Sensitive heart

  When I asked my younger cousin what job he wanted to do when he grew up, I thought he would say astronaut, basketball player or firefighter, but he said he didn’t know the name of the job he wanted.
  It turned out that my cousin saw in the documentary that there is a creature called barnacles in the sea that lives by sojourning. They embed hard shells deeply into the skin and shells of marine animals such as whales and sea turtles, causing great suffering to these marine animals. Whales and turtles even turn to humans on board for help.
  It is said that humans once offered a helping hand and used sharp knives to remove barnacles embedded in marine animals. Amazingly, since then, the news that “humans can pick barnacles” spread quickly in the ocean. Many fishermen, sailors and tourists have come across whales and sea turtles who come for help.
  Not only that, because some people dump garbage into the ocean, marine animals accidentally eat plastic products and get scratched by glass. My cousin even watched in the documentary a sea turtle that was entangled in the neck by a plastic rope floating on the sea for many years, and was dripping with flesh and blood, almost dying, and asking for help from humans.
  I hate to ruin my cousin’s dream and tell him that helping marine animals is not a profession. So I told him that he could become a volunteer, or work on the ocean, so he could get in touch with marine animals in need. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. From now on, he can promote the dangers of marine debris to his classmates.
  My cousin has been a soft-hearted and sensitive child since childhood. Seeing the baby otter who was forced to be separated from its mother and performing for humans, the baby elephant being whipped by the trainer because of its clumsy movements, the bewildered look in the eyes of stray dogs… He couldn’t help feeling sad, and because of this The naughty classmates took a nickname – “Sensitive Daiyu”.
  My cousin accepted my advice and decided to start promoting animal protection from the daily point of view. A few days later, he told me frustratedly on the phone that a classmate laughed at him for being stupid: “Don’t kidnap morally, if you really protect animals, you should refuse to eat meat!” He was speechless, and even began to doubt himself, and a certain belief in his heart was almost shaken.
  The cousin is very unwilling, and he wants to know where he has made a mistake. Does he have to become a vegetarian to get rid of the guilt of the hypocrite. I told my cousin that there is nothing wrong with being a carnivore. Carnivore and animal abuser are not the same concept, and neither should be confused in either sense.
  The ultimate purpose of human meat-eating is to obtain energy in order to survive, while animal abusers take pleasure in cruelty to animals. Meat is a survival necessity for most people, but no one regards animal cruelty as a necessary activity for survival. The two are fundamentally different and cannot be compared.
  In fact, I don’t know when it started, and there has also been a trend on the Internet to ridicule those who love animals, as if indifference has become an advantage in human evolution, and those who have compassion are shameful.
  I told my cousin that a sensitive, soft heart is more precious than gold. I don’t know if he understood what I said, but when he hung up the phone, he seemed to be more open-minded and promised me that he would think about it. A few days later, he said firmly to me: “The measure of civilization of a society depends on its attitude towards the weak. I think a person’s character can also be seen in his attitude towards the weak. I have decided to Be an animal protector, not a perpetrator or a bystander.” I’m proud of my cousin for making this choice.
  Everyone has their own choice. For animals, people can choose to love or not to love. Those who choose to love animals will assume the responsibility of protectors; those who choose not to love animals are understandable as bystanders. But please don’t taunt or throw cold water on the protector, even if bystanders can’t give them some encouragement.
  I think that everyone will always find out at a certain stage in their life, often after tasting the warmth and warmth of the world, that in fact, people with a soft and sensitive heart are treasures. Truly deserve to be treated kindly by the world.

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