Poor performance of Russian-made weapons in Ukraine affects export sales

  The follow-up impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been gradually exposed. Considering the performance of Russian-made weapons in actual combat, those countries that rely heavily on Russian-made weapons are already struggling. India is the most typical representative of them. Against the background that India’s introduction of Russian-made weapons is already in trouble, European and American countries have begun to “take advantage of the gap” to seize India’s arms import market share. At present, senior military generals including the United States and France have begun to visit India one after another and conduct military exercises with the Indian army, trying to further win over India through military cooperation and make it get rid of its dependence on Russia.
  First, India is too dependent on Russian-made equipment. For a long time, India has been the largest importer of Russian-made weapons. At present, 90% of the military equipment of the Indian Army comes from Russia, and the proportion of the navy and air force is as high as 40% and 70%. In peacetime, the problem of too single source of weapons is not easy to be exposed. However, after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, limited by economic sanctions and the priority supply of its own weapons and equipment, Russia has been unable to deliver weapons orders to India as scheduled. For example, the delivery of the S-400 long-range air defense system introduced by India from Russia has been postponed. This has a direct negative impact on India’s national defense security.
  Second, the poor performance of Russian-made weapons has made Indians question it. Since Russia launched a special military operation, the performance of Russian-made weapons, which were previously well-known in the arms market, has been quite poor, which is bound to deal a heavy blow to the export of Russian-made weapons. Taking an advanced fighter like the Su-35 as an example, its performance can only be described as “terrible”.
  At present, the three main models of the Russian Air Force, the Su-35, Su-30SM and Su-34, have all been shot down by Western air defense weapons used by the Ukrainian army. Among them, the Su-34 suffered the most losses, with about 20 of them. Nearly 10 of the most advanced Su-35 fighters were also lost.
  In the early stage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Russian army relied on precision guidance technology to destroy most of the Ukrainian air force and air defense system. The Ukrainian air force has no fighters that can fight against the Su-35. This has to make the outside world wonder whether the Su-35 itself has fatal flaws. Against this background, it is reasonable for the Indian government to turn to cooperation with European and American countries.
  India has a unique geopolitical environment in the world, which has led to its simultaneous friendship with Russia and Western countries. Therefore, India’s arsenal is also dubbed the “Arsenal of Nations”. However, this is obviously not good news for Russia, because Indians have a choice. Therefore, if you want to continue to retain India, the largest arms trading partner, the most urgent task for the Russian authorities is to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict as soon as possible.