Meet on the narrow road and win the brave

Sun Lijun is in his twenties and is a martial art stand-in actor. This time he followed the crew to a border city and made a martial arts drama.

That afternoon, Sun Lijun went to the city to relax without any drama. He unknowingly came to a small square, next to which stood a tall billboard, which was the propaganda stills of the martial arts drama. The most striking position in the still is Male One, who is a hot star right now. In the stills, he was dressed in Jinyi, handsome, and attracted many people to stop and take pictures.

Sun Lijun walked across the square, and suddenly two beautiful women asked him to help take a photo with the male No.1 stills. Sun Lijun said angrily: “What kind of shooting? Want to take your own shot!” Then he walked away. The beautiful girl scolded him ill.

After a while, Sun Lijun walked to a bank, and suddenly heard someone shouting: “Robbery!” Sun Lijun heard this and saw a person rushing out of the bank, carrying a satchel in his hand, and quickly heading towards the road Running up, several security guards and citizens chased behind.

Upon seeing this, Sun Lijun immediately spread his legs and joined the team. The robber was physically fit and quickly ran into the alley across the road. Sun Lijun walked across the road immediately and looked back. Only he came after him, and everyone else was still on the road. He hurried into the alley and chased for a while, and found that it was a broken end alley, and at the end was a wall of three or four meters high. Sun Lijun thought, this robber can’t run away because he is panicking!

Unexpectedly, the robber ran to the fence, kicked his feet against the wall, and jumped up, grabbed the upper edge with both hands, and went to the fence in a blink of an eye. The robber smiled with pride and turned and jumped.

Sun Lijun is also a trainer. He painted the gourd like this, and easily lifted up the fence. By this time the robber had stepped on a motorcycle and was starting the car. It seemed that he was ready. Sun Lijun didn’t have much time to think about it and swooped towards the robbers, who drove the car and fell to the ground. Sun Lijun jumped up with a carp, and the robbers were also unambiguous, and stood up almost simultaneously.

The robber was in his thirties, with a face full of flesh and a bear on his back. He hit a straight fist in his right hand and slammed into Sun Lijun’s chest. Sun Lijun didn’t hide or shirk, but greeted him with a fist. At the sound of “bang”, the two took a punch with each other.

Sun Lijun pained his teeth and grinned. He took a few steps back and almost fell. The robber just shook it. Sun Lijun sees that the other party is a master, and his kung fu is above himself. But despite the pain, he rushed to fight with the robbers again. In order to get rid of the robber and kill the killer, Sun Lijun was not afraid. Although he was in the downwind, he still struggled with the robber until the police came…

After the transcripts from the police station, Sun Lijun was in pain, thinking that the robber was too powerful, like a battle-hardened professional boxer.

Early the next morning, the director of the police station called and told Sun Lijun that he had made great contributions this time! It turned out that the robber was not an ordinary robber, but an important member of a drug trafficking syndicate. He is currently wanted by public security organs. Director Gao asked Sun Lijun to go to the police station and ask him to do a little more help. Sun Lijun was surprised and happy, and immediately rushed to the police station. ? ?

The robber was Cui Tiesen, and he was a powerful officer of a large drug lord. Cui Tiesen is infinitely powerful, ruthless, and professionally trained in combat. He is very powerful, and is the ace killer of the underworld.

Not long ago, the big drug lord and his men were captured. Only Cui Tiesen escaped. Cui Tiesen knew that he could not stand in the country and wanted to escape to Southeast Asia. A few days ago, he fled here and used the previous channels to get in touch with overseas, but he had to pay 200,000 yuan in benefits. Cui Tiesen escaped in a hurry, he didn’t have much money, so he was ready to grab a sum of money. After stepping on the point, he decided to commit crimes in that bank and carefully selected the escape route and vehicle. Yesterday afternoon, a customer took a shoulder bag of money to save. Cui Tiesen suddenly grabbed the shoulder bag and ran away. Seeing that he would escape, he unexpectedly met Sun Lijun, ruined his plan, and let him fall into the French Open.

After learning this, Sun Lijun puzzled: “Everyone has caught it, what else can I do for you?”

Director Gao said that after Cui Tiesen was arrested yesterday, he knew that he could not hide it, and he readily admitted his true identity. But he made a request to the police that he wanted to meet the guy who caught him. If this requirement is met, he will tell the police truthfully.

It turned out that Cui Tiesen was extremely conceited. With a pair of iron fists, he never met his opponent, but he was planted in the hands of a Maotou boy yesterday. He is grumpy, he must ask.

Cui Tiesen is an important person in a drug trafficking group. If he makes a breakthrough from him, it will be very beneficial to further investigate the crime facts of the drug trafficking group, so the police hope that Sun Lijun can help this. It is the duty of citizens to cooperate with public security organs in solving the case, and Sun Lijun readily agreed.

In the interrogation room, Sun Lijun saw Cui Tiesen. At this time, Sun Lijun was very gentle and slightly shy, just like yesterday. Cui Tiesen stared at him deadly for a while before speaking coldly: “Boy, what are you doing?”

Sun Lijun told the truth: “I am a little actor, come here to shoot a martial arts drama.”

Cui Tiesen asked: “Actor? Kung Fu is good, where did you learn?”

“Heirloom, there is a culture of learning martial arts in our village. I grew up practicing with my elders.”

“Have you ever been a special force, or have you learned to fight and fight Sanda?”

“No, my experience is very simple: studying martial arts at home, entering the sports academy, then drifting north, and becoming a stand-in actor.”

Cui Tiesen didn’t believe it: “That’s it? Impossible! Yesterday your courage and willpower, and that fierce fear of death, are terrible. Without special training, how can it be so powerful?”

“I didn’t lie to you!” Sun Lijun scratched his head, and suddenly said, “I know. I was in a bad mood yesterday. There was no place to vent my belly fire. I just met you and you deserve to be unlucky!”

After asking for a long time, this is the result. Cui Tiesen said angrily: “Boy, do you dare to play me?”

“It was filmed yesterday morning. I put a little effort on the No.1 body. Who knows that he fell to the ground with a light touch and screamed pain, and said nothing. The director scolded me for blood. Showers, I was full of fire at that time, these small fresh meats were treated with respect, and they were not good at filming at the high price of performance fees, but we could only get a pitiful remuneration for the filming of our life and endure all kinds of grievances. Suffocating, I came out and turned around, and I ran into you.” Sun Lijun said jokingly, “I have to thank the little fresh meat for speaking, and I can only play at a super level yesterday. It’s that simple, believe it or not!”

Cui Tiesen stayed for a while, and then muttered, “Trust, now I believe!”