Mushrooms are more nutritious to eat like this

  Autumn, bacterial season! At this time, all kinds of mushrooms with different shapes, different colors and different tastes are on the market, and they are extremely delicious!
Pleurotus ostreatus

  Also known as Pleurotus ostreatus, it is a mushroom variety with high nutritional value and affordable price. It has a complete variety of amino acids and rich mineral content. Pleurotus ostreatus in Pleurotus ostreatus has a certain antioxidant effect. The taurine contained in it is a component of bile acid, which plays an important role in the digestion and absorption of lipids and dissolving cholesterol.
  Edible suggestions: Pleurotus ostreatus tastes tender and delicious, and the cold salad after blanching is a good dish. If you like to stir-fry, add a small amount of green onions, ginger, and salt to taste. In addition, it can also be used to make soups, such as oyster mushroom egg soup.
  Recommended dishes: shredded oyster mushrooms in cold dressing. Rinse the oyster mushrooms, tear them into strips with your hands, blanch them and let them cool, remove and dry the water, add some shredded green red cabbage pepper, add minced garlic, pour a small amount of light soy sauce and sesame oil, and mix well.

  Also called flower mushroom and winter mushroom. Shiitake mushrooms are rich in flavor and rich in nutrients. They are both medicinal and edible mushrooms and are known as the “Queen of Mushrooms”. In addition to conventional vitamins and minerals, shiitake mushrooms are also rich in a variety of active substances, which are ideal foods for patients with dyslipidemia and obesity. In addition, Shiitake mushrooms contain ergosterol (pro-vitamin D) and bacterosterol, which can be converted into vitamin D in the sun, which helps to promote the body’s absorption of calcium.
  Edible suggestions: Dried shiitake mushrooms are suitable for cooking with fish and meat because of their strong fragrance. You can also put a few when making noodles, which are more nutritious and delicious. Fresh shiitake mushrooms have a refreshing taste, so they are more suitable for pairing with fresh vegetables, such as fried canola with shiitake mushrooms.
  Recommended dishes: Stewed chicken with dried mushrooms. Soak the mushrooms in warm water at 30-40°C for 20 minutes, and then add the stew material and stew with the chicken. The soaked warm water is added when the chicken is stewed, and the taste will be more fragrant.
Pleurotus eryngii

  The cap is generally gray in color, with uniform thickness from top to bottom. It is named because of its almond flavor and the taste of thick flesh like abalone. Pleurotus eryngii is rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc. It is also rich in polysaccharides of pleurotus eryngii. It has the function of lowering blood sugar in the human body, enhancing immunity, and helping to fight viruses and tumors.
  Edible suggestions: Mushroom meat is thick and tender, suitable for stir-frying, braising, braising, stewing, soup and hot pot. It is also suitable for western food, even if it is made into cold dishes, it tastes good.
  Recommended dishes: three-color pleurotus eryngii. Blanch the Pleurotus eryngii in advance, fry the carrots and snow peas first, and then add the blanched pleurotus eryngii and stir fry.
Coprinus comatus

  Also known as Coprinus comatus, spiny mushroom, etc., it is named because of its thick top and thin bottom, which resembles chicken legs and tastes like shredded chicken. It is rich in minerals and vitamins and low in fat. It also contains Coprinus comatus polysaccharides, bioactive protein, coprinusins, phenols, etc. It has anti-oxidation and assists in lowering blood sugar and other health effects. It is a “new star in bacteria” “.
  Edible recommendations: Coprinus comatus has tender meat and delicious taste. Stir-fried food, stewed food, and soup will not be cooked for a long time. The surface is smooth and not very “oil-absorbing”. You can use the method of frying. Whether it is paired with meat or with vegetarian dishes such as carrots, it can make people full of appetite.
  Recommended dishes: fried chicken leg mushrooms. Wash the Coprinus comatus, carrots and green peppers and cut into slices. Soak the fungus and wash them. Add Coprinus comatus and fungus after the oil in the pot is hot. After a few minutes, add carrots and green peppers and stir-fry for a while.
Enoki mushroom

  It is also known as pu mushroom, winter mushroom, and velvet fungus. Because of its beautiful shape and delicious taste, it is not only an ornamental fungus, but also a very good edible fungus. Flammulina velutipes contains eight essential amino acids that are higher than general edible fungi. It is rich in lysine, arginine, vitamins and minerals, and can promote children’s intellectual development. It is also called “enhancing intelligence” in Japan. At the same time, the simple mushroom in Flammulina velutipes helps lower serum cholesterol.
  Edible advice: Flammulina velutipes is not easy to digest, if it is cold, blanch it in water. In addition, using it to stew tomato beef and enoki mushroom soup is also very delicious.
  Recommended dish: Steamed Enoki mushroom with garlic. Cut off the old roots of Flammulina velutipes, wash and drain the water, put it on a plate and steam for 8-10 minutes. Pour out part of the soup, sprinkle the surface of the enoki mushroom with minced garlic and green onion, drizzle a little light soy sauce and sesame oil.
Nameko Mushroom

  It is named because it has a layer of mucus on the surface, which is smooth and delicious when eaten. It is also known as pearl mushroom and slippery mushroom. It is one of the five artificially cultivated edible fungi in the world. In addition to containing some conventional nutrients, the mucopolysaccharide on the surface of Huazi mushroom is very beneficial to maintain the energy and brain power of the human body, and has high medicinal value.
  Edible suggestions: Huazi mushrooms are tender and delicious. They can be blanched in cold water, fried with other foods, or stewed in soup.
  Recommended dishes: stewed fish with scallop mushrooms. Blanch the scallop mushrooms for later use; deboned and slice the raw fish, add green onion, ginger, pepper, and rice wine to marinate for 10 minutes; add oil and fry the fragrant minced ginger, add the fish pieces and fry them on both sides, add water to cover the fish pieces; add Add pepper, rice wine and white vinegar, add scallop mushrooms, turn to a low heat and simmer for about 8 minutes.
Seafood Mushroom

  Also known as Shimeji Mushroom, Crab-flavored Mushroom, White Shiitake Mushroom, the taste is more delicious than oyster mushroom, the meat is thicker than oyster mushroom, the texture is tougher than shiitake mushroom, and it has a unique crab fragrance. Seafood mushrooms are not only rich in crude fiber, amino acids, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, the highest content of which are glutamic acid and aspartic acid, and these two amino acids are the most delicious taste of seafood mushrooms. the reason. In addition, the bioactive components such as polysaccharides, phenols and flavonoids contained in seafood mushrooms have good antioxidant and immune regulation effects.
  Edible recommendations: seafood mushrooms have a seafood flavor after cooking. It is suitable for boiling soup. It can retain the seafood flavor well. When used for hot pot, the hot pot soup will also add seafood flavor. Common recipes include broccoli fried seafood mushroom, seafood mushroom fried shrimp, seafood mushroom meatball soup and so on.
  Recommended dishes: seafood mushrooms in tomato sauce. Wash the seafood mushrooms and blanch them until cooked. Heat the pan with cold oil and stir the garlic slices. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and stir-fry to get the juice. Pour in the seafood mushrooms and stir-fry together. After cooking, add salt and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  The cap is white, thick, and short. Tricholoma has the advantages of relatively high content of protein, selenium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and low calories. Tricholoma also contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation. Tricholoma contains a large amount of selenium and germanium, second only to Ganoderma lucidum, and selenium can significantly inhibit precancerous lesions to a certain extent.
  Edible suggestions: The biggest feature of mushrooms is their delicious taste, so the best way to eat them is to cook soup. Moreover, most of the mushrooms are water, and other cooking methods will cause nutrients to be lost in the soup, but the soup can make full use of all the nutrients, and it is so delicious that it does not contain chicken essence and MSG.
  Recommended dishes: fried tofu with mushrooms. Slice the tofu and stir-fry with less oil. After the tofu is golden, add a little sugar, two spoons of soy sauce, a little salt, pepper, and pepper to the blanched mushrooms. Just stir fry.
  What needs to be reminded is: do not pick wild mushrooms you don’t know by yourself, it is best to buy them at a regular vegetable market, which is safer to eat. Other more expensive mushrooms, such as matsutake, bamboo fungus, red fungus, boletus, chicken fir fungus, hericium erinaceus, etc., have no more nutritional value than ordinary mushrooms, and the cost performance is not very high. Try it occasionally That’s it.