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  For modern people who live in cities all day, tension is a common feeling. The best way to relieve tension is to exercise. But when it comes to physical exercise, people will face another problem, and that is time. Many people are busy all day long and do not have a fixed time for regular exercise. In fact, it is the dream of many people to integrate physical exercise with daily life. This is probably the reason why more and more people buy home fitness equipment.
  Movement to make life more perfect
  sports medicine studies show that women positive for outdoor aerobic exercise, compared with the feeling that they did not have sex before exercise, 40% more likely to occur sexual impulses, 31% of humanity has been living frequency Increase, 25% of people are more likely to achieve orgasm. American sex medicine experts have found that aerobic exercise will add fun to bedtime and improve the quality of sexual life. Among male and female jogging enthusiasts, 66% have improved sex life; 72% among aerobics enthusiasts; 67% among cyclists; a survey of middle-aged swimming enthusiasts shows that they are over 40 years old The quality of life of men and women far exceeds that of young people who do not like to exercise.
  Sexual physical strength Regular participation in physical exercise can promote good physical and mental health and increase physical vitality. Even some exercises with minimal exercise can significantly increase the amount of muscle fiber activity, promote the function of the organs and the flexibility of the joints, so that sexual movements and sexual processes are full of romantic interest.
  · Sexual motivation Regular physical exercise can promote body fitness and create an enviable sexy body shape. Sports medicine experts said: “A good body shape indicates that the operation of your body’s various systems is also in good condition.” The sex medicine expert explained to “sexual motivation”: “Because when you pay attention to the fitness of your body, you tend to get better. Love yourself. Of course, when your spouse is more fit and cute through exercise, you will love him (her) more.”
  ·The investigation of the relationship between sexual desire ability and regular physical exercise by sexual desire psychologists shows that participation in sports can not only promote In addition to physiological functions such as the heart, it can also enhance the self-confidence of exercisers. All women participating in sports said in unison that exercise has increased their self-confidence in their sex lives. Especially after months of exercise, their libido is significantly enhanced and it is easier to obtain sexual satisfaction.
  Sexual endurance Nichard, an expert in urology and sex therapy in California, points out: “Sex and sexual life also require endurance.” Even if the amount of exercise is small, 3 times a week, 1 hour each time, it can enhance physical strength and resist fatigue. The ability to make you more agile and active in bed.
  Sexual strenuous exercise effectively overcomes depression. During exercise, the body releases a magical “endorphin” substance, that is, “happiness hormone”. This substance has an excitatory effect, is easy to trigger sexual impulses, and is easy to enter orgasm. The famous American endocrinologist Professor Chasinfeld explained: “For some people, after 2 kilometers of jogging or equivalent exercise, endorphins will work, and the effect will last for 3 hours. Therefore, couples should exercise moderately. more conducive ‘of struggling’ to increase. ”
  life itself is a movement
  , how many kinds of physical training around the world, statistics may not yet been done, but even if the statistics certainly do miss one, that is sex . Sex is a kind of physical exercise? This remark will surely surprise everyone. But this is indeed the case! According to the measurement of sex experts, when people enter the orgasm phase, their heart rate (usually 87 to 117 beats per minute, 120 beats per minute during intercourse), blood pressure, respiration will increase, and the heart’s oxygen consumption is approximately equal to mild or A moderate amount of exercise, in other words, is equivalent to the energy consumed by going up three floors.
  In addition, according to the survey report provided by sex experts, a moderate sex life can increase the secretion of testosterone in men, and the role of testosterone can develop men’s muscles and improve the hematopoietic capacity of the bone marrow. For women, if they can get adequate satisfaction in their sex life regularly, the physiological function and endocrine capacity of the ovaries will be enhanced, the skin will become smoother and shiny, the hair will become oilier, and the spirit will become more intense. Cheerful. So there is a saying: Regular sex is the best beautician in the world.
  The benefits of sex to human health can also be confirmed from the negative side. According to reports from scientific researchers, the mortality rate of divorced and unmarried women from uterine cancer is 2 to 3 times that of married women. In terms of heart disease mortality, divorced persons are also significantly higher than married persons.