Low ball skills

  It’s not uncommon for people to be controlled by others without knowing it.
  People are most easily fooled by low ball skills. The low ball technique, also known as “price-reporting technique”, is one of the compliance techniques in social psychology. It refers to throwing a well-received low ball to the opponent first, making the opponent feel that “this is too good to receive”, and then involuntarily go straight down.
  When you are complacent about buying a cheap electric toothbrush, you find that the replacement brush head that comes with it is ridiculously expensive. When you buy a high-quality and inexpensive printer, you find that replacement toner cartridges are unexpectedly expensive. Among them, the business used the low ball technique.
  Luring customers through the low price of the product itself, even if the price of the supporting consumables is high, it will give consumers a feeling of “forget it, that’s it”. In fact, this is a deceptive business technique. This is how sellers play with buyers from the source.
  Real estate agents often say: “This is an affordable, high-quality house that has just started to be rented out today. The lighting is particularly good and the transportation is convenient. If you don’t make a decision early, you will be rented out by others.” The tenant will sign a contract immediately after listening.
  After the tenant moved in, he discovered that the raindrops on the roof were unusually noisy when it rained. Only then did he understand that he had become a man in the business tactics.
  When the tenant complains to the real estate agency, the other party will only say lightly: “Oh, you get what you pay for.”
  At this time, the tenant will also start to feel that the house is well-lit and located on days other than rainy days. Not bad, “Forget it, just do it like this.”
  Receive a coupon for “100 yen per cup of fresh beer” in front of the station. At this time, you will think “This is great too”. After receiving the voucher, you went to that store and found that the other dishes on the menu were very expensive. You must have encountered this situation before.
  At this time, even if the dishes are a bit expensive, but if they taste good, you will have the thought of “forget it, let’s do it”.
  In the workplace, there are often people who use low ball skills and fall into a situation of being controlled by others.
  When I was about to get off work, my boss said: “Can I work overtime? It’s only 30 minutes.” However, when you agree, let alone 30 minutes of the assigned workload, you won’t be able to finish it even in one hour.
  Once people agree to a request that is easier to do, even if the follow-up is relatively difficult, they will stick to it out of instinct.