Right or wrong for love

  an old friend with his second wife visit.
  He and his first wife once had a popular story.
  At that time, he was transferred back to Taipei. Before leaving, he handed his home to a colleague to take care of him. He said that he would come to pick him up when everything was settled.
  A few months later, he returned and kissed his wife passionately at the airport.
  His wife pushed him away with an unnatural expression.
  The colleague drove home, and the three of them sat down, and the wife said: “I don’t want to go with you, I want a divorce.”
  ”Divorced? Who do you want to marry?” The
  wife turned her head and looked at it. Colleagues.
  He got it, there was no quarrel, no scolding, just picked up the suitcase, called a taxi to the airport, flew back immediately, and soon married again.
  ”Look, how good he is, lose the East, and reap the mulberry.” After the old friend left, I said to the wife, “The new one is younger and more beautiful than his ex-wife.” The
  wife laughed and said, “Why don’t you tell him, he The man with the previous wife and his temper is much better than him.”
  I was taken aback, and then said, “Why don’t you tell me, his temper has changed.” The
  wife nodded, “If he was like his current temper at the beginning, The wife won’t run away.”
  ”Is it wrong at the beginning? Or is it right now?” I asked, “Or, was it wrong at the beginning and caused it to be right now?”
  She spread her hands and said nothing.
  of Windsor’s possessions, held the auction.
  I bought a special auction issue just for curiosity, and wanted to see what kind of woman it was that made Edward VIII actually “do not love the country, love the beauty.”
  The book is filled with the shadows of two people, from the palace to the yacht, from the banquet at the first meeting to the old age. No matter how you look at it, I haven’t seen the peerless beauty I imagined.
  This is not a beautiful woman, first married Spencer, feuding, divorced; less than a year later, married Simpson, went to England; then met the British prince, began to secretly communicate.
  One after another, string after string, priceless jewelry was delivered from Buckingham Palace to Mrs. Willis Simpson’s hand, hung on the breast of the forty-year-old woman, and displayed at the royal banquet.
  Rumors raged in the city, Simpson slammed the door and wept bitterly, and they finally divorced.
  The woman who divorced twice actually caused the king of the British Empire to abandon his country and people.
  How smart is the Duchess of Windsor?
  How ignorant is the Duke of Windsor?
  since love, there is no such thing as cleverness and ignorance?
  Princess Diana died in a car accident.
  The neighbor’s old lady tied a yellow ribbon on the tree in front of the door. Her room was full of photos and newspaper clippings of Concubine Dai.
  ”What a beautiful, noble, and kind-hearted girl!” The old lady said, touching the photo, “It’s a pity that she married to the royal family and suffered, and she has an unfaithful husband.”
  ”Yes!” I said, “So she too Unfaithful, bodyguards, equestrian coaches, cardiologists, Dodi…” The
  old lady took the words: “Prince Charles is too stupid. He actually loves the married Camilla. Camilla is old and old. Ugly, how can you compare to Diana?”
  I laughed: “Aren’t his ancestors the same? Is there anything that Willis deserves the Duke of Windsor to give up for her?”
  ”The British royal family is a fool!” The old lady was angry. Say.
  daughters came home from school, a door and called: “Today’s good fun homework, the teacher wants us to become a ‘Cinderella’ stepmother, write a paragraph.”
  ”How do you write it?” I asked curiously.
  ”I want to write, I love Cinderella, but I love my two daughters even more. I hope they can be chosen by the prince, so I don’t want Cinderella to go to the ball.” The daughter said, “It’s strange that I became a stepmother. ‘, it feels so cute.”
  ”What a great idea!” I squatted down and said to her, “When you grow up, you will find that everyone has a kind side, and they all love what they love. Dang When love happens, just like the heroine of “Titanic”,
  she will do stupid, stupid, and wrong things.” I kissed her: “It’s just that there is no right or wrong in love, right and wrong are for the sake of Love!”