She loves you more than she thought

  I often meet some married men around me and complain about my wife: Don’t mention it, my family is getting more and more annoying, becoming more and more unintelligible. Why did I fall in love with her in the first place? ? Their personal feelings are: two days before and after marriage. Before marriage, the young couple vowed to love each other, but they lost their enthusiasm after marriage, and they were more chattering and silent.
  During the Spring Festival, which was just in time for Valentine’s Day, Da Zhao secretly prepared a “love red envelope” for his wife while giving his children the New Year’s Eve money. After getting married, Da Zhao was busy with work and seldom expressed love to his wife, so he decided to surprise his wife. He carefully decorated the love red envelopes for his wife and wrote a line of deep affection: When the bell rings in the New Year, I send my most sincere blessings-May our love flowers always be gorgeous Bloom!
  Da Zhao hid the red envelope under his wife’s makeup box and hinted to her many times that this year’s Spring Festival is very commemorative, but his wife always put on a nonchalant look. I originally hoped that his wife could give him a surprise, but she didn’t mean it at all. Da Zhao was a little disappointed and filled with emotion: After marriage, his wife put almost all of her love and hard work on her children, and her love for herself gradually faded. It’s gone, it’s gone.
  On this day, Da Zhao drove his wife to go out with his wife to pay a New Year greeting to a friend. He thought about the love red envelopes and couldn’t help asking his wife if he had received his love red envelopes. The wife was taken aback for a moment, then immediately understood what her husband meant, and she chuckled.
  Da Zhao blankly glanced at his wife, complaining that she had received the red envelope and didn’t say a word. He was so confused, and asked his wife what gift he was going to give him. The wife waved her hand: “Hey, I’m an old husband and wife, so what are you doing with those useless things!” I didn’t expect my wife to be indifferent to this. Is she really too busy and too lazy to love herself?
  Just when Da Zhao felt as if he had knocked over a five-flavored bottle, his wife suddenly remembered something. She hurriedly rummaged in the car and kept mumbling: “I left it in the car. Where is the red envelope?” Da Zhao’s heart was hot, it seems his wife also secretly prepared a generous gift for him, but he didn’t find it in time.
  Da Zhao was happy in his heart, and quickly helped his wife rummaged through it. His wife suddenly stopped him, waved her hand and said that there was no need to rush to find it. It was important to go to a friend for New Year’s greetings, anyway, there was not much money in the red envelope. Da Zhao said that he could not live up to her good intentions, and he must find the red envelope for his love.
  The wife looked at her husband suspiciously, and laughed: “Don’t be passionate! My red envelope is not for you, but for our car. This is called a happy new year for the car. I hope that our future will be smooth. The journey went smoothly.” Da Zhao suddenly realized, looking at his wife in surprise, his heart tumbling again, but then he changed his mind and became calm again: What’s wrong with his wife doing this? She loves this family, isn’t she also loving herself and her children?
  Through this incident, Da Zhao has a new understanding and understanding of love: if the love before marriage is a small love, then the love after marriage is a big love. From loving a person to loving a small family, from loving a small family to loving a big family, it is not the atrophy of love, but the extension of love; it is not the weakening of love, but the sublimation of love. A person needs the nourishment and nurturing of love, as well as dedication to others and society, so that everyone can enjoy the warmth of love and can bathe in the sunshine of love.
  After a person gets married, he must shoulder more responsibilities and obligations. In addition to starting a business, he also has to support his family; in addition to raising children, he also has to support the elderly. If you want to do everything to perfection, you must pay more emotion and effort. Therefore, it is an inevitable process to divide one love into multiple loves, and to sublimate the little love into a broad and selfless love. Realizing this, maybe you won’t be jealous and heartbroken because you don’t get hot love for a while.