Our love meets opponents

Meet you in the rest of my life

  After graduating from my master’s degree, I passed five stages and cut six generals and was admitted to teach in a public middle school. On weekdays, I was fascinated by my studies and career, and within a few years of work, I became a “senior leftover girl”. Relatives and friends around me think that I am “high and widowed”, and ordinary men can’t bear my dullness. After countless blind dates and no results, I am discouraged and life is destined to be lonely, so be lonely to the end!
  At this time, the classmate’s classmates brought Lu Chen to me. The introducer said, “This person likes to read books, so he goes to the bookstore when he has nothing to do, and he likes to practice calligraphy in his spare time.” Sounds like a quiet person, who fits well with me.
  The first time I met at a book, the introducer gave us an introduction, and after a few words of greeting, we withdrew. Lu Chen and I hit it off right away, from indoors to outdoors, from literature to calligraphy, and from calligraphy to travel. Sending me to the gate of the community, Lv Chen still said: “Can you chat again? It’s still early, I invite you to have supper.” I put aside the girl’s reservations, followed him to the nearby food stall, and the two of them flicked. Skewer and drink draft beer, while continuing to talk in a wide-ranging manner. The second sent me to the cell door, I had to say goodbye when Lu Chen said: “I feel as if we know how all his life.” I secretly happy in my heart: “Is this the legendary love at first sight?”
  Exchanges six months down , Lu Chen and I’s dating place is either a bookstore or a library. We find books we like and sit down to study. It seems that we don’t communicate much, but our hobbies are pretty close.
  Once, when I came out of the library, Lu Chen suddenly asked me: “Do you like a science man like me? All day long, I work, think, and study, dull and boring.” I asked him back: “Do you like a literary girl like me? A book and a cup of tea can last a day.” We both couldn’t help but smile at each other, and the big hand and the small hand were held together naturally.
  Fate is really amazing. Lu Chen is a few years older than me. When we were in high school, we were in the same middle school. Speaking of which, we are still alumni. During my graduate school, I once traveled to the city where he studied for Ph.D. After graduating from his PhD, he almost went to work in the city where I was a graduate student. After a thousand fate, we still met each other in our lifetime.
  Lu Chen is a blank sheet of paper emotionally. He was admired by many girls during his long school days, but he was not touched by the girls who pursued him. He is pure and transparent, and all his emotions are written on his face. Seeing a big boy showing his true feelings in front of me, my heart was indescribably moved. Neither Lv Chen nor I know how to get along with the opposite sex, but we both treat each other instinctively. We are like two clumsy children sharing each other’s sweetness and each other’s bitterness.

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I’m not alone with you for the rest of my life

  As our ears and temples were rubbing together, the relationship between Lu Chen and I was advancing by leaps and bounds. You should not miss it when you pass by. After 30 years of Xun Xun Mi, I finally met someone who liked me, and I married myself without hesitation.
  After marriage, the married life of the two schoolmasters is in step. I study music and strive for perfection in my profession. Lu Chen is engaged in scientific research and works tirelessly in his career. I am unwilling to teach in a middle school after graduating with a master’s degree, so I continue to charge myself up, hoping to get a Ph.D. and teach in a higher education institution. Lu Chen is already an associate professor in a university, leading the students to do experiments and preparing for a scientific research project, so he keeps studying all the time and approaches the goal step by step. “Being better than learning, catching up, helping and surpassing” has once become the model of my newlyweds and Lu Chen.
  It doesn’t matter if we are busy in the work unit. When we get home, we will fight at night and study hard at the desk. On weekends, we went to the library to study together, brought bread and water, and stayed for one day. “The most romantic thing is to grow old with you” in the song. The most romantic thing between Lu Chen and I is to go to the library to read. Two people who don’t have any bad hobbies both studied hard and furthered their studies, which made the unfamiliar neighbor think that we were both highly talented students in which university.
  Our hobbies are also different: I play the piano, and he practice calligraphy. Lv Chen praised that the piano music I played was calming, and I laughed that his calligraphy was very sexy and handsome. We all love books and become obsessed with books. The largest collection of books in our family is the collection of books, some of which we collected before marriage, and some of us bought together after marriage. Lv Chen joked: “We must never get divorced. Others divorce and divide property. It is not worthwhile to score a score for our divorce.” I agreed and said: “Your books and people are mine. ”
  I and Lu Chen’s work unit are separated by a wall. We both have the habit of morning exercises. We run together today and play badminton together tomorrow. There is one more person around us, and we can’t help but slow down the pace of life. No matter how busy we are at work, we spend a while every day with each other and listening to each other’s voice. Lu Chen said: “I used to think that one person was good, but now I think two people are more interesting.” This dumb goose finally got his way!
You will be the rest of my life

  No matter how good the relationship is, there is a disharmonious side between couples, and academic masters are also humans, and they cannot be like gods without eating the fireworks in the world. I don’t like cooking, and I’m allergic to oil fume. I can count the number of times I’ve been in the kitchen since I was young. Lu Chen’s ability to take care of himself is also very poor.
  Two living incompetents who “read only the sages and sages, and don’t hear things outside the window” live together, and they almost never open fire at home. Our breakfast is usually settled at a roadside stall, and we eat in the cafeteria at noon. In the evening and weekends, we either order takeaways or go to the parents’ homes to eat meals.
  If things go on like this, Lu Chen and I feel something is wrong. The house without the smell of fireworks looks like a home! Both of us have stomach problems. When we were single, we thought to be the root cause of the irregular diet of three meals a day. I learned how to cook and cook by myself, listening to English while cooking, and lost my mind. I either forgot to add salt or used soy sauce as vinegar. Others say that tomato scrambled eggs is the easiest dish, but I can’t do it well, either to make tomato egg soup or to fry the tomatoes too badly. I was very frustrated by poor cooking, but no matter how unpalatable I made it, Lu Chen would eat up the ground and boast that he is my guinea pig and the test product of my food. Husband is not picky about the quality of the food, and doesn’t dislike me as a stupid cook.
  I am perfect in the eyes of outsiders, and I also have a small temper at home. My personality is so strong, it is inevitable to compete with Lu Chen on some small household chores. At this time, Lu Chen would take the initiative to give in. He allowed me more times, so I learned to tolerate him. When I was in a good mood, Lu Chen tempted me in a good manner: “Wife, we are a husband and wife, not an enemy, let alone an enemy. We must use the right place to fight for strength, don’t you think?” This guy sometimes says something like that Intriguing.
  Relatives and friends all took the example of my marriage and late childbirth that night with Lu Chen, and my parents-in-law talked about asking us to have children. In fact, it wasn’t that I didn’t like children, but that I really didn’t have the courage to have a baby. Not to mention the tenth month of pregnancy, who is born and who takes care of it? Both parents are getting older and can’t help us. Lu Chen and I can’t even take care of our daily lives, let alone taking care of a little baby whose food and drink are dependent on our parents.
  As I got my Ph.D., Lu Chen also won the National Natural Science Foundation of China. One day, Lu Chen discussed with me: “Wife, let’s have a baby while you are in your Ph. I will do all the children.” I tilted my head and looked at him, jokingly: “You? You are unqualified as a husband, and you want to upgrade to become a father.” !” Lu Chen smiled and handed me a glass of water. I took a sip, yo, and put honey in.
  In terms of studies and career, we can insist that Qingshan will not relax, and we will not stop until we achieve our goals. We can also achieve full marks in marriage and family. Love and dreams need to meet each other and be evenly matched, and husbands and wives also need to have the same aura and strength. With Lu Chen fighting side by side with me, I slowly gained confidence in my heart. Thinking of adding a primary school tyrant to my family, I couldn’t help but raise the corners of my mouth.