethanol. Specific rotation ≥+18 degrees.