Reasons for value: Is it important to save black bears?

  If in a society, everyone lives according to a set of fixed values, everyone is striving to do the most important thing in the shadow order, and no one will rescue the black bear before there are children who are out of school. A frustrated society.
  Does what I do matter?
  Once, I chatted with a few friends who rescued the black bear. They talked about the question they often heard: Why did you spend so much effort to rescue the black bear? Why don’t you help out-of-school children-people are more important or bears are more important? Hearing such questions, my friends are a little confused-yes, why? Isn’t it more important for children to be out of school than black bears to suffer? Is rescuing black bears a bit of middle-class hypocrisy? In fact, I have heard people comment on animal protectionists and courtyard protectors more than once.
  I’m not particularly sure that helping out-of-school children is definitely more important than helping black bears, but my opinion is a long story and I don’t want to show it. Even if it is more important to help children who are out of school, there seem to be some things more important than children who are out of school. Children in Bangladesh are dying of hunger. Children in Somalia died of stray bullets in the warlord melee. Bangladesh and Somalia are too far away. We may not be able to help, but there are many things we can help. Children in AIDS villages are not only out of school, but also facing Life is in danger. Homeless people lack food and clothing, and the kidnapped children begged along the street and were abused. If you can ask the people who rescued black bears why they don’t help out-of-school children, can you ask the people who are helping out-of-school children why they don’t help AIDS patients?
  Of course, if even those who help out-of-school children should be questioned, who in the world shouldn’t be questioned? Somali children are suffering, AIDS patients are suffering and dying, some are still writing papers on “Dream of Red Mansions” in the study, some are repeatedly training to improve the 100-meter run by 0.01 second, and some even talk about it before the flower In love, jogging and drinking in the restaurant. Environmental protection, animal rescue, and subsidies for children who are out of school. I have participated in these activities a little bit, but most of the time I am writing essays, taking children, and drinking with friends in restaurants from time to time.
  The question remains there: why don’t the audience in the concert hall help out-of-school children? When I was drinking in a restaurant, did I think that people with AIDS are suffering and dying? When I wrote my thesis, did I consider that there are more important things in the world than writing a thesis?
  We are here by accident of biological
  chat with friends, I had no idea there was a black bear bile to make a living. One day she was going to meet two friends. They were about to go to a black bear farm, trying to persuade the boss not to do live bear bile extraction. She followed, seeing the tragic situation of a black bear for the first time. The black bears were poor and helpless. Some were infected with wounds during the operation of inserting the catheter, causing abnormal pain, and some were dying. This friend was deeply shocked when he saw this scene for the first time. She had never thought of black bears before, but from that day on, she devoted herself to rescue black bears.
  It was an accidental opportunity to bring this friend into animal protection, rather than a comprehensive comparison of all the causes of the world. Looking back on our journey, which event was not a bit accidental? You entered the chemistry major in college, because you got full marks in the chemistry paper for the first knowledge contest in middle school; she later studied Song Ci, because the middle school teacher who teaches Chinese is handsome and likes to talk about Li Qingzhao. We are creatures who are here by accident. As creatures who are here by accident, we fall in love with this and started that.
  For a hundred and eighty years, “choice” has been a fashionable word. Of course, the choice is almost always two-way, and even among my choices, there are also my non-choices. Rescue black bears is my own choice. No one forces me to go. However, why don’t I choose to help people with AIDS? Of course not because people with AIDS are not as important as black bears. We are not standing on the outside as well as on the outside. On the one hand, we calculate our various conditions, on the other hand, we calculate the pros and cons of the candidates, and then make rational decisions. I may be able to portray the situation when I bought stocks in this way, and the situation in which I was picky and thin at the marriage agency, but the life of flesh and blood is not like this.
  We can put all the things in the world on the opposite side and arrange them in order of importance. In this table, it may be more important to rescue people with AIDS than to rescue endangered animals, and to rescue endangered animals than to drink in restaurants. Which theorist should we invite to do this “value ordering” game? Well, the theorists who paint the world have arranged the order for us. Should we follow this order to do the most important things first, and then do the next important things after we are done? Everyone comes to help people with AIDS first, and then consider black bears? Everyone will solve the problem of no-household households. When the world’s poorest people have a place to live, then come to build an opera house? If in a society, everyone lives according to a set of fixed values, everyone is striving to do the most important thing in the shadow order, and no one will rescue the black bear before there are children who are out of school. A frustrated society? !
  There is no appeal can only condemn the
  protection or rescue bears bear children out of school matters? Does the social housing matter or the opera house? These problems will of course become problems. They always become a problem under certain circumstances. Therefore, the answer is not doomed to be: to ignore the black bear until there are children out of school, and not to build an opera house until there are no houses. Anyway, don’t think that if you don’t build a theater, the world’s poor will have a house to live in.
  So, only what is important to me is important? Are there no objective standards here? No, on the contrary, things that are only important to me are not important at all. Rescue black bears is of course not important to me, it is important to black bears. Rescuing out-of-school children is not important to me, it is important to out-of-school children. I just said that no matter how important it is, it must be related to me, not only related to my ability-but also related to it by the kind of fate I have. The way is not far away.
  We often sigh that what others do is more meaningful, but most of the time, for various reasons, I didn’t plan and it is impossible to let go of what you do and participate in your career just because what you do is more meaningful.
  The painter does not always ask himself every time I stand in front of the canvas: how important what I do, it can be said that he is always thinking about how to paint well. All our qualities and all desires are gaining meaning from things themselves. Of course, under certain circumstances, he may stop and ask himself: Should I keep doing this? Shouldn’t I leave the studio to be a wandering singer? Being with destiny does not mean that we cannot actively change our habits, change pursuits, or divorce or become a monk. However, this should be obvious-at this time, you are not calculating the pros and cons from various choices. Painting is a part of your life, and family is a part of your life. You choose in yourself, no, choose This word is too light-you have to break free from yourself. You confront your own life. In fact, people who have spent their entire life laughing, joking and drinking, studying “Dream of Red Mansions” and never questioning themselves, and people who have never confronted their own lives, how meaningful is it for you to question him? Even if you are doing things that are generally considered beneficial, such as rescuing black bears, you never ask yourself: Is there any middle-class hypocrisy here? But here, only oneself can question oneself.
  When we do something, especially a useful cause, it is inevitable that we hope that more people will participate. I know many friends who have devoted themselves to or participated in various public welfare undertakings and justice undertakings. They use various methods to call on and inspire people to participate in their undertakings, but they do not question who condemns whom. In order to inspire more people to participate in poverty alleviation, they provide amazing data on the various situations of the poor, take photos of the tragic picture of poverty-stricken areas, publicize the selfless efforts of poor people, and talk about the harm of the huge gap between the rich and the poor, but do not condemn them.
  We condemn being rich and unkind, and condemning not to help when seeing young children fall into the water, but we do not condemn those who have not actively participated in poverty alleviation activities or helping people with AIDS. When a young child falls into the water next to you, that is not something that happened outside of you. It is something that you have to feel wholeheartedly. It is your firm “fate”. We don’t make choices when we encounter problems. Our basic “choice” is what kind of person we should be.