The letter is fragrant and
  smells of old fiction!
  Is it falsehood to cover the eyes with a layer of fog
  I stood and read the letter in the wind,
  so that the wind could blow the aroma from the veranda.
  Even the pen body is trembling with frenzy, it
  ’s hard to believe this is a game.
  The frivolous woman is good at this method,
  so that the rich aroma is endless.
  The body of the love cobra twisted, and the
  cloak fluttered up.
  I read the letter. And someone downstairs was
  waiting for a reply, and it was silent.
  There is not a single figure in the fantasy,
  ”strange smell!” It is the wife who speaks…
  Yuripari Galpovich Kuznetsov (1941-2003), a Russian poet, born in a Krasnodar Krai Village, began to publish poetry works in 1957, and graduated from the Gorky Academy in 1970. His main works include the poetry collections “Thunderstorm”, “Distant and Near”, “Free Your Mind”, “Russian Complex”, “Never Sooner or Later”, “Mind Obsessed with Unknown Boundaries”, “Golden Mountain” and so on. His poems draw on the artistic techniques of the modern school, with peculiar associations, good ideas, cool and elegant styles, and won the appreciation of critics and the love of readers. The critic Bondarenko considers him to be on a par with Nobel Prize winner Brodsky. “Perfume” writes about extramarital affairs, with a breath of life, wonderful ideas, humorous language, and chewable, leaving readers with ample room for association.