“Meaningless attention” helps you fall asleep

  What is sleep? The essence of sleep is a release of tension during the day. Therefore, all external reasons for poor sleep, boil down to: insecurity. This insecurity will be projected in the heart. So light, sound, temperature, and other external factors should be introduced into your consciousness with the word “peace”. Why is it not easy to sleep in a very cold room and not easy to sleep in a very hot room? Because the extreme cold and heat are both “sharp”, the same is true when the wind is particularly strong.
  Certain emotions brought about by sound are indeed easy to implant in sleep. If sleep is accompanied by very soothing and stable music, it is helpful for some people with anxiety disorders, such as the sound of the guqin.
  There is also a very interesting situation, which is “meaningless concentration.”
  For example, if you pick up an obscure book to read, or even read the ancient text backwards, you have to concentrate on each word. At this time, a very interesting phenomenon will happen, that is, the things you usually focus on will be suddenly lost. Stealing the limelight. The part that usually excites you the most is that you are locked. It is even harder to get rid of this excitement by working hard. The best way to “unwind” is to focus on one other thing. If another thing is meaningless and you can’t accept it, then you won’t get excited, and you won’t have time to take care of other exciting things, so you start to fall asleep.
  So a friend told me that since he started to recite vocabulary at night, he slept very well. There are also many people who look at math problems at night, or look at other particularly obscure things, and fall asleep after looking at two lines. why? This is called “meaningless concentration.” In fact, that concentration is not for learning, it is purely to help you distract you.
  This also explains why some very anxious people like to watch racing programs on sports channels while sleeping. Because that voice is very stable, you don’t care about it, but it attracts your attention again. This kind of continuous voice that helps to divert attention can release anxiety. Things that make you anxious will no longer be paid attention to at that time, so the impact of anxiety on you is released.
  Strictly speaking, there are three kinds of sleep-aiding sounds in the world: the first is white noise, which covers other noises; the second is “meaningless concentration”, which is not only a sound, but also a kind Light or touch, direct your attention to things that you can’t really accept, so that you are relieved of stress and relax; the third kind is the sound of introductory words.
  What kind of sound is the lead word? It is to give you some kind of hint that you can afford it during the day and let it go at night, and it will continue to be strengthened. Another kind of introductory word is the kind of hypnotic content on the audio platform. It will emphasize one thing: “I’m not talking to your brain right now, you just have to listen to what I say, listen to me carefully. I will tell you what to repeat, and my repetition is meaningful. Okay, From now on. After the “tick” sound, don’t discuss why I say this…” Then he started talking. He will tell you that you are going to do a body scan, starting from the scalp, and deliberately relaxing. Is it true that you can relax from the scalp? No, this is the attention shift method. On the surface, this is hypnotizing everyone. In essence, it is also a “disguised” method of attention shifting. It is just to get your attention to a place that you don’t usually pay attention to through guidance. You don’t care so much about the source of anxiety.