Seems to be home

  The love and hatred in the past were only for a moment, and if it was allowed to cook with fire, it would be a mess after all. In the ups and downs, the country is in turmoil, but the only thing that remains the same is the heart of a child, which will live forever.   Wedge
In the 14th year of Xiyou, Meng Chun was not at peace. I came to Nandu from Beizhou.   It coincided with the selection of domestic slaves held every three years in General Mu’s Mansion, and there was an endless stream of applicants. Holding half a piece of Suanzao Cake, I lined up in the long queue of people. Seeing that it was my turn, the steward of the Mu Mansion waved his hand, “We are fully recruited!”   I hurriedly finished eating the jujube cake in two mouthfuls, wiped off the crumbs in my hand, knelt down in front of the steward and said, “I heard that the general is in good health, I would like to risk my life to recommend a good remedy…” General   Mu ‘s condition improved after taking the decoction I prepared. I also stayed in the mansion because of this.   At dusk, I was taken to an annex to the northeast of the General’s Mansion. After the servant opened the mottled door and let me in alone, he locked it again.   As soon as you enter the museum, you will feel the coolness, and there is a sense of uneasiness in the silence. I tightened the jujube cake in my arms, and walked carefully along the bluestone path, all the way to the study. The door was ajar, and there was a faint light shining.   A young man was half lying on a soft couch, staring intently at the scroll in his hand. His face was pale, and his thin body was wrapped under a large light-colored robe, like a candle that would disappear at any time.   I bowed my head and said, “My servant, An Ruo, is here to serve you.” The   man slowly turned his head to look at me, and said softly with a forced smile, “You are the sixth…”   ”The previous five What?” I was puzzled.   ”Either escaped, or died.” The man sighed with a slight smile, then shifted his gaze to the volume of “Six Secret Teachings”, and stopped looking at me. I was a little embarrassed, and subconsciously took out the jujube cake and put it in my mouth.   In this way, I started my days in the annex, responsible for the men’s diet and daily life. All the materials needed for the day were delivered to the annex, and everything was unexpectedly peaceful.

  The annex is a place where you can’t get out, and the man doesn’t seem to want to leave, so he stays in the study or garden all day long. And I only serve him every day, and I don’t care about other things. Three months later, because of my humility and meekness, I was told by the housekeeper that I could go out after reporting my whereabouts.
  Soon, I got acquainted with Xiaoya, the personal servant of Mrs. Liu Er, the general’s concubine, and learned that the man I served every day was Mu Pingbei, the young master of the Mu family. When he was young, he was generous with literature and martial arts, with outstanding talents. Although he was an adopted son, he was highly regarded by the general. But he disappeared suddenly seven years ago, and when he returned to the mansion, he was locked up in the annex by Mu Nansheng, the second son of the general in charge. He was only allowed to travel on important days.
  After learning about Mu Pingbei’s life experience and experiences, I served him more seriously than before, adding incense and clothes, ordering tea and reading with my heart. Gradually, I will also tell what I have seen and heard. He listened attentively, and occasionally took the initiative to talk to me. The initial strangeness between each other gradually disappeared, and the long morning light was spent amidst talking and laughing.
  Whenever I mentioned the border war to Mu Pingbei, he always recalled the glorious and heroic years. Perhaps because of his weak health, Mu Pingbei always speaks softly and slowly, which makes me feel more and more lamented that he is clearly a hero in his youth, but he is confined in a small room and lives in a muddle.
  Once, when Mu Pingbei ran out of medicine, I stuffed the jujube cake from my skirt pocket into his hand. Mu Pingbei couldn’t refuse, so he reluctantly took a sip, and shouted: “It’s fragrant, sweet and sour!”. Since then, every time he took the medicine, he had to drag me to eat a few pieces with him before giving up.
  Since then, we have grown closer. He called me by my name directly, and I also called him “Young Master”.
  It was late spring, and while I was serving Mu Pingbei, I also had to participate in the preparations for the general’s birthday banquet. I was so busy every day that I went back to my room to rest.
  One day just after dawn, I fell into a drowsy sleep, but was awakened by a dog barking, and angrily rushed out of the room and kicked the dog. After a while, a familiar voice rang in my ears, “So you don’t like dogs.”
  I didn’t want this embarrassing scene to be completely suppressed by Mu Pingbei . N Yi  or ナ wish  roundabout jumping 醯 dagger pharynx pharynx pharynx pharynx gout gou dan   tart 肷 stable words cut hastily cut waving small . In an
  instant, my face was flushed, and I turned around and ran away in a hurry.
  The strange thing is that since that day, I haven’t heard the dog bark again, but I saw a raised dirt bag in the corner of the garden, with some dog hair and blood scattered around it.
  It seems that no dog barking will disturb my lucid dreams any more. Mu Pingbei actually killed the dog that he had raised for three years.
   2 As General
  Mu ‘s birthday is approaching, the originally depressing atmosphere in the mansion seems to have been diluted.
  In her spare time, Xiaoya mentioned that Mrs. Liu Er would personally get snake gall at the general’s birthday banquet this year, but she was always afraid that the snake blood would be dirty and smell bad.
  It turned out that because General Mu suffered from liver heat, red eyes, and skin heat toxin, he needed to take snake gallbladder all year round to dispel heat. Therefore, it has become a tradition in the Mu Mansion for the general’s wife to personally cut snakes and extract gallbladders at the birthday banquet. The first lady passed away many years ago, and this task fell to the second lady Liu Shi.
  I accidentally mentioned this to Mu Pingbei. I never thought that the day before the birthday banquet, Mu Pingbei would hand me a pair of luxurious and exquisite silk tapestry gloves for me to present to Xiaoya. To avoid suspicion, I told Xiaoya that I wove it.
  On April 15th, the full moon is in the sky. Mu Pingbei and I attended the general’s birthday banquet together. Everyone in the courtyard is dressed in Chinese robes and leather shoes, talking and laughing happily. Only Mu Pingbei was wearing a cloud shirt, his eyes were dim, and he was sitting alone among the flying moonflower flowers, holding a pot of tea, his thin figure looked more and more uncommon.
  There are many programs on the birthday banquet, and every wine room has a performance by actors and actresses. After a round of applause, the courtyard was extremely quiet for a while, and I knew that the highlight of the birthday banquet was coming. After a while, I saw Mrs. Liu Er, with black hair and high curly hair, stepping into the courtyard gracefully, her skirt swaying slightly, and her posture soft and graceful.
  At this time, the servants carried a one-foot-square bamboo cage to the tribute platform. Xiaoya also presented the glazed tray to Mrs. Liu Er, on which were placed a willow-leaf golden knife and the pair of silk gloves I gave Xiaoya.
  Mrs. Liu Er put on gloves, held a golden knife in one hand, and gently lifted the silk brocade covering the bamboo cage with the other, and two fainted silver ring snakes came into view. She carefully took out one of them, and suddenly swiped her arm hard at the middle, scarlet snake blood splashed out, and a snake gall was easily taken out in the blink of an eye.
  Immediately there was applause from the audience, Mrs. Liu Er smiled and looked at General Mu in the hall. The eyes of the two intertwined, and they were in love with each other.
  Mrs. Liu then took out the second snake from the cage. Just as she was about to raise the knife, the snake seemed to twist a bit. Mrs. Liu Er was startled, and just about to let go, the snake’s head rushed towards her like lightning, and its fangs pierced fiercely into her delicate arm. And the injured snake lying on the side also twisted its stump at this moment, and when she screamed, it jumped up and took a second bite… When
  Lang Zhong arrived, Liu Shi, who was lying in the general’s arms, had already vomited. The white foam, the fragrance disappears and the jade perishes. In an instant, happy events turned into mourning events.
  Mu Pingbei hurried away with me. According to the regulations, he had to go back to the other hall after the birthday banquet. The moment I got up, I seemed to see the corners of Mu Pingbei’s lips slightly raised.
  Not long after, I learned from the people in the mansion that General Mu was quite suspicious of Liu Shi’s death. After all, it was the family pharmacist who fed the snake the drug, and he had never made a mistake for many years. How can the poisonous snake wake up well and even attack people?