Never laugh at children’s love

My friend went for a physical examination and found some heart problems. She worriedly said to me, “I got a heart attack when I was only in my thirties. What can I do when I get old?” Her five-year-old daughter rushed over with two small hands. Loop around mother’s waist: “Mom, don’t be afraid. When you are old, I will grow up. I will cook you the most fragrant meal, buy the most beautiful clothes, and ask the most intelligent doctor in the world to treat your illness. Great.”

My heart moved slightly, and there seemed to be willow shoots across the water. But my friend laughed and said: “Go! Go! Now I am really old and sick. When I am really old and sick, you are afraid that you can’t hide it. Who believes your kid’s nonsense!”

The girl’s face instantly became the scarlet of pomegranate flowers, she lowered her head, pursed her lips, and argued in a low voice, trying hard to convince her mother of her promise.

My friend does not look at the children, but only cares about her own emotions: “The child now has difficulty in entering school, finding a job, and buying a house. As long as she can support herself in the future, she won’t spread her hands to ask her parents for living expenses. It’s already thank God, how can she even dare to count on She, these beautiful words, huh, they were used to coax adults when they were young, who will accept them in the future!”

The embarrassed girl turned around, her eyelashes quivering, tears streaming down her eyes. It seems that she is really injured.

I quickly motioned to my friend to stop, and called my son to let him take the little sister out to play. After pouring a cup of hot tea, I slowly told my friends that my eight-year-old son had also given me many promises.

When he was three years old, he raised his small round head and promised: “When I grow up, I will buy a plane for my parents. You can fly wherever you want.”

I am pleased. At an altitude of 10,000 meters, the white clouds of pure cotton are overlapped under the feet, and the thick warmness nestles in the calmness. The blue and white colors make the eyes clear and bright. That kind of pleasure should be in full bloom. The field of rape blossoms, boundless, heart-warming.

When my son was four years old, he looked at a picture of a villa and flipped the pages of the book with his chubby fingers: “This one, that one, and this one, I will buy all of them for you in the future. Where do we like to live? Where to live.”

I laughed. In winter, I go to Hainan to live and indulge in the coconut wind and waves; in autumn, I go to Beijing to see red leaves, and there are maple leaves in my sleeves that perch like butterflies; in summer I go to West Lake to see the lotus leaves catching the sky and the red lotus reflecting the sun. There is heat; in spring, I will live in Yangzhou, where the flowers are full of smoke. Let me become the happiest flower.

When my son was five years old, I was seriously ill. He swore before my bed: “I will make the best medicine in the future so that my mother will never be sick.”

He doesn’t know how to make medicine, but he can take good care of me until I recover. I sorted out the diary of the two years of illness and wrote it as “Dalmatians in Suits”. When the article was awarded in “Reader”, his teachers and classmates admired him, and he was extremely surprised. When the article was broadcast again on CCTV’s “Ziwu Shujian” column, he was anxious: “Mom, don’t write about me anymore. I didn’t do anything, just love you like I said.”

When he was eight years old, he grew up slowly, and his promises became reality day by day. That day, when I saw a beautiful private car parked downstairs, I couldn’t help blurting out: “Son, Mom and Dad must work hard to buy a car like this. Let’s go traveling.” He shook his head repeatedly: “Dad I’m already tired, my mother is weak, and you are not allowed to work hard. Let me do my best. I will definitely buy you a BMW. Only you are the best fit for a BMW in the world.”

I told my friends that I clearly know that my son is just a very ordinary child, and many of those promises may not be fulfilled. But what does that matter? He loves his father and mother, and works hard to love us as he said. Even if we can’t achieve 100 points, we are very satisfied. Therefore, I have never despised him, let alone laugh at his promise.

Every child has a dream. He firmly believes that planting seeds will give him the fragrance of flowers in the room. He firmly believes that loving one person can give him the whole world. What a brave heart this is!

I sincerely said to my friend: “Never laugh at the person who loves you. A child’s heart is the wilderness after falling snow. Every promise is precious, and every love is crystal clear.”

The two children ran in happily, and the friend embraced her daughter in his arms full of apology. Yes, the child is in your arms and you are in love. How can you make the world better?