Runaway love

  Some time ago, Xiaowen, who was married to the south, came back to visit relatives. The sisters who haven’t seen each other quickly got together and said they wanted to catch the wind for Xiaowen. In fact, they wanted to know if she had a good time there. As a native of northern China, everyone is worried that Xiaowen is not adapted to the environment in the south. After seeing Xiaowen’s shiny skin and ruddy face, his complexion was very good, and everyone was relieved.
  Next, I talked to Xiaowen’s husband. We have all seen Xiaowen’s husband. He is smart, competent, and very steady. He is a reliable man. Xiaowen also said that her husband loves her very much and is very good to her. “However, he has a slight problem.” Xiao Wen frowned slightly, “Sometimes the couple will always quarrel, but every time they quarrel, he likes to run away from home.”
  ”I didn’t see it, this Why is a man so stingy?” “Yeah, how is it like a child.” “That is, the woman has not run away from home, he is a big man who gambles.” … friends, you said one word, one after another Unfair for Xiaowen. At this time, Sister Li laughed: “You are all wrong, this is how he loves Xiaowen.” Looking at everyone’s doubts, Sister Li said seriously: “He not only loves Xiaowen, and a good mature man in charge.”
  Sister Li said that one year, she and Brother Li went out to negotiate, in order to save money, lived in a small hotel in a remote location. That night, for a small business issue, Sister Li and her husband quarreled, and as a result, the more noisy and fierce, the stalemate persisted. At this time in the past, Sister Li would fall out of the door, but this time Brother Li first opened the door and went out angrily. Sister Li couldn’t continue even if she wanted to quarrel, and simply lay down on the bed to sleep.
  Later, the two were naturally reconciled. Sister Li also joked about the day’s events: a big man, like a woman, ran away. Brother Li just laughed at first, but was forced to ask anxiously, and then gently said: “You are stupid! I know that we arrogantly go out as soon as we quarrel. But we were out of town that day, and we were not familiar with it, or it was still a big night, I’m relieved if you run out alone. But the war can’t stop without being separated. I had to go out and avoid it.”
  ”After so many years of marriage, he never said “I love you” once, but that Once, I felt that his words were more appealing than any love words, and they moved me.” Sister Li said emotionally, everyone was silent, but tears appeared in Xiaowen’s eyes.
  Yeah, Xiaowen’s husband must know that Xiaowen has been married so far and has no relatives or friends. When she quarrels and gets angry, she pushes the door open and there is no one to find and nowhere to go. Therefore, his approach is to go out first, rather than let the long-married daughter-in-law hover on the street alone and helpless. The man who really loves you will always know how to give you the safest and most appropriate care in the details, even if you are arguing, even if you do not realize that it is love.