Los Angeles Tour

  When I went abroad for the first time in my life, I went to Los Angeles, a city that gathers movie stars from all over the world. I have long heard of the bright sunshine, tall palm trees and beautiful birds of paradise in California, and I have been thinking about it for a long time. Thanks to a friend, my wish finally came true, and I got a place in a tour group to enjoy a vibrant trip to Los Angeles.
  The first time I saw Los Angeles.
  The plane departed from Pudong Airport. I sat in the seat by the window. In addition, the sun was bright outside and the atmospheric visibility was high. When I lowered my head, I could actually see the Pacific Ocean. The blue Pacific Ocean stretches out, as if the whole world is an extension of this blue, and there is nothing else. Across the sea, across the ocean, thinking of Los Angeles on the other side, there seems to be a feeling of thousands of mountains and rivers. After more than 10 hours of flight, we crossed the vast Pacific Ocean and arrived at the San Francisco Airport.
  Stopped in San Francisco for an hour and boarded the flight to Los Angeles. At this time, I felt a little tired. I was about to get on the plane and fell asleep. I just closed my eyes and the plane landed. It turned out to be from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It’s only an hour’s flight. On the bus, the tour guide took us straight to downtown Los Angeles. Earthquakes occur frequently in Los Angeles, so the houses are low and all wooden structures, even in the city center, there are no tall buildings, which is different from what outsiders think, thinking that the place where Hollywood is, must be prosperous and bright. However, the street is quiet and wide, with towering palms planted on both sides, and the canopy of leaves is like a cover, covering the delicate wooden house below like a green umbrella. The houses of these residents are really ingenious. The surfaces are painted in bright colors, pale yellow, bright green, light pink, brown and gray, and each household has a small garden made by itself, building its own fairy tale world in this industrial city. Everyone in Los Angeles has a private car, so it is difficult to wait for a taxi on the road. Vehicles go their separate ways, speeding by without the sound of horns and whistles, which may interfere with the lives of residents. Despite this, there are still soundproof walls on roads and residential areas. Chinese cities have always been chaotic, noisy, happy and troubled. At this time, I have already felt the warm sunshine of California, and I have no sleepiness and no drowsiness. Inadvertently glanced, I saw birds with red necks and yellow feathers, slightly about to fly in the bushes. The tour guide said that it was the bird of paradise, the city flower of Los Angeles. city.
  Our final destination is Anaheim, Los Angeles, which is close to Disney, and the city survives and develops because of Disney’s business opportunities. It is a completely tourist-oriented city. The hotel where I stayed was small and tidy. The owner kept a Bible in the drawer of the room, probably for the guests to read before going to bed. But this place was really quiet, and as soon as my head touched the pillow, I fell asleep, and in my dreams I forgot that I was in Los Angeles.
  Anaheim Shopping
  The next morning, we went to Walmart and Anaheim malls, found many domestically made items, and gave up buying. In the United States, holidays are the peak shopping period; after the holidays, the peak returns. As long as the items are not damaged, they can be returned at will at the specified time, so that those who regret buying things on impulse can make up for their guilt. The so-called regret has medicine. Although Americans follow the system everywhere, these small places are more human than the Chinese, because there is enough economic guarantee. But China is rich and stingy. The difference between the two countries is really interesting to think about. When crossing the road, there are no traffic lights, but you can cross at any time. It’s a bit flattering if you are a car. There are too many people in China and will never use this mode of transportation.
  The tour guide took us to a store she was familiar with and bought some famous brands at affordable prices, all with Chinese staff, obviously serving Chinese tourists. But shopping in the United States has to pay tax, so the purchase price is still much higher than the actual price. We are not used to paying tax, and not many people buy it. Another unaccustomed tip is tipping. Generally, 10% to 15% tip is required for meals and rentals. Even in a hotel, a tip is also given to the waiter. In our opinion, it is purely to give money. Tipping is another delight.
  hollywood horror
  The highlight of the trip is the Hollywood tour. Hollywood (hollywood) means holly in English. It is a real estate agent’s wife who occasionally heard “Hollywood”. She was attracted by this beautiful word and planted a large number of holly from her hometown of Scotland. With the farmhouse Hollywood, I did not expect that this land has become the production base of the world’s movies today. Sitting on the bus, I saw the huge white sign HOLLYWOOD on Beverly Hills from a distance. Knowing that I was about to enter this movie world, everyone was so excited that they didn’t want to listen to the tour guide’s explanation. Movies were originally wonderful things, but now they are in direct contact with the filming, which is even more curious.
  We first walked around Hollywood Boulevard, full of movie posters of Hollywood blockbusters, hot stamped Hollywood star autographs, and the stars were shining all the way. Suddenly, a female Batman in a black trench coat appeared in front of them. Everyone was very surprised. When they looked closer, it turned out that they were playing cosplay. They dressed up as angels, princesses, pirates, and devils familiar to the audience in the movie. They stood on the side of the road and attracted tourists. Take a photo with it. The boulevard showcases Hollywood’s star style, and we are now in the dream factory of movies.
  Going to the Central City Cinema is the main purpose of visiting Hollywood, where you can see the actual sets of many blockbusters, and even meet a certain star who is shooting. Entering the theater around the city, it seems to be in another world, like Disney, there are Shrek figures everywhere, and the Simpsons are everywhere. During the 50-minute cable car parade, I saw the prototype of the scene on the screen. The film production went from rough at the beginning to gorgeous at the end. It was really like the eighteen changes of the Women’s University. Here, I can feel it is a kind of artificial the art of. At this time, we saw a dilapidated wooden bridge on the right, swaying and crumbling. The tour guide said that the bridge was so old that it was no longer used as a prop, but only for viewing. Suddenly, the cable car driver turned around and drove towards the wooden bridge. The tour guide exclaimed, blaming the driver for not listening to her advice. If he crossed the bridge, he would surely fall. The car full of people panicked and suddenly became agitated. Seeing that the car had reached the center of the bridge, it sank suddenly, and the river was under the bridge. Movie experience doesn’t have to be like that. But in the panic, the cable car has passed the wooden bridge, everyone sighed and rejoiced, only then did someone wake up, it was a performance from beginning to end, it was a water shock arranged by the tour guide and the driver, and sure enough, the tour guide was snickering. The crowd shouted!
  With one distress, everyone looks forward to the second thrill. When the cable car traveled to an indoor scene, the guide again prevented the driver from driving in. But the studio door slammed down and closed like an iron barrel, it was too late! The cable car was gliding quietly in the dark, when a car in front of it suddenly exploded, and the flames were blazing, and spread towards us. That’s not enough. I don’t know when a train came behind us, broke in two, bombarded our cable car with lightning speed, and sniped back and forth. This scene is completely from “Batman”. At the moment when it was about to hit the cable car, everything died down, but everyone’s heart was still hanging in their throats. They knew that they were acting, but they were not professional actors, so they couldn’t play immediately.
  After watching the 3D movie, I came to the real Jurassic Park, and the effect was no less than the shock of the movie. Riding a boat into the ancient times, all kinds of dinosaurs crawled slowly, made calls, or hoarse horror, or long and gentle. Sometimes it’s far away, sometimes it’s close at hand, and it even suddenly bangs overhead. This is where “Jurassic Park” was filmed.
  Walking all the way, the boat came to the side of the stream, where the current was fast, the boat rushed down, and I almost jumped into the air, my legs were shaking, like a wonderful movie journey, there are unexpected surprises at any time. The mummies that followed were even more terrifying than Jurassic Park. As soon as they entered, countless dead hands hung down, and they kept scratching and pulling them, as if they were about to catch people. With ferocious laughter, it was really creepy, and the hairs stood on end. . It’s a movie stunt that’s even scarier when it’s filmed. Suddenly there were countless insects eating people on the wall, and then water droplets that squirmed like worms dripped onto the body. It was extremely disgusting, but the whole body could not move, so I closed my eyes and screamed, and walked forward in the dark. I didn’t find out what happened afterwards. Although it was exciting, I didn’t want to experience it a second time. I rode down the roller coaster twice, my internal organs turned upside down, and the flashing lights took pictures of everyone’s distorted faces, and I couldn’t bear to see them. When I came out of the mummy gate, my voice was hoarse. The Hollywood tour is a total thrill ride.
  But there are still people who are not satisfied. After watching a live show at the water world, they entered the haunted house. I hesitated whether to be frightened again, but my friend dragged me in, turned around, and came out with a cold sweat on my back. Therefore, a weeping tree is installed in front of the haunted house, and people who are highly nervous can hold it and cry. I really wanted to go up and hug, but I felt embarrassed and gave up. At 6 o’clock, the operation of the theater around the city closed, and we returned happily.
  The trip to Hollywood was full of dangers. While playing, I also experienced a movie trip. Suddenly, I felt that the Circle City Cinema was a big amusement park. It combined the amusement projects with the clips from Hollywood movies, thus obtaining huge business opportunities. For tourists, even if they realize this, they are still willing to come here, after all, its name is Hollywood.