Seek common ground while reserving differences

Along the way, we have been crossing mountains and rivers, looking at poetry and the distance, trying to get closer to the longing in our hearts. But when the epidemic rushed into our lives like a beast, the scope of everyone’s outings has also changed. The opportunity to travel abroad is very small. Inter-provincial travel is even more difficult before and after the Spring Festival. Various restrictions restrict us from wanting to set foot in the distance. . But taking a step back, this is also an opportunity to calm down and observe the surrounding life.

I grew up in Guangzhou when I was a child, and I longed for the world beyond Huacheng. Because of my youth, my growth is scattered in the corners of this city, as if you open a door or walk through a street, thoughts of happiness or sadness will emerge in your mind. Once I was, I might want to escape. Today, I want to dig out a freshness that I have never experienced before in a familiar place. And this excavation journey, I chose to complete it together with GAC Trumpchi GS4 PHEV.

Sophisticated and elegant aesthetics
When choosing the topic, we put the He Art Museum as the top priority of the content of this issue, and its architectural design is worthy of our careful taste. Located in Shunde, Guangdong, He Art Museum is a non-profit private art museum initiated by the family and designed by Tadao Ando. The distance from Tianhe to He Art Museum is about 38 kilometers, and it takes 47 minutes. This journey covers congested urban roads and highways. Basic urban roads are more than enough for the power of the GS4PHEV. GS4PHEV is equipped with the domestic innovative 1.5ATK (Atkinson Cycle Engine) + G-MC (Electromechanical Coupling System) hybrid technology, and adopts the world’s advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can accelerate from 0-50km/h in only 4.9 seconds. Driving a GS4PHEV does not require any skill, it can be said that it is easy to use. The start is very sensitive, the power output is also smooth and gentle, and the speed-up response is also a step-on-the-step state, so the driving experience at high speed is relatively clean and neat.

Soon, we saw He Art Museum from a distance. The “harmony” of He Art Museum symbolizes the concept of “harmony”. The whole art museum uses “circle” as the basic geometric element, spreading from the center to the surroundings like water ripples, forming the effect of the architectural space, and it also forms naturally. It forms the core of the architectural form, and forms a morphological fit with the concept of “harmony” derived from Chinese traditional culture, which constitutes the intercommunication of “tradition and modernity”.

Everyone who enters the art gallery must first go through the water covered bridge and pass through a large area of ​​water to enter the art gallery. It is like walking into a building floating on water. Under the shining sun, the building is reflected on the water, the leaves are swaying with the wind, and the tourists are slowly coming in. It is a very quiet scene of the years. After redeeming tickets, storing bags, and going through the security check in the atrium on the first floor, our tour of the art gallery officially opened.

Tadao Ando is a well-known architect in Japan and one of the most influential architects in the world. He is known as the “Fast Concrete Poet”. He already has Poly Theater, Aurora Art Museum, and Xinhua Bookstore in Shanghai. He art museum is his first completed project in the Pearl River Delta. It took five years to plan and three years of construction. In the whole building, the five-story aerial patio with the fair-faced concrete double spiral staircase as the core is the most eye-catching. In the tension-rich vertical space, spiral staircases connect the focus of sight of each floor, creating a multi-layered revolving space that only the “double spiral staircase” can create. Here, whether it is taking photos or videos, it is a good choice for blockbuster films. However, you can only bring a small SLR here. Selfie sticks and stabilizers are prohibited. Fortunately, a mobile phone is enough to make a movie.

Excellent works coincide with each other in terms of aesthetic standards. He Art Museum has its high-cold and personalized design elements, and GS4PHEV is the same. The front face of the GS4PHEV uses a blue Lingyunyi power matrix grille, which is rich in new energy exclusive logo design, demonstrating the distinguished status of environmental protection pioneers, and the laser beam LED combined taillights are more attractive in the dark. Its 18-inch pioneer cutting wheel Yi adds a touch of sportiness to the vehicle.

Art hidden in residential buildings
The functional spaces of Guangdong Times Art Museum are scattered on several different floors of a typical residential building in a community. It is an interventional structure that directly intersects with living and living spaces. Its first-floor entrance faces the street, and a dedicated elevator passes through the residential building directly to the exhibition hall on the 19th floor. The terrace and two glass halls overlook the urban landscape of northern Guangzhou. The top of the community house directly becomes a part of the visual elements of the exhibition wall.

Although the Guangdong Times Art Museum is small, it has all five internal organs. When we walked through the progress hall, we found that there were already a lot of visitors, but we didn’t expect so many people to join us on weekdays. A closer look shows that the main visitors to the exhibition are mainly young people in their teens and 20s. Everyone is stylishly dressed and exquisitely dressed. They hold their mobile phones to make good memories for themselves and exhibits. And it seems that there are only a few people who really watch the exhibition seriously. I think they might come to take INS-style photos after seeing the guide from a certain sound or a certain book. Tickets here are cheap, although the location is not in the city, but the traffic is still convenient, the subway entrance is nearby.

We can already understand why we saw them there on May 13, 18 **, but at 11 o’clock. As you were determined among you in the cozy minutes of the nightingale, it happened. By the time set, both parties appeared in the tunnel according to its manner; however, gentlemen! I will tell you a secret to be heard-196-even the most hardened shirt collar on your neck is forced to shrink modestly, a secret, ladies! which, if it is your understanding, the laces of the transparent vests of the breasts will contract like a wildflower whose name I do not know, but which unites the petals that have grown during the day into piczinke buds at dusk in the sun. I’ll tell you the secret:

“The youth thinks, decides and acts in the faithful Balázs way!

Oh, yes, pain! Yes.

Because the tunnel in Buda had two separate branches, according to one of the plans, which were once also published in the “Pictures of Life”. But this circumstance was forgotten by the happy couple in their unhappiness from the calculation. They only delimit that they will meet in the tunnel at the time described above, but in which branch, under which column? none of them could think of it. We are short-sighted, my gentle readers! ever since our name is a young man or miss, and on the stage of love, if we are the actors, we have been deprived of the pleasure of seeing ourselves through theatrical binoculars. We have to stop with the naked eye, not wasteland, oh, as dazzled often by the lights and others!

They chased each other for three hours in the shining shafts of the tunnel. Fate brought with it the fact that they were both moving in the same direction-197-ceaselessly, and if, at the suggestion of his right spirit, one turned in the opposite direction, the evil spirit of the other also radiated in the same minute, and they were there again, where before. Do you want me to motivate this? Who ever motivated the processes of doom that always condense the threads of bonds without reason and meaning?

In the part of the Buda tunnel opening into the Krisztinaváros, there is a constant number of rental and company cars. Every half hour of the latter, one leaves for the Buda hills for 10 shift garages per person. It’s a familiar thing.

But it is not known that one of the two persons, the short but strong breasts we saw rushing in the tunnel at the beginning of this speech, now, after a few hours of running, unfolds in great enthusiasm from the dark shaft of the tunnel, and ready he throws himself into a waiting caravan, which was already with only two people, otherwise quite full.

In the front of the car, two fondor women sat opposite each other. One of his faces was covered with such a thick veil that one didn’t even know if there was a Deathhead under the hat or a living human face? The other, as is often the case, holds his two arms unceasingly, as if he were always clutching a child on their lap. All I can say is that we know more about the social car all-198- for our guests, because we know these two women better from time to time.

The young man, with a large silver spur whitened at the corner , sat in the back corner of the car, the fatigue so strong that he soon fell into a nap.

“One more person! Well, who likes it? ”Cried the coachman, who reached up on his buck, and surrounded his eyes with a whip of suta.

“Stop!” Shouted a charming lady about 28 years old from the mouth of the tunnel.

“Stop! Subscribe! ”

As this woman extended her arms forward, a gold bracelet at the base of her hand seemed to bathe in the yellow rays of the sun .

The lady stepped on the open door at the back of the bush, called the carriage, called the carriage, and settled into the still empty corner. The glowing condition of his eyes and the blinding pain in his breasts were the reason he didn’t notice the young man sitting opposite him in the corner of his belly.

And I notice how these two figures are also not entirely unknown to my readers. What is tolerance-denial in it, biz one was Bela, the other was Irma.

What an unexpected and surprising encounter!

Irma finally found it very difficult to get in the car, with the crowd of her rustling clothes, and began to look around with her glasses in the spacious car. Nesting-199- meanwhile he found his way to cross one of the young Béla’s corns.

It wakes you up, he looks up. Irma glances at him from under the parasol, too.

“Hah! what is this?”

“Hah! what I see?”

“Hah! is it real? ”

“Hah! is it a dream? ”

“Yes Yes! it’s all true! ”

“No no! it can’t be a dream! ”

Needless to say, the two sentient bosoms rushed into each other’s necks immediately after these brief but all-expressing mutual statements, the bouquets of which rarely, like a lost lunar voice, hummed out a few words: “Angel of my heaven! Master beam for my bosom! Are we having lunch there, in the green? ”Etc.

Who would have ever been stunned by the lust for goodbye? And for a man of serious spirit, the young giant, whose deep emotion a man has not yet felt, no one will yawn at his abundant melting. He was there all the way.

In his rapture, he snatches one of the close issues of the “National Newspaper” from his side pocket, and as he hugs, looking through his sweetheart’s snowballs, he begins to read the enthusiastic black letters with so many dazzling eyes, in which so many serious and real emotions, so many stormy spiritual sufferings, are normally expressed . This paper was very proud of Béla’s sympathy, -200-min, I guess no one will be surprised either.

Meanwhile, the ark reached the Laszlovszky major. The horses agreed, the boys perched around the garden hedge opened the carriage door, and then the happy couple noticed that he should get out. It also seemed like a painful heart though, but there was no way to stay in the car. All his passengers went to continents, and cleaned by the brushed boys, he went out where he pleased. The happy couple tied each other up and made their way up the road to Zugliget without actually knowing where and why he was going? But they are not the first to follow the paths of life.

After them, about 15–20 steps away, the two female figures walked, not taking their attentive moments away from them for a minute, who were also present in the front of the car and one of whom wore a veil of opaque density. Nothing was said to each other, just the veiled lady muttering something like, “It’s time to wake up this cuddly, trusted people someday!” .

In the meantime, Béla remembered something.

“It’s true! so why didn’t you come to the tunnel for the assigned hour? ”-201-

“Truth! now it comes to mind, so you could get me so crazy? ”

“Who? what? how? ”These questions are pushing each other now. Whatever the mutual enlightenments came about then, just as any of my readers who have now reported on the state of affairs would do to themselves. And if anyone were to meet me with a remark about how the two Happiness Depots remembered these questions a little late, all I could say was that if he thought a little about how there is no more scattered natio around the earth than lovers, that they do not know what to ask, what to talk about first, and that for me the “logical succession” of something has neither a hire nor an ash in the plane; if anyone were to think about all that: he certainly would not come to upset me with his useless remark in my narrative. So modest in response. If you need more.

Suffice it to say the result of the mutual enlightenment of the loving couple, which in short consisted of: 1) acknowledging that they were easy to determine the place of rendezvous; 2) that the construction of the Buda tunnel on two branches is the most dangerous institution for love encounters; and finally 3) that they forgave each other, and in their breasts the old happiness again struck its tent.

Meanwhile, they always went on with the stone -202-on foot, the shores of which are lined with green lawns and foliage grown from various tree trunks, and partly shaded. May I take the opportunity to talk about the beauties of nature and my deepest reverence for its creator? Oh, I’m not talking. For it has long been written that the truest, deepest emotion and passion is that which is not expressed in words. It is from here that the poets of the Hungarian nation, most of whom write a poem every Christmas, feel it with such unspeakable depth.

S oh, as a welcome in each other’s possession on the green lap of mother nature s Irma’s beneficial umbrella in the shadow of the two loving hearts! I cannot, but should not, follow dialogues point by point. He who was already a bride or a bride will know what she spoke to the subject of her heart the day before the wedding; and who was not yet one, neither could I desire that God should help this green branch of life as soon as possible, but I cannot tell the loving couple’s pre-wedding speeches.

The two mysterious female figures followed their footsteps.

“So you were there and you were just looking for me, Irma, you beautiful bud?”-203-

“Who but you, Mr. Bela, you, your esteemed friend of virtue?”

These words were said as soon as they reached the place on the footpath leading to the Pheasant, almost where, as is well known, a cave opening 4-5 feet high and almost as wide digs into the road.

Bela, in the power of his short arms, hugged Irma and watched every breath of his lips.

At that moment, there were signs of some inner concussion on the gentle Irma, the concussions which we normally express with this common word: hiccups . As if a fiery arrow of heaven had cut into Bela, he agreed immediately, flying even more fiery arrows from his staring eyes at Irma.

It was then that I reached the opening of the said cave.

“Hah! what is this? did i hear right Listen! ”And the young giant starts to startle. “Listen! now, now, and again for the third time… Oh terrible discovery… ha ha ha ha! Do not for you, trust, forgiveness, faith, religion, melting! Come here, all who are called men in the world, behold, here is the deceitful serpent. That’s right, snake! only the serpent hisses, but you, you disgusting female creature, you haggle, haggle, hug… Oh, that word makes you crazy! ”Here he grabs his glowing forehead with one hand, the other with-204- He squeezes Irma on his arm so hard that it screamed hard in pain.

“What did you find, honey? Do you feel bad or what? ”

“Do you feel bad? Exclaimed the victim bitterly. But there is no time for jokes now. Tell me, who is the son of damnation who dares to mention you in the present minute ? Mention it, I say! Your hiccups make that obvious. Have your say! ”

Irma couldn’t come to her senses, partly because of the accidental and really strong hiccups, partly because of the stare, and she just murmured those few words between her teeth: “My treasure, you are a big ass!”

“What was that? Tear me now, heavenly vault! So you’re going to hell… “

And the sacrifice of innocence was about to be killed; but at that moment the two half-familiar mysterious female figures, one holding Béla and the other Irma on her arm and neck, arrive there. After a moment, all four of them were in the cave.

If they had brought a match with the seeds, perhaps the darkness could have been removed. The two lovers stumbled down to the dark stones.

“Trusted cuddly people!” Began the veiled Death Chief, Countess Eszter Botrány: “hear the words of the order. I should have surprised you with this secret a long time ago,-205- whatever we both have here: me, and this nurse, who will be known very well by “Rodonyai ur”.

“I know,” said Béla.

“So I’ll tell you, listen. Does ur think that ur is the offspring of the ancient Rodonya family? ”

“I believe in myself,” the young giant replied in blue, his breasts covered with a whole camp of old evil conjectures.

“So here’s this parchment,” the monster continued, presenting “one gender” to the devalvationalis column: that’s going to explain everything to you in more detail. I will only give its content very briefly. ”And they all listened as the quiet valley listened to the owls of the owl at midnight.

“Heaven! what am I going to hear! ”shouted Béla and got down on her knees.

“What? Certainly quite a horror. So relax a little back on the paripá of your memory to the near mult. You will know, young giant, and the whole world knows that last summer countless unfortunate orphaned county brothers migrated to better countries through the capital of Hungary. They were driven by misery and misery. An additional part of the caravan is a vile little wheelbarrow, in front of which two young giant-like horses were caught, losing consciousness in the noise of the capital’s streets. despising a pair of pretty paintings.-206-There were three people sitting in the wheelbarrow: the father with dult’s breasts, the mother, and a small seedling of the family’s living tree. Thousands of people gathered for the street scandal. The orphans wailed, wailed, because purses could not bear the compensation. And the noble-hearted art salesman, starting with the misery, soon decided in his mind that he would make up for the damage himself. ”

“Oh, the storm of my kins, don’t pull the strained noises of my heart!” Béla shouted, her voice dying more and more.

“The little boy, who lamented in the chariot, was a noble Hungarian nobleman present, a respectable noble nationalist and a valiant, Jakab Rodonyai, the chief panel judge of several respectable counties, and so on. he asked of his parents, and immediately bought from them, in spite of all ancestry and pledges, forever, at the middle price of that time, in three silver twenties. Then he took him home, and so the pious old lad raised the pretty little Janko as he would have raised his own child. This companion cared for her here, “she pointed to the woman who had appeared in the cave with her and whom we had already seen in the course of this story among the young giant’s home furnishings.

“Oh, death, what are you smiling at me so bitterly?” Exclaimed the increasingly crumbling. “But no, no! be a man, Béla! keep listening! Please continue, please! ”

“There’s not much left to listen to now. The-207-although the father of the Orava family drove his chariot, I do not know where; but the mother, the waistline, who is otherwise still in power, I will receive in my service for uncertain times. ”

“What’s what? did I hear well? ”Jankó shuddered.

“That’s right, right. I received him into my house; at first she wore herself well, but not long after she gave herself to life, she began to wear hats, veils, rustling clothes, bracelets, and she developed into such a young lady that the whole world believed in my daughter five. Later, as you know best, Jankó, in public, right before my eyes, in my own house, he also allowed the Platonic bites of love to take place in his heart. I can’t take that anymore. I was afraid he was slowly getting me out of the house as well. And I want to punish this trusted, ungrateful people. ”

“Mercy! have mercy, ma’am! Please ask for the lady’s name ! ”Shouted Jankó, once again sitting half-handed in the cursed cave.

“The lady is right here. His name is actually Hancsa, but he likes to call himself Irma. ”

“Irma, ah!” Jankó screamed so sharply that I would tempt his appropriate description into his own, then shrank perfectly.

“What can I hear! you, son? you, my dear little Jankom! Zatraczeni! ”Screamed, if possible, even more sharply to the charming Irma, now Hancsa, and her maternal emotion allowed her full range of free space.-208-

But the cave became silent and sheer. No one spoke in it, only the bitter emotion of disappointment shook the cave from time to time with its pounding, while the two devilish women declared their joy of pity with an intersecting giggle.

The pseudo-Béla opened his eyes once and for all.

He said, “Irma, Hancsa!” you would be just my mother, oh, you are just my mother, nothing else !? It is not the fact that I am worn out of the ancient Rodonyai family that hurts my bosom, but the fact that you – a sweet bud – are – exclusively – and only – my mother! You are dead, passion; you are dead, Bela; so die, Janko! ”

The hectic redness that shone in her image spilled all over her body in a pale color of death at once, and the farm of great hopes, the young giant, lying in ruins, lying in the lap of her mother and nothingness. He was no more. He was expelled.

The two grinning satans sent out a couple more air-splitting laughter noises, then, filled with a sense of triumph, walked back to the Laszlovszky Garden, sat in a car there, and scooted to Pest.

The Nemesis flew after them in dense powder form and may never leave them while they are in Pest.

Irma, aka Hancsa, walked inside sadly -209-with his heart to Zugliget, and learning what had happened, he again became a simple servant in a mountain major. And he who does not regret the effort may visit the unfortunate, and see what unhurried zeal he heads for the major cows at dawn and dusk.

At midnight he visits the twice-dear Jankoya’s sirhal, which he alone knows is wide in this world.