Sit still and pour tea.


Let’s not break this silence.

This is my island, she was invited, with reluctance and imperiousness on her face.

She is funny and precious.

I stared into her eyes, where there was nothing but the light I missed so much. No confusion, no fatigue, no despair, no weakness, and I don’t remember ever bothering her; she was rich, her skin was dark and shiny, and she even exulted in having such a recognizable feature She is proud; she is so neatly combed that her ponytail, which is so clinging to her scalp, will be abandoned in a few years; at this time, in addition to being able to eat with her mouth, she can also use it to express her views aloud. In the past few years, she will be subjected to school violence because she “can’t be a human being”; she will play the unlucky person who was abandoned in the triangular relationship; she will face endless quarrels between her parents over the question of “who is worthy of the family” ; will be powerless to save the decline in grades, and then feel powerless to save everything; will eventually fall into a disease called bipolar disorder. After that, she will change her city life, but she still can’t get rid of the heart-rending quarrel with her family.

got windy. The wind commands the grass and surrounds us, the wind is always so swaggering. I saw the grass behind her with claws and claws, rushing towards her like green waves. The future life will make her very disappointed. But I can’t do anything. I realized I was looking at her. What about her?

Am I satisfying her?

Thinking about it like this, I couldn’t remember what she expected from me. When I was a child, I seemed to have said that I wanted to pursue a happy life-no no no, that was when I was a teenager. Did you say you were going to write a novel or make a movie? In short, I have not realized any of these grand fantasies. I’m just an ordinary person who keeps falling and getting up on my own path, staggering along.

As I lost my mind in the silence, I knew I was bowing to my emotions again. It seems that people can only realize what an emotional prison is when they grow up. As long as they can’t get anything in their childhood, they have to roll around, which has become a bravery in comparison. Hiding everything in silence, pretending not to care, is not free and easy. I didn’t even dare to ask her how she was studying recently, for fear that her flamboyant dance would burn me, who has lost my luster now. My silence, my daring to greet, is the proof of my loss of courage.

I pursed my lips and smiled bitterly, wanting to look at her again, not wanting to meet her eyes this time. I was guilty of a thief, and hurriedly turned my head to dodge, but noticed that she was still looking straight at me. The heat seemed to hit my face, making me feel ashamed. Under such a scorching heat, I turned my head around again and met her gaze.

1, 2, 3—she burst out laughing.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt an unprecedented relief.

“Thank you.”

Here is her island. She has such a wonderful island! Che, it seems that when I grow up, I am still very powerful! Even this luxurious sofa by the lake is too exaggerated, it really means showing off. Also, when I was just getting closer to her, I smelled smoke on her body! She clearly knew that I hated the smell of cigarettes the most – did she just smoke that thing after the rhinitis was cured? Forget it, forgive her.

Her slender legs were crossed on the soft grass. I am very satisfied, she is still quite tall. Be sure to tell your parents when you go back, they will also be very happy!

The breeze by the lake blew up at the right time, and it felt like being touched on her face, which was very comfortable; and her hair was blown flying, it felt like a magazine cover. Her temperament is the kind I like. I guess she still likes to read, which is really good! She looked a little tired, maybe she was carrying a lot of pressure, she must be a very responsible person. I believe that she will not be as slick as the adult I am tired of, and doesn’t take other people’s troubles seriously, thinking that I am just a child without any troubles – she should have a lot of troubles too, otherwise why would she smoke?

I looked at her, trying to figure out her troubles, but I saw her subconsciously avoiding my eyes. So cute! After she has experienced the difficulties that I have not yet encountered but will inevitably occur, she still has the most precious simplicity and delicacy praised in the book. She is a shining person.

“Thank you.”

“Will we meet again?” Someone’s voice sounded.

She didn’t stop.

She also smiled.

No questions, no need to ask.

Silence is the best answer.