Night falls

  The van driven by Holly Henriksen rushed towards the highway guardrail at a speed of 50 miles per hour. At this time, Holly realized that she would lose her life for eating a dessert. She shouldn’t stop at the May’s truck rest stop, she shouldn’t go to the dessert shop, and she shouldn’t buy the blackberry ice cream dessert.
  She was supposed to go to the McDonald’s car restaurant and order an oversized cup of coffee. She was about to do this, but eventually changed her mind. Now, even though this ice cream dessert with blackberries tastes like grandmother, it is really going to kill her.
  ”I’m still young and can’t die.” She took her foot off the accelerator while thinking, controlling the urge to brake. She has driven countless times on icy roads before, and has never skid or brake failure.
  But then again, before that, she had never been trapped on the road because of a gluttonous dessert. Dessert made her feel dull, and the road stretched indefinitely in front of her, which was monotonous and boring, and there was not even a radio in the car that could accompany her to relieve her boredom.
  Holly clasped the steering wheel with both hands, ready to rush. She tried her best, but still stepped on the brakes. This was her last stroke after the brakes failed, trying to prevent the inevitable from happening. Immediately afterwards, a tree wall rushed towards her, her head rushed forward, and banged against the steering wheel.
  After a while, she opened her eyes and found that the car window was full of messy branches and leaves. Her van stopped there quietly, there was no sound, and the silence was a bit terrible. A warm smell came out of her mouth, she touched her lips with her finger, and looked around blankly.
  She tried to figure out what happened, but suddenly, her head became sober. She had deviated from the road and drove the car into the drain. There are few vehicles on this road, and what’s more terrible is that it is already dusk and the sky will soon get dark, and she previously learned from the weather forecast that there will be snow in Montana tonight.
  After looking around again, Holly couldn’t help being frightened. The branches and leaves buried the front of the car, blocking the last gleam of light left by the setting sun, and only the instrument panel emitted a faint light. She vaguely saw the handbag falling on the floor mat and reached out to reach it, but felt a sharp pain, and the seat belt was deeply cut into her body.
  Holly unfastened her seat belt and reached out again. The contents of the handbag were scattered everywhere, but she quickly found the phone. She grabbed the phone and pressed the power button. The screen turned on and glowed a faint blue light.
  She felt relaxed for a while. But when her thumb slammed the phone screen and saw that there was no vertical line in the signal grid, she was desperate again. no signal.
  Holly tried to open the car door, but the tree branch blocked the car door. She slammed the door of the car with her shoulder and finally knocked it open. She got out of the cab, and the branches and pine needles hurt her all over. It was slightly brighter outside, which made her feel better. She took a deep breath and tried her best to calm her beating heart. It was not completely dark, and she still had time to wave to the passing cars for help. Of course, on this cold evening in November, there may be people passing through the road between Uli Town and White Falls Town.
  She only wore a long-sleeved T-shirt, unable to withstand the cold wind, so she leaned forward to take out the green ski vest in the car. She shrank her shoulders, put on a vest, and looked down at the phone.
  There is still no signal.
  She looked around, trying to see what was going on. Obviously, her car hit the road barrier first and then plunged into the gutter. The front tire seemed to be broken. As for how all this happened, it doesn’t matter anymore. Although the slope of the roadbed is not steep, she still has no way to back out the car. She has to call a trailer.
  But when she thought of the consequences, her chest tightened. Even if you can find a way to get the car up, it will not be possible to reach the town of White Falls before 8 o’clock tonight. This means that it is impossible for her to deliver goods on time, and it is impossible for her to settle accounts with customers on time, but she and her sister also hope to use the money to pay rent, purchase daily necessities, and pay heating bills.
  Holly stared at the deformed bumper, tears stinging her eyes. She raised her head and looked away, holding back her tears. Now, she is at the bottom of the valley between the two foothills. To the east is the town of Uli, where the valley is wide and there are ridges on both sides. To the west, across the winding mountain pass, is the town of White Falls. She remembered passing a pasture a few minutes ago, and then set off to walk in that direction. After walking a few steps, she glanced at the phone again.
  There is a signal!
  Holly was relieved and immediately called her sister’s phone, praying that the signal would not disappear before the connection was made. My sister can contact the customer and find a reason to ask the customer for forgiveness. At the same time, Holly can find a way to find a trailer.
  She knelt down on the side of the road all at once. what happened? Who is so stupid and treats her as a prey?
  boom! Another gunshot.
  She pressed her chin on the road, and turned her head to look around, the smell of wet asphalt in her nostrils. In an instant, fear spread all over her.
  Not a careless hunter, but someone deliberately shot her.
  Holly touched her knees and crawled towards the drain. However, when she quickly hid to the side of the front of the car, she found that it was not safe at all.
  Then, a bullet hit the bumper, making a loud noise.
  Someone wants to kill me! She panted and watched from side to side. Where can I go? Never sit still. She crossed the narrow drainage ditch, got into the bushes, and then fled to the depths of the woods under the cover of twilight and branches and leaves.
  what happened? Why is this happening? She galloped through the dense woods, her heart full of fear. The woods were dark and damp, and there was almost nothing to see. From time to time, the branches caught her clothes, pulled her hair, and stabbed her body. She couldn’t take care of this, but strode forward, waving her arms vigorously. Suddenly, she tripped over a stone and fell to the ground with a fierce pain in her head.
  ”You did not happen to say what that means?”
  ”I mean, the next action is not carried out.”
  ”Are you sure?”
  Colin Denton teeth sitting in the car, headlights pierced the darkness, “I After waiting there for nearly two hours, he didn’t show up at all.” There was
  no answer on the other end of the phone. Colin glanced at the phone on the car holder and confirmed that the signal was not dropped.
  ”Then what shall we do now?” his boss asked.
  Colin smiled wryly. Of course, no one here can see him smiling wryly. He sat alone in the pickup, driving alone on the road, squatting alone in this remote corner of Montana for five months. Colin was born a lonely person, but this endless life of isolation has begun to make him a little unbearable.
  Next, he considered getting a dog as a companion.
  ”Let’s stay still, so that we won’t start the snake.” He replied, scanning the road to see if it was freezing. Today the temperature reached 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but now the temperature has dropped sharply and snow has begun to fall. “Hooks can only get the money on delivery. He was frightened tonight, but he will arrange the fitting again. Trust me, he needs money.”