The night was silent, only the sound of raining ticking outside the window. I saw my sister again in my sleep. I turned over and woke up with my sister’s smile in my head. I accidentally dialed her number. When the phone said “The number you dialed is empty”, I shed tears and couldn’t sleep…

The elder sister is the eldest at home, she is delicate, gentle and kind. In the impression, she has never complained and will bear everything silently.

In 1962, my father graduated from university and was assigned to work in Hainan. He left for 18 years. When I was young, my sister always let us. The elder brother is 2 years younger than the elder sister. He is similar in age and naughty. He often bullies his elder sister at home, but the elder sister always let him. Once, my sister was finally anxious by her naughty brother, she couldn’t help asking her mother: “Auntie, are you here to beat him or me?” (We call my mother “auntie” in the countryside) and the mother said: “You It’s sister, you hit it.” But the sister didn’t touch his brother a finger at all. Grandpa couldn’t stand it anymore and said: “I’ll help you clean up this kid.” After finishing speaking, he chased his brother with a cane. Since that time, the elder brother never dared to bully his sister anymore, instead he paid more respect to the sister.

On January 21, 2006, my sister was terminally ill and left us forever, but I always feel that my sister has not left, she is still alive in our brother’s heart.

Unforgettable, when I was young, a balang fish was cut into 3 parts. My sister always kept the head of the fish for herself, and the middle and tail parts for me and my brother to eat. Unforgettable, when I was young, my brother and my mother went to visit our father in Hainan. In just a few months, all the work points at home (at the time, the work points in rural areas were used to complete production tasks) all fell on my sister. In addition to attending class and reading, she also embroiders with her grandmother every day, and uses the money earned from embroidery to pay for the work points of the 4 people, me, my brother, and mother. At the end of the year, not only did our family not overspend, but we were able to get a few tens of grains. At that time, my sister was only 12 years old!

I remember when my sister was in the third year of junior high school, in order to strengthen her nourishment, my mother would cook the eggs from the only old hen in the family in the porridge for my sister to eat for breakfast every morning. At this time, my sister would pass me the bowl of egg porridge; I remember my sister could retake the exam after she failed the high school grade, but because my brother did not pass the exam (the teacher was free of tuition at the time), I was in junior high school again, and my mother was separated. Five sickness, the whole family counts on father’s salary of more than 100 yuan. For my brother and my family’s livelihood, my sister quietly gave up repeating studies and went to my father’s factory as a collective worker and joined the whole factory. The hardest candied fruit group dealt with Liangguo every day; when I was a soldier, my mother was firmly opposed to it. It was my sister who stood up to speak for me and said to my mother: “A good man is in every direction. Let my brother go and trust him. Will go the right way.”

Unforgettable, when I was discouraged and frustrated, it was my sister who wrote to me one by one to encourage me; even more importantly, when my love was frustrated, my sister’s sentence “Where is there no fragrant grass” warmer. My heart. When I had financial problems in buying a house, my sister did not hesitate to use all her savings to support me!

I remember when my sister was seriously ill and came to Guangzhou for treatment, I just transferred to Guangzhou. I rode a motorcycle to deliver meals to my sister every day. I wanted to cook something for my sister, but my sister said weakly, “Hua, I don’t want to eat anything, I just want to eat. Bowl of porridge and dried radish from my hometown.”

Sister, do you know how I feel after listening to it? ! You are always so simple, so economical, always so considerate, and don’t want to burden others! Until you learned that you were about to pass away, you also took out the only 2,000 yuan in your passbook and stuffed it into your parents’ hands. Although you didn’t say anything, your parents knew it, and we all knew it was what you did. The last thing my daughter has for her parents!

After you left, my brother and I never dared to mention you in front of our parents. It’s not that we don’t want you, but when we mention you, the old man is always sad, and we can’t help crying, thinking of you…

Dear sister, are you okay over there? In the next life, I still want to be your brother! Until then, I will not let you suffer those sufferings and grievances again. I will take you to eat the best food and enjoy the most beautiful scenery.

Sister, if you have any unhappiness, please entrust me with a dream. If we meet in a dream, we will definitely make you happy!

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