Recognize a person, see these 3 points is enough

First, look at the truth when you are in trouble.

  Xiaochen is an employee of an advertising company. Once, the customer sent a valuable vase for shooting. Because Xiaochen was in a meeting, he asked the courier to put the vase in the courier cabinet. At noon, she and a colleague who had a good relationship went down to pick up the pieces and opened the cabinet and found that the vase was broken.
  Xiaochen had to explain the situation to his boss. The boss asked her to prove that the vase was damaged when it was received, otherwise it would have to be compensated. Xiaochen asked colleagues to prove to her. Unexpectedly, that colleague was afraid of being involved, and even lied that the vase was still intact when the courier opened it.
  At this time, a colleague who had a holiday with Xiaochen told the boss that they just passed by when they opened the express and saw that the vase they received was indeed broken.
  This made Xiao Chen couldn’t help feeling: “Who is sincere to himself, who is hypocritical, and who is honest, can know when he is in trouble.”
Second, look at cultivation in details.

  In a restaurant, an old woman sat down with soup and found that she forgot to take the bread, so she got up and took it. When she came back, she discovered that a man was drinking her soup.
  She was about to get angry, but the man smiled slightly at her. The old woman thought: “Forget it, maybe he has no money to eat, let him drink it, but he can’t let him drink it all.” The old woman sat opposite the man, picked up the spoon and drank quietly. Soup.
  Later, the man ordered a large bowl of noodles and instructed the waiter to take two pairs of chopsticks. The two still finished silently. The old woman thought, “He may be punishing me.”
  After eating, the two got up and left, and said goodbye very friendly. The man was very happy. He felt that he had helped a poor old man. When the old woman turned and left, she found a bowl of soup that nobody had drunk on a table next to it. Only then did she realize that she was sitting in the wrong position, and she immediately felt ashamed and admired the man’s cultivation.
Third, look at character before interest.

  In ancient times, there was a man named Meng Xin who lived a very poor life. One day, Meng Xin went out to work, and his family was so hungry that he took the only sick cow in the family to the market, concealed the disease and sold it to others. Meng Xin was angry when he returned home, thinking that his family was cheating, and immediately found the buyer, told the other party the truth, and returned the money back.
  Even though Meng Xin is in adversity, he still sticks to his bottom line. Such a character deserves admiration. Later, Meng Xin’s story spread to Beijing. The emperor believed that Meng Xin was a person of right character, and immediately sent someone to call him into Beijing, and made him an official. He didn’t return home until he was old.