Redness all over the body when a woman orgasms

  When a woman has an orgasm, everyone’s body responds differently. Some are strong, others are weak and imperceptible. But some manifestations are quite common.
  1. The whole body is red. Many women will have a slight flush on their face when they reach orgasm, which is the result of the sudden flow of blood in the body to the surface of the body, resulting in hyperemia of the superficial blood vessels under the skin. The nipples are also significantly raised, the muscle fibers in the breast tissue shrink involuntarily, the blood vessels are congested, and the nipples are erected and hardened. Once orgasm is reached, the breast skin becomes red and hot, and the swelling of the areola becomes more pronounced.
  2. Muscle tension. During orgasm, when the body is in a state of excitement, there will be muscle tension in some parts of the body, from involuntary contractions to regular contractions. During orgasm, muscle spasm-like contractions can occur, mainly manifested as hand and foot spasms, facial twisting or body twisting.
  3. The body is excited. When women enjoy the pleasure brought by orgasm, due to the excitement of the central nervous system, there will also be a relative increase in the body’s blood pressure.
  4. Feeling subsided. Some women experience a significant loss of vision and hearing when they orgasm with unfocused eyes. Other women report that their sense of taste decreases a lot during orgasm.
  The characteristics of a woman’s orgasm vary from person to person. A survey analysis of orgasms involving 936 married women showed that there are 8 common types of female orgasms: vaginal contraction, body warm flow, body shaking, current passing, laughter and carnival, and fluttering. , Moaning disturbed type, drunken hazy type. Some of them appear as two types, three types, and four types at the same time. Among them, the two types and single types are the most common, accounting for about 66%, and the vast majority (about 88%) have the performance of hugging each other during the climax. .
  Orgasms are beautiful, but not all women experience them, and not every time they have sex. Orgasms are hard to come by, and it is recommended not to be too harsh on sex life. If a woman who has been married for many years but has never experienced a happy orgasm may have sexual dysfunction, it is recommended to seek medical advice and treatment.

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  Moisturizing facial mask is a more and more commonly used hydrating method. After a day of exposure to the sun, the face turns red at night, which indicates that it is time to hydrate. You can use the mask 2-3 times a week to quickly repair dry skin and replenish moisture to the greatest extent.
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