Ordinary people

Zhang Ji, born in Hubei in 1993, was recently known for being selected into Huawei’s “Genius Youth” program, because the 27-year-old received a maximum annual salary of 2.01 million yuan from Huawei, and this annual salary is currently only received by 4 people from Huawei globally. .

How difficult is it to become a Huawei “genius boy”? Generally, seven rounds of rigorous selection are required: resume screening, written examination, initial interview, supervisor interview, several minister interviews, president interviews, and HR interviews. In every link, there will be strict assessment and screening, so job seekers will also encounter many challenges and obstacles. Any problem or poor performance in any link may fail, which is very difficult.

Initially recognized by the public, Zhang Ji is a PhD graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the author of 8 top conference papers. The results of his internship even felt “really fragrant” by the giant Tencent. But as the interview progressed, more experiences of Zhang Ji began to become known.

It turned out that there is a series of “treasure” experiences behind today’s “genius boy”. Zhang Ji’s background is not good-he was born in Tongshan, Xianning, a small city with the lowest per capita income in Hubei, and only three private colleges in the college entrance examination. Relying on self-discipline, indomitability, diligence and self-driving ability, he achieved today highlight. Therefore, Zhang Ji also said: “I’m just an ordinary person.”

In addition, this “ordinary person” has options that are even more staggering. In this graduation job search, Huawei’s annual salary of 2.01 million yuan to Zhang Ji was not the highest, because there were still companies bidding 3.6 million yuan, but Zhang Ji eventually chose Huawei, and boiled down “because of like-mindedness.” And this right to choose is exactly what Zhang Ji has achieved step by step along the way, striving for himself with practical efforts and excellent results.

In Zhihu hot discussion, there is such an anonymous evaluation, which may bring encouragement and admonition to more genuine ordinary people: “The college entrance examination is only an important intersection in life, and it is another insignificant intersection from a long-term perspective. One person As long as the goal is clear, the will is firm, and you know where you are going, no matter how many detours you take, you can eventually approach your goal.”

Wildflowers bloom fearlessly and silently in the mountains, but they can also reap the likes of distant places. Ordinary things can be extraordinary, ordinary people, or extraordinary. And all this is only about your choice.