Let us light each other up

A couple pushing a baby carriage and several neighbors were walking in the community, when a delivery boy in Meituan’s uniform ran toward them, panting and asking the crowd: “Excuse me, which is building 14?” The neighbors pointed it out to him. Little brother was about to run past, the couple quickly shouted: “Are you to the building 14 33 floors to send hamburgers?” Little elder brother nodded, little husband and wife hurriedly said, need not run, just this is our. The little brother was pleasantly surprised and quickly said that it would take a few minutes to wait for the elevator. Little brother that face of unexpected joy, as if picked up gold ingot.
One rainy day not long ago, I ordered food at Meituan. The delivery girl was a tall, lanky beauty. I was so shocked that I forgot to pick up the food. The girl probably saw my embarrassment and said with a smile, “Have you ever seen a lady delivery man? I’m taking my husband’s place.
In my surprised eyes, she said to send the next single, quickly turned to leave, while walking said: “now there are many girls to join the food delivery team, not rare ah!” Said hurriedly went to press the elevator. I’m short-circuiting the girl. No, the mother! Since then, whenever I met a deliverer in the community, I would take the initiative to ask “which building to go to” as long as I was not sure about the building number as long as I was staring at the mobile phone navigation. Often I was really right and immediately showed the location of the building number, feeling the taste of a beautiful and enthusiastic life in their hasty gratitude.
One day after the “Double 11”, I was carrying several delivery boxes in the courtyard and almost bumped into a man. When I looked up, I saw that it was also a female delivery man, who did not care to apologize to each other. She found out where Building 12 was, turned and ran… Short and stout, she does not conform to the public aesthetic, but her running back, full of vitality and color, give people a kind of momentum.
On a rainy day, I just entered the community with an umbrella. Behind me, a boy riding a Meituan motorcycle parked beside the guard box. Then he took down the food box at the cross-country speed of a soldier and ran into the community. Just as we entered the same elevator, there were a couple of takeaway lovers, the girl anxiously staring at the floor, mouth said, “I do not know whether the above press”, and turned to ask the boy: there is a minute? I saw immediately with access card press they want to go to the floor, they happily shouted: this will not be too late!
The postman in the neighborhood is also a girl who wears a dark green postal uniform and rides an electric scooter with the same color. She was thin and considerate, and whenever I received my payment, she would take a photo on wechat to tell me. Every now and then I would find in my newsbox several pure literary newspapers that I had not subscribed to. When I asked her, she said with a smile, “Sometimes there are more newspapers and periodicals in the office for no reason. It’s a pity to throw them away. It will always be useful in your hands until you write.” As time went by, we built up a rapport of mutual trust. Later, I learned that she was the mother of two children, and the hardships of life were written on her face and body. Sure enough, one day she suddenly called me, see a certain city newspaper often give me pay, asked me if I could find a reporter for her, she is experiencing some trouble, even involving a lawsuit…… The newspaper had already lost its pages, so I introduced her to a lawyer and offered her free advice. Whenever the end of the year before the subscription war began, I specially find her order; I will also give her some… Recently, there was a bright and clear smile on her face, a busy figure, determined and solid.
Life gave them to run, life also live up to every pay. For everyone, life is a kind of ability, but also a kind of practice.
A CCTV warm news, warm and harmonious: a Courier in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, born deaf and dumb, how could he think that he unexpectedly cured a female customer’s depression! After working on the assembly line in a factory for more than 10 years, he became a Courier and ran 28 days a month, 12 hours a day, picking up more than 53 orders every day. One day, he delivered milk tea to a female client who was experiencing severe depression. When a female customer calls, she can’t get through. Her bestie suddenly realizes that the delivery boy may be deaf and dumb. After the meeting, the woman couldn’t believe it. Later, the female client said, “It was his hard and laborious life attitude that touched me, warmed me and healed me.”
Why have hope for this world? Because we will light each other up.