No matter how thick a tree is, it cannot become a ship by itself

  When I was studying, the school held a model-making competition. Each group of three people will make a bridge model together, and record the entire production process in words.
  My two team members were Terrence and Maureen, and I was the team leader. Terrence and Maureen knew almost nothing, and they had not even seen a power drill or chainsaw. When I used a chainsaw, they shouted that it must be louder than a plane; when I started to start the drill, they started to exclaim that if the ancients had a drill, it would be easier to make fire…
  I don’t like hearing it their nonsense. When I started drawing the blueprints, they danced around trying to give me some advice, and I didn’t want to listen to what they had to say. These two classmates who have never even seen an electric drill and a chainsaw, can you give me any valuable advice? I told them there was a ball in the garage and they could play it on the lawn behind the house.
  ”Don’t we need to do anything?” Terrence asked me in confusion.
  ”What can you do for me? Go and play by yourself!” I said with a laugh. I became the only “designer” and “engineer” in our group, and I knew I was capable of doing it all. In fact, it was thanks to my dad, who liked to make something in the open space in front of his door, and I was always involved, and I learned to do a lot of things.
  I finally finished our bridge model, and when Terrence and Maureen saw my model, they were both very excited and yelled, “Gosh, you’re amazing, it’s going to be a champion!”
  I put the model When I brought it to school, my work attracted the attention of all my classmates, and almost everyone said that my model would definitely win the championship. A few classmates even questioned that I didn’t do it, but both Terrence and Maureen told them loudly: “He did it, and he did it alone, because we can’t do anything, we have to Let’s play ball!”
  We have two grades, the first one is that the students rate each other, and the group with the highest score will become the champion group; the second one is that the principal, Ms. Valerie, grades each group leader according to the production notes, and selects three Excellent leader. Needless to say, my work had the highest score and we were in the championship group. However, when the team leader’s score was announced, I only got a “B”, while most of the team leaders were “A”.
  ”That’s an unreasonable score!” I exclaimed, “Ms Valerie, you don’t know, it’s almost entirely up to me to do this work, the design is me, the production is me, if it weren’t for me , almost nothing can be done, why do I only get a ‘B’?”
  Ms. Valerie said with a smile, “You must know that no matter how thick a tree is, it cannot be a ship by itself, but as you said, from design to It is all done by you alone, and any great thing in the world cannot be done by one person. Even if Terrence and Maureen can’t use chainsaws and drills, they can at least be your assistants and help you. Handing over materials or tools can be considered as letting them play a role and work together, but you let them play the ball by themselves, so you are an extremely unqualified team leader!”
  No matter how thick a tree is, it cannot become a ship alone! I see why I only got a “B”, I didn’t make my team members work, more precisely I negated all the effects my team members could play. Only one person’s ability can’t accomplish a great thing. Only by showing each other’s strengths can we create the possibility of success. Only by uniting and cooperating with each other can we become infinitely powerful.