Ordinary is the hardest

  I was with a few actors and talked about my acting experience.
  One said: “I like to play a conflicting character, life has highs and lows.” Another said: “No wonder you play a good role as a hooligan, acting as a teacher is not decent.”
  Another said: “Every time When I played a tragedy this time, I felt that I could fully engage in it. The acting was really tragic, but I couldn’t play a role in a comedy. The performance of a comedy is really harder than a tragedy!” Another said, “That’s because in essence, Life is a tragedy. There are many real pains, but few real happiness.”
  Everyone talked about their views on performance and life, and got two fundamental conclusions: First, regardless of film, TV or stage, It is always easier to act as a rascal, a loser, an evil person, and a downtrooper, and you can also act vividly. That is because everyone has a common perception of bad images, but there is no common standard for a kind and optimistic life; The second is that the most difficult people in the world to play are those who live smoothly and have no conflicts, such as teachers, civil servants, clerks, and housewives, because their lives seem to be that way at the beginning and that way at the end.
  An actor said with emotion: “Ordinary is the most difficult to act!”
  If we change this sentence a bit, it can become “Ordinary is the most difficult” or “Ordinary is the most difficult”. Especially when a person can choose a vigorous life, he chooses the ordinary; when a person can be famous and profitable and satisfy his desires only by moving his mind, he chooses the ordinary; when a person is powerful and powerful When he was able to carry the tripod, he resolutely chose ordinary.
  The most rare thing is that under such extraordinary circumstances, a person has an ordinary heart, knows how to enter the world of ordinary people, knows that this world is originally made up of ordinary people, and that his extraordinaryness is that most people are comfortable with it. The result of the ordinary.
  Ordinary people are smooth, stable, contented, and the life of ordinary people is a life of peace and contentment. The creation of a social pattern certainly requires the creation of many extraordinary people, but whether a society can last for stability and maintain the dignity and character of culture requires the silent dedication and sacrifice of many ordinary people.
  Everyone’s ambition in their youth is mostly to be a man of indomitable power, to be a man of great power, but only later discovered that he is actually just an ordinary member of society, and has not become a real hero or hero. But from a larger perspective, those who profess to be big shots are also a grain of dust in the universe?
  This is not to say that we should not make big ambitions, but when we go towards big ambitions, regardless of success or failure, we must know that “ordinary is the most difficult”!
  Ordinary is not only the most difficult thing for an actor to play on the stage, but also the hardest kind of performance in actual life.