Nurturing children who “do big things”

One day many years ago, a group of relatives sat together to discuss the issue of children, and I found a strange phenomenon: the younger the child, the higher the expectation of the parents for him, hoping that he will become a scientist, economist, famous doctor, etc.; as the child grows up Big, parents’ expectations have dropped again and again, only hope that he will take a good university and find a company to stay well; then later, parents will often helplessly tell their children, you give me a good marriage, honestly live a solid life Enough.

I was a little shocked: parents’ expectations are getting smaller and smaller, and the children’s horizons are getting narrower and narrower. What is the problem? Zeng Guofan said that a small person is more terrible than having no money. At that time, my son was in the third grade of elementary school. I asked him what his ideals were. He said later that he wanted to be a painter, while he said he wanted to be a writer, and he wanted to open a cake room. His ideals have been changing. In fact, he has no ideals. He only knows to complete his homework every day and get better grades in the exams. He goes to the school where his parents want. Going on like this, maybe one day, after graduating from college, he will be at home and asked me confusedly: “Mom, what can I do?” Thinking this way, I felt the back was cold and decided to let the child see Gao Yuantian clearly. I don’t expect him to achieve great things, but I want him to stand taller and look further. In other words, I have the courage to try to train a child who “does a big thing”.

I am an ordinary person, and the life I can lead my child to experience is really limited. Newton said: “Because I stand on the shoulders of giants, I can see far.” Then, I can also use the shoulders of giants to improve children’s vision and broaden their vision. So, I started looking for a suitable celebrity biography on the Internet.

In total, I have found biographies of 40 or 50 celebrities from ancient and modern China and abroad. The children are still young, and the books I found are all pictures and texts. Success cannot be copied. I don’t want the child to learn from the biography, but I want him to understand the wonderful life of those people like visiting a life museum. These celebrities come from different fields, including science, art, music, painting, thought adventure, medicine…

The child knows that everyone can be in any field, and any small thing can be made into a “big thing” as long as it is done seriously. For example, selling coffee is a small thing, but a poor boy named Howard Schultz in the United States has opened a cafe called Starbucks all over the world and entered the top 100 global brands.

In addition, these giants with outstanding achievements turned out to be as real and natural as him, with many minor problems. For example, Archimedes likes to argue with people; Newton was often bullied by his classmates when he was a kid, and he was a reticent child; Einstein had a strange temper and was very out of gregarious. He was called “annoying spirit”…

The children learned from the daily life of these great people that they were also ordinary people, with shortcomings, embarrassments, and confusion. Then, you, an ordinary person, can also make a big career.

The funny biography gives the child the desire to do big things. Of course, I will also try my best to cultivate the quality and literacy of my child to do many important things, mainly to tell him stories, take him through some unexpected situations, and let him intervene in the “trouble” in life.

For example, it is important to fight pressure, but the son can’t accept the slightest blow, and he will be emotional. I tell him the story of scientist Roentgen. Roentgen was wronged and even expelled by his teacher when he was in high school and had to drop out of school, but he never gave up his efforts. At the age of 34, he was elected as the president of the university. Later he discovered X-rays and became the first Nobel Prize winner in physics. After hearing this story, his son was shocked because he was not expelled from the school no matter how frustrated. From then on, his son often used this story to comfort himself, and the pressure to fight gradually increased.

It is also important to broaden your horizons and enlarge the pattern. I tell the story of investor Xiong Xiaoge. At the age of 15, Xiong Xiaoge was just an ordinary electrician and later became a reporter. One time, due to a press release, he realized that his thinking was limited and his vision was too narrow, so he decided to study abroad. Finally he became the global chairman of the international giant IDG Capital, bringing out more than 100 billionaires.

Of course, you can’t be overwhelming, and solid knowledge is very important. For example, Xuanzang, we thought he was a monk. In fact, he was still a great translator and diplomat. He was knowledgeable, strong in communication, and had a high EQ. In the world-famous “Quancheng City Debate Dafa”, seven thousand masters and Xuanzang debated for 18 days, and finally lost their hearts. The son was dumbfounded and said, “It’s so hard to get a scripture. It seems that if you want to do something, you really have to practice 18 martial arts.” I said, “That’s it, or we always call it a big thing. What about the Western Heavens?”

Of course, only stories are not enough, you have to participate in practice. When our family encounters troubles and difficulties, we will not let our son stand by, but let him also take part in the solution. For example, when doing business and meeting Lai Lai, he will collect debts with us; when the facade suddenly encounters a rent increase, he will work with us to find a way.

The good news is that my efforts have made no small changes to the children. For example, when he watched TV instead of watching only cartoons, he saw news and documentaries. When playing games, he would also investigate and evaluate from the game’s original image, popularity, and equipment settings. For some activities and honors in the school, he slowly learned to give up and choose, and learned to evaluate teachers and classmates objectively and rationally. He set ideals for himself, saying that he wanted to become an expert in life sciences, and he also carefully searched the world-famous laboratories.

One day, my son and we went to the country to visit our sick relative Aunt Pan. Aunt Pan’s family is very poor, and I gave hundreds of dollars in support. My son said that this kind of help is too stingy to cure the symptoms but not the root cause. He found that the cooked food made by Auntie Pan was very delicious, which was much better than the chain store downstairs in our house. He suggested that we open a cooked food shop with Auntie Pan. The reason was that Auntie Pan had the skills but did not understand the operation and no cost; My family has no technology, but it has a culture and has money to invest. The two are a perfect match. Both my father and I thought it was a fantasy, because we had never done a cooked food business. At this time, his son was only on the second day of junior high school. He used the summer vacation to give us a survey plan and a store opening plan. Later, it was his plan to open a chain store. Until a while ago, he quietly told us that if he really wanted to become a scientist, he would not work early to make money, so our family now accumulates some material foundations, which is also to prepare him for his unswerving struggle for ideals. My dad and I were very surprised that the child was already planning for his big thing.

In the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, his son also looks farther than the average child. At the end of the twelfth lunar month of 2019, we felt that New Coronary Pneumonia was far away from us, but our son immediately thought of the SARS epidemic he had seen in the documentary. We reminded everyone in our community to buy more masks and disinfection water, because immediately During the Spring Festival, the population is highly mobile, and if there is an epidemic, it is estimated that it will spread quickly. Later, with the development of the epidemic, he made several videos to teach you how to isolate, protect, distinguish true and false information, and wear correct masks. The video is vivid and practical, and even many elderly people love to watch it.

Also, we stock some vacuum cooked food, which was originally prepared as a gift for the Spring Festival. His son contacted his classmates from elementary school to high school, and mobilized relatives from all over the world to buy masks, and then sent them back to China. He and his classmates took these masks and stocked cooked food to the medical staff supported by Hubei. We were really moved to see my son doing all this in an orderly manner.

In this world, there is no shortage of living beings, but people who can take up big tasks are rare. As a parent, it is good for children to help parents find the world and discover a wider, more meaningful and valuable world. So, let us work hard to cultivate such children.

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