Sleep with heaven and earth

Who has ever seen hundreds of men and women, young and old, sleeping in a single “big bed”? The sky is mosquito net, the ground is bed, the whole village sleeps on the bed, such a fairy tale picture, I was a child every summer, every night in the show. Looking back now, it was so far away, so incredible.

Forty or fifty years ago, the rural areas of eastern Guangdong were still very primitive. There was no running water or electricity. A kerosene lamp, light up the warmth of the countryside; A narrow thatched cottage was the home of a family. In the natural state of childbirth, families have children and sleep is a problem.

Remember the youngest brother was born, my family a total of ten people, living in a room and a hall, about 50 square meters. The room is divided into two halves with a screen. Outside the screen, there is a kitchen for cooking and cooking, and a cupboard for storing dishes and leftovers. Inside the screen is the big bed where my parents sleep. Our brothers and sisters were born and grew up safely on this bed. In the square living room, apart from a table for eating, there were two beds, one in the middle for grandma and elder sister, and one outside made of two pieces of wood for the elder brother, who also served as a long chair. Our five younger siblings, eleven years apart, were crammed into the big bed in the room with our parents.

The so-called big bed, the width is only one meter and a half, but to sleep seven people, had to head and foot staggered, so that one side of the head to sleep three people, the other side to sleep four people, packed like sardines can not turn over. When brother and sister were crowded together, it was inevitable that they would bump into each other. Difficult for father and mother, in order for us not to be squeezed out of bed, perennial by the side of the bed, sleep dishonest children like water stop. I often sleep on my inside side. Winter is very cold, seven people only have a quilt, sleep in the middle is very warm, sleep on both sides of the quilt, not solid, hard to avoid feeling cold. The cold wind, from time to time jumped up from the bottom of the bed, into the gap, let me play a chill. I had to pull the quilt down a little more, but I don’t know if my parents were too strict.

Walking into summer, it’s a sweat to lie on a bed with your shirt off, let alone so many people in one bed. So, as soon as it got warm, my father and my older children spread out straw MATS on the living room floor, while my mother slept on the bed with my younger brother and sister. Spread mosquito net on the floor, mosquitoes like stealth bombers, “buzzing” in the ear harried, father on the door at the mouth of the wind burning a coil of mosquito coil incense. Sometimes the mosquito-repellent incense was not strong enough to repel mosquitoes, so my father put a little pesticide powder on it. This method of soil is very effective, but the harm to the body, invisible to touch, is ignored.

On a hot day, the floor of the living room by its own wind is also extremely hot. When the sunflower fan in my father and mother’s hands is always tired of shaking, we have to grab a straw mat to sleep on the millet field in front of the village. At that time, every family was about the same, full of old people, children and fewer houses, all trying to escape from the hot and mosquito thatched hut. Except for a few thin old men who were afraid of being caught cold by the dew at midnight, and young women who were shy and stayed at home, other men, children, and men and women of all ages came out to sleep on the ground. To let insolate the cement ground of a day won’t too hot, some exquisite person still can asperse some of water first, drop in temperature to the floor.

In the villages of eastern Guangdong, there is a big pond in front of the village, which is not only the fish pond of the whole village, but also the wind pond of the village. Between villages and the pond, it is one of the concrete is spread ShaiGuChang, half elliptical rectangle, by the side of the village people busy noisy, mosquito too much, close to one side of the pond again afraid child accidentally fell into the water, on both ends of the long, relatively quiet, people were afraid of the Wolf attacks in the middle of the night, courage small people dare not sleep, so ShaiGuChang become the safest place in the middle. Some diligent children, it is not dark early with a straw mat to occupy the seat, so the seat from the middle, to extend around, very soon, hundreds of straw MATS like a piece of meadow, covered with a sun valley, spectacular. When it was dark, after every family had eaten, adults and children turned out in full force and sat on their straw MATS to enjoy the cool. Brothers, neighbors between parents, say too much; Boys and girls, whispering, talk about endless feelings; Little boys and girls, and happy crawling, playing everywhere. A cool breeze soothes the drab country life.

About nine o ‘clock, the night in the old country gets dark. People quiet down, lying on the straw mat looking up at the sky, deep sky white clouds, walking with the wind, the white bright round moon in the clouds shuttle, while hiding in the clouds with astringent, while revealing face, big put on light, sprinkled in the sun valley white misty, dreamlike. More often, curious children are always counting stars. The stars in the sky are bright and countless, so adults will teach children to look for the Big Dipper in the north, find out the cowherd and vega on both sides of the Milky Way, and tell the story of the cowherd and vega. At that time, there were many stars in the sky and many meteors. Whenever there were meteors “hiss” across the sky and fell to the horizon, adults would say regretfully that there was another big man who had died. In the eyes of village people, a star is a big man, they shine in the sky and benefit the people in the world. Those “treacherous officials” and “villains” are not equipped with constellations. The ancients often said that Duke Bao, Di Qing and other loyal officials and excellent generals were wenqu and Wuqu stars. This is the truth.

Most of the village of nearly 1,000 people sleep in one “big bed”, free and easy to avoid jokes. Get up in the middle of the night to relieve oneself or get up early in the morning to see the chaotic scene, really can’t help laughing. For example, some people sleep not honest, sleep to sleep to the adjacent straw MATS; Some people like to put foot pressure on others, people as a soft quilt; Some people love to talk in their sleep, vaguely do not know what to nag; Someone snore such as thunder, like pull bellows, stir people sleep well, gradually, no one is willing to do “neighbor” with him; More people will sleepwalk, climb up in the middle of the night to wander around in a daze, some walk directly into the white pond, “bang” the sound of water, frighten himself awake, also frighten the surrounding people awake.

During the day, hidden snakes will occasionally come out to join in the fun. They climb silently into the crowd and look around, and even choose to sleep with people who are “premised on”. When they are discovered, they will roll and crawl, stampede three feet, quickly slip into the pond, and those who have no time to run away can only consider themselves unlucky. There were many snakes in those years, and countless of them were killed by random sticks. Most of the snakes near the water are not poisonous, so no one in the village has been killed by snakes.

Even a god would be jealous on such a quiet night. Look, there are clouds floating over, it is not possible to hide a love to play tricks on the immortal, he yunyou pass by, see this world scene is very interesting, press the cloud head, make a joke, “crackling” sprinkle a burst of rain. Those who were first woken up by the rain shouted “it’s raining” and “it’s raining”. Others got up and hurriedly put on their slippers upside down and took the wrong pillows. People pick up their sheets, roll up their MATS, grab their children, and run home to sleep again. It was cool after the rain and the house slept better. Others conclude that it is only a sudden rain and hide for a while in the doorway at the entrance to the village. When the cloud clears up, they go out again to spread a straw mat and go to sleep. The most fun, is the individual sleep dead heavy heavy lazy, put the sheet to the head of a cover, continue to shout big sleep, let it drizzle as silk sheet wet, I from a sound sleep not by mistake, immortal you nai me?

I was a child, so year after year, summer after summer, in front of the village in the open air “big bed” for many years to sleep, also busy for many years, happy for many years. Now want to think, really like a dream, so unreal, so far away, far away to go back. Some scenery, is destined to belong to The Times, that time like home green olive, bitter, but thought-provoking!