Showers in the east and sunny in the west

Akihito first saw this news when he was in the bathroom. At that time, after a meeting with the department heads, he felt a little bloated, so he sat in the toilet of the conference room and habitually picked up his mobile phone and browsed WeChat. . There are so many things in ordinary times that I have no time to take care of. Now it is the era of the information explosion. Information is too advanced and everyone is an information publisher. He can only take a quick glance at this gap of excretion and emptiness, and those who are interested can take a look at it.

The information during this period of time involved both domestic and foreign. The waves were surging and one after another. Just now Trump and Kim Sanpang met in Singapore and the Sino-foreign trade war was sounded. The most lively is Cui Yongyuan’s exposure of Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun, Fan Bingbing’s Yin and Yang contract and the shady scenes in the film and television industry.

There are more than 3,000 people in Mingren’s circle of friends, and the various messages sent out every day are dizzying. He watched and saw a piece of news that suddenly made him stab his eyes, saying that a foreigner hacked and killed schoolchildren at the gate of a certain school. Incident, and there have been injuries to school children sent to the hospital. He stared at this information, still a little bit skeptical. The current network rectification efforts are very strong. There is no market for fake information, but a little bit of it will appear from time to time. Is this a fish that slipped through the net? He remembered that two days ago, he had read the news that someone in Moments announced that the high-speed rail collided again, and that there were a lot of casualties. The section was the Wenzhou train depot where the same incident happened many years ago and shocked China and foreign countries. He wanted to send this information to friends in Wenzhou as soon as possible, but he held back, he was not sure whether the information was true or false. Sure enough, after two or three hours, he didn’t see any reposts or mentions. He was thankful that he did not believe it and reposted it. So, is this appalling incident true or not? After going to the toilet, while working on the documents on the desk, he took the time to scan WeChat again, only to realize that it was already a big hot spot, with frequent reposts and a lot of comments, especially the electronic editions of Xinmin Evening News and Shangguan News. And this news was released briefly, although there were only a few sentences, it seems that this happened. The following news also confirmed that two schoolchildren were gone, and his heart was hurt. These are two young lives. How could this kind of incident happen on the streets of S City in the south?

Mingren worked in Kashgar, Xinjiang for a period of time and was also an aid cadre in Xinjiang. He often heard about similar terrorist incidents there, and he was always heartbroken and very uncomfortable. Once, I heard a local cadre say indifferently that he was born in the local area, and similar incidents have never happened to him. This kind of thing happens normally, just like your S city, aren’t there some mentally ill people taking to the streets to kill people? Mingren felt very upset when he heard it. Mingren felt that although he was very straightforward and honest, he was absolutely wrong. The terrorist incidents of the “three forces” and the injuring by a mentally ill person are completely different in nature. Of course, the indiscriminate killing of innocent people is hateful. He thought to himself, it was really unlucky who met who, you just didn’t.

Terrorists are completely the public enemy of mankind. He firmly believes in this, but when he thinks of such a violent and bloody hacking incident in the metropolis where he lives and is recognized by the world, he suddenly feels that his blood is poor, and his chest reappears. Bored and irritated all over. There are several flaws in a document that is being issued. He had deleted and corrected it before, but it appeared here again. He yelled and called the office director over, gave him a severe meal, and almost slapped him on the table. Up. After the chief of the office retired only voluntarily, he thought to himself, what happened just now? Don’t you remind yourself every day to control your emotions? He really wanted to slap his mouth. Needless to say, his blood pressure must have risen again.

He opened the door of the room and walked outside, a rush of heat rushed over his face, feeling that the air was also moist. The outdoor is like a big stove, getting more and more sultry to the point where it is almost suffocating. There are faint dark clouds on the horizon. Today’s weather forecast says that there will be thunderstorms in some areas. S city has not yet produced the plum, so Huang Meitian in S city is naturally depressing. He turned around and walked into the office again, closing the door firmly.

The first time Mingren met or ran into this takeaway boy, it was almost six o’clock in the evening when he was almost home. When turning into a branch road on Century Avenue, an electric car rushed out from the gate of the community of the branch road, and the electric car rammed the car straight. The driver of Mingren panicked and hurriedly avoided to the left, but the electric car rammed straight over, wiped the rear wheel of the car, and then fell heavily to the ground. Mingren quickly asked the driver to stop the car and get out to check. The electric car driver was lying on the ground wearing a helmet. Mingren walked up and looked at him. The electric car driver’s dirty hands could still move, and his body was wet and wet. He untied the helmet himself, and sat up slowly with a grin. Mingren asked, does it matter? Are you hurt, do you want to go to the hospital? The man was dark and silent, he slowly got up, and then shook his head. At this time, the driver looked at the body, that is, the wheel was hit by the electric car. There was a trace, but it was OK. Mingren is still not at ease, he is worried whether this young man has been broken, he wants to call the police. But the young man picked up the electric car, shook his hand, and limped to leave, obviously he knew it was his fault.

Mingren noticed that the ground was indeed a bit slippery. It was strange that the electric car and the driver were covered with water. He glanced at the other side of the road. The community was clean and tidy. There was no water on the ground. There was still water on the ground as if it had been washed by rain. There should have been a torrential rain before, with rain on the east side of a street and bright sunshine on the west side. This is not uncommon in the summer of S City. Mingren didn’t worry about this young man, but stopped him and rubbed the cuffs of his shirt with water, and said, “What is your name and which restaurant is it?”

The man still had a dark face and shook his head, not wanting to say anything, a faint resentment in his eyes. After Mingren’s repeated inquiries, he said that his surname is Qu and he belongs to the Pohang Hotel. After speaking, he pushed the car away. Mingren heard the young man’s accent, and he also sighed in Subei Mandarin, and let the driver get in the car and drove away. When he got into the car, the driver said, “This person is really interesting and reckless. It is entirely his responsibility, and he has not been compensated yet.”

Mingren smiled and said, “People are also quite poor. It’s pretty good if you don’t entangle you. Have you forgotten the little old man last time?” Once I met an old man with a thin body at a busy city entrance, he also said a little. Mandarin with a foreign accent. The little old man touched their body. It was obvious that the little old man ran into the car. The car happened to turn right at the time and was driving very slowly, but he grabbed the mirror and just prevented the car from leaving. At that time, Mingren was rushing to do something, so he simply gave him two hundred dollars, and this man even opened his mouth, saying that two hundred dollars, you go to the beggar! He said that he would go to the hospital for an injury test, be hospitalized, and pay compensation for lost work. Mingren and the driver were angry, and they could not help saying they hit 110. Upon seeing this posture, the old man collapsed and suddenly said, “You can give me five hundred yuan.” The driver quit, and the man snatched two of Mingren’s hands. A hundred banknotes disappeared.

This kind of touching porcelain is not uncommon. Now this young man with the surname Qu looks like a sincere person, but just now, the resentment Mingren in his eyes was discovered, and his heart was naturally stunned.

The second time Mingren met this takeaway brother named Qu, it was at his door. At that time, he ordered a takeaway. While waiting for the takeaway, he looked at the information on the phone. Almost all the WeChat of the phone mentioned the incident of hacking at the school gate in the morning. There was a lot of scolding and condemnation. Some people even uploaded it. In the video, police officers captured the murderer to the ground. From the video, the man was also a young man, and he seemed to look good. How could he rush his life like this and drive himself to a dead end?

There are all kinds of opinions in WeChat, and they are relatively concentrated, including a certain official media claiming that he is hopeless in life and he has the idea of ​​revenge against society. Some people also said: He is crazy and may be a mental patient. All this has not been fully confirmed by the official. But this bloody incident ignited the emotions of the people in City S, and everyone was filled with righteous indignation and roared. Some people even put forward the slogan to let outsiders get out of S City. Many people fell into grief and lit candles for the dead children. One eulogy made people cry: My child, there is no one who hurt you in heaven, and heaven is happy. And so on, Mingren’s tears were blurred, and the text on the phone was hazy and blurred. At this moment, when he heard the doorbell ring, he pressed the call button, and the screen was a black, familiar face. The man said, your takeaway is here, please open the door for convenience. He pressed the open button again.

Waiting for the takeaway brother to deliver the food, another message popped up on the phone WeChat, which caught Mingren’s gaze. That message was posted by a good friend in the circle of classmates. There are also a dozen people in this circle of classmates, all of whom are classmates in high school. The information released by everyone is very rigorous and not spread out. The student who sent the message worked in the public security department. The message said: There was another machete murder at noon today. It was an unpleasant couple. When they broke up, the man severely injured the woman. He also specifically noted that these two people are also working outside the city. Mingren read it twice, but for some reason, his heart feels dull and painful. He always thinks that life is precious, so why don’t people take life seriously? Cut it when you say it, kill it when you say it, don’t talk about human nature, at least you don’t have the consciousness to cherish your life? That couple once had love, why are they so dehumanized and murdered? He sighed with emotion.

At this time, the crisp doorbell music rang and opened the door. Mingren was very surprised. The takeaway boy who delivered the food to the door turned out to be the one who crashed just now. This takeaway brother named Qu was also unexpected, and his black cheek twitched slightly, which was a coincidence. The man wants to bring the lunch box to Mingren’s table and said to Mingren, can he go in? With that said, he wanted to take off his shoes. Mingren said: No need to take off your shoes, just go in. The takeaway boy hesitated for a while, his expression was a bit reluctant, and then he tiptoed into the room, holding a thermos-like basket, made of bamboo, which reminded him of Li Yuhe’s “Battle Sale” in “Red Lantern”. It’s true that Mingren hasn’t seen it for a long time, and I don’t know where it came from. Seeing that the young man put the food on the table carefully without saying a word, Mingren noticed that the grievances in his eyes were still gloomy, and there was almost no smile on his face. He suddenly felt pity, and asked him casually: “Where are you from?”

The takeaway boy raised his eyes without any expression, and uttered two words, Yancheng.

“Oh, you are from Yancheng,” Mingren said. “There are many people in Yancheng in Shanghai.” He thought of some of his old neighbors who had fled from Yancheng very early. But now Yancheng should be developing well. There is an enclave in S city, which is a farm. He visited it in Yancheng. Mingren has already paid for the take-out meal through WeChat, but remembering the scene when he crashed and fell, Mingren took out another 100 yuan from his pocket and said: Did you have nothing just now? This is a little heart. The little brother bit his lip and shook his head. Mingren handed him 100 yuan, but he did not take it. He owed Mingren, turned and walked out of the house. Mingren stopped him behind his back, “Wait, Xiao Qu, are you still going to deliver food?” The takeaway boy turned around, looking a little confused, but shook his head again.

“Then can you sit here for a while?” The delivery boy showed a dazed expression again. “Oh, I saw you just fell down, and now I see you so hard to deliver food to me, I guess you haven’t eaten yet, or eat with me.” The takeaway boy widened his eyes and looked at him for a while. It dimmed again, and finally said, “Oh, no, thank you! I’m fine.”

Mingren grabbed his clothes, still wet, they could pull water out. Mingren said, “Just sit down for a while, I’ll be alone here, I want to talk to you.” Mingren didn’t know where he came from, but he faintly felt that he wanted to talk to this takeaway boy. Chat, maybe it has something to do with his usual sensitivity, maybe it has something to do with his usual compassion, maybe a deeper level, his father came to this prosperous S city from the countryside of northern Jiangsu. Father worked hard all the way, worked hard, suffered a lot of sins, and settled in this city. Having given birth to him and his sisters, and pulling them into adulthood, Mingren always feels that he has a lot of knots, especially his father’s hometown complex with age.

Now, he is a completely S City native, and can speak the local language of S City fluently. No one doubts his identity. He is also proud to be a native of S City. But he always sympathizes with those new S City people, those outsiders who have struggled in S City and whose life is not easy. There was a meeting of government departments to completely ban temporary vendors on surrounding construction sites. He was very dissatisfied with this kind of no matter what the situation is. He kept asking questions at the meeting, and put forward his own suggestions, so that everyone can put themselves in the place and think about them, who are those who set up the stall? They are almost all the family members on this site. Their main customers are those outside builders and their family members. They can’t be compared with the S City people. We should see their needs, which can make them more hygienic and orderly. Can a temporary centralized small market be set up around it is not only conducive to management, but also conducive to the needs of these builders. Although some officials who were born in and grew up in S City were ridiculed or even opposed, in the end, his proposal was passed and implemented. That small temporarily set up market, every time I walk through or think of it, I feel a little relieved.

The takeaway boy finally moved like stepping on an ant and entered the house again, but he didn’t want to sit on the sofa, he stuck there, motionless. The wet and dirty helmet and basket were still clenched in his hands. Mingren signaled that he could sit down, but he did not sit down, probably because he was afraid that he might get wet and dirty the sofa. Mingren repeatedly invited him to sit down and said: It’s okay, this is a leather sofa. But he still didn’t sit. He saw a bamboo stool next to him. He stubbornly looked at Mingren and said: I’ll just sit there. He sat down. Even if I sat down, I just sat on half a bamboo bench, his eyes were still a little timid, and there was also the bitterness of Mingren’s palpitations. If you look intently again, the eyeballs will protrude at any time, obviously holding something like fire.

Mingren made him a cup of tea, he took it, and touched his dirty hands, there seemed to be blood stains on them, Mingren said: “What’s the matter, do you want to wipe it for you, disinfect it.” His eyes turned towards Mingren flipped over and shook his head stubbornly. He whispered, “Just tell me what I have.” Seeing that he didn’t want to sit down, Mingren said, “Seeing you are so hard, I want to follow You have a chat.” The takeaway boy looked up at Mingren: “What do you want to talk to me?”

Mingren said, “I think it’s not easy for you. Drink some tea and go. Tea can quench your thirst and heat.” The takeaway boy Qi Ai said during this period: “Big…Big brother, can I call you big brother? Brother, I… can I ask you some questions?”

Mingren laughed when he heard it. This was the scene he hoped that he would not be so embarrassed and nervous to talk and continue. He said, “It’s okay, or that’s it, you can ask me three questions, and I will be allowed to ask you three questions later, okay?”

“You didn’t know that if she threw this meal away, I would have to pay for this order. I have spent more than a hundred dollars on it these days. My two children are still waiting to be fed. They are still waiting for me to return. They brought food, maybe they will be fired by the restaurant owner.” He said, the fire in his eyes turned into tears, which made Mingren very uncomfortable. What’s his name? When he said that, he wanted to ease the atmosphere. He just had nothing to look for. Even if he asked who it was, he had nothing to do. Qu Youjin replied immediately, “That woman is Kong Yifang. There is a name and a surname on the delivery list, as well as her mobile phone number. I really want to tear her up!”

Kong Yifang? Mingren frowned. “Is that the woman in her thirties?” This time it was Qu You’s turn to stay with blond hair. After a daze, he looked at Mingren and asked, “Do you know her?”

Mingren said, “Know and familiar.”

Qu Youjin said, “She is also from your S city. She is from a very good family background and rich. So we don’t treat us outsiders as human beings.” Mingren sighed, “Xiao Qu, you She was really wrong. She was not a native of Shanghai, but a new Shanghai native. Before I went to the office, she taught at the school. She was a student of mine. After graduation, she stayed in Shanghai. It was very difficult. The hukou has been resolved. She is from Anhui. She has found a lot of people for her hukou for a long time. After a long time, she can only return to her hometown after giving birth. It is very difficult to register in S City now. It implements a points system and has strict regulations. She thought of a lot of ways. Later, she was also considered arrogant. She was an instructor in the WorldSkills Competition. The student won an award. She also got a little bit of light. Otherwise, she didn’t get the hukou so smoothly. She is really unhappy these years. “Qu Youjin listened quietly, never saying a word. Mingren said: “Whenever I want to talk to her, no matter what, the food will have to be paid.” He took another 200 yuan from his pocket. “If you don’t mind, take it first. I paid you first for her, after all, she is my student.”

This time Qu Youjin shook his hand desperately, “No way, no way, how can I take your money, elder brother absolutely can’t!”

“You hold it, you must hold it, Xiao Qu listen to me, I told you this, but also want to tell you that Kong Yifang is not easy. Her parents also came, her husband was working on the construction site, was glass She hurt her leg by the curtain wall and she is still limping. What I want to tell you is that she actually has mild depression and mild mania.”

“Really?” Qu Youjin asked.

Seeing Mingren nodded, he bit his lip habitually, and a trace of blood was bitten out by him on the slightly damaged place. When Qu Youjin left, he said again: “Brother, thank you for saying this, otherwise I would never spare her Kong Yifang.” Mingren watched the takeaway brother walk into the elevator, and the door was about to close. For a moment, he saw Qu Youjin bowed deeply to him. Turning back to the room, the phone rang and it was WeChat. He clicked and saw it was another message sent by the public security friend. He said that there was a takeaway boy hacking incident in a certain community just now, because the customer gave the takeaway boy a bad review, and the takeaway boy took a knife to pry open the customer’s door directly. Stabbed at that customer.

Thinking of Kong Yifang and Qu Youjin, Mingren suddenly felt tight in his chest, aches and pains, and it took a long time before he breathed a sigh of relief.