Many problems in childhood, nothing when grown up

When I was a child, my academic performance was good, but my physique was poor. Once the school held a track and field sports meeting, the physical education teacher asked me: “Why didn’t you apply for the event?” I poured out the worry in my heart: “I often catch colds and my physical fitness is not good; my academic performance is very good. Sports may not be very good; I also tried the 100-meter sprint, but the results were not good. I should be born not suitable for track and field events.”

The words of the physical education teacher refreshed my “common sense” when I was a child: “You are wrong. Everyone catches a cold. If you catch a cold at the right time, it just proves that your immune system is sensitive and functioning normally. On the contrary, it may indicate that your physical fitness is good; Good grades can only show that you are doing well in this area. Sports is another aspect. No one has stipulated that it is the patent of children who do not learn well. The 100-meter sprint can be practiced. Not ideal. What’s more, besides sprinting and long-distance running, you may be better at endurance. So, let’s try it.”

When I heard these “scientific judgments”, I instantly felt in my heart. I suddenly found out: It turns out that those restraints that I see as heavier than mountains are just because I knew too little about the past.

I finally signed up for the long-distance race and took third place.

In the second year of high school, the school conducts arts and sciences. Since I was little, my math scores have never been as good as those in Chinese. The teachers kept reminding me: “Your mathematics is in urgent need of improvement! You are partial to subjects!” I gradually admitted this fact from the bottom of my heart: my brain is not good. , It is only suitable for reading, writing and writing things, mathematics is not suitable for me. So when I divided my subjects, I chose the liberal arts class, and I was terribly afraid of mathematics.

After sub-subjects, the teacher who taught us math was a well-known teacher in the local area with the surname Zhou.

After a while, he asked me: “Your grades are so good, why don’t you give mathematics too?” I said, “Teacher, I’ve been bad at math since I was a kid.”

His remarks refreshed my “common sense” when I was in high school: “You are wrong. The content we learn now has nothing to do with the previous knowledge. If we did not learn well before, it does not mean that we can’t learn it now. Good; in addition, what you just said is not accurate. What is “not good at mathematics? Mathematics is divided into algebra, geometry and many other parts, involving spatial imagination, logical thinking, etc., at best, you can only say that you are not good A small part of it. In my opinion, your logic skills are very strong, and you may even be good at other parts of mathematics.”

After hearing these words, I was extremely happy and felt that the whole person was liberated: It turned out that “science” showed that I was not only a waste of mathematics, but also very “playful”.

In the final exam that semester, I got a perfect score of 150 in mathematics, and I got 142 in the exam.

There are many similar things. When these things came together, the first thing I thought of was: If there were no people who helped me subvert “common sense”, and if I hadn’t seen the “newest research results”, I might never have done many things. I may not touch many areas in my life. Whether it is our own judgment or our cognition of things, we habitually seek evidence from others. And the external reference we trust so much is actually unreliable.

Many of people’s fears and psychological barriers are either given to themselves by themselves, or fences surrounded by others in their minds in the early years. On the one hand, the more you have experienced and the more you know, the more likely you are to discover a lot of things that you thought were problems before, but they are not problems; on the other hand, there has never been any fence in this world, and the conclusion emerges Before the water surface, the obstruction under your feet may be just a row of delicate flowers.