Kennedy was assassinated again

  On November 22, 1963, US President Kennedy was assassinated and killed. A few hours later, the murderer Oswald was arrested. Only two days later, during Oswald’s transfer, Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby drew his gun and killed Oswald in front of dozens of federal agents and police.
  Who is Jack Ruby? Why did he kill Oswald. “This is a terrifying conspiracy. Oswald and Ruby are just pawns in their hands, and Vice President Johnson is the real murderer.” Kennedy’s widow Jacqueline said in pain. After Kennedy was assassinated and killed, Jacqueline specifically interpreted the incident and recorded it. For fear of retaliation, it was planned to be announced 50 years later.
  In August 2011, her daughter, Caroline, 53, revealed the recording of her mother’s life in advance 17 years after her mother’s death. Suspicion of the assassination of former US President Kennedy has once again surfaced.
Vow not to be at peace with the vice president

  Jacqueline said in the recording that in 1960, when the Democratic Party was preparing its own presidential candidate, Kennedy racked his brains to win the presidential nomination to defeat his rival Johnson. However, after being elected president, Kennedy had no choice but to promote his former opponent Johnson as vice president. For the sake of unity within the party, fertile water cannot flow into outsiders’ fields. Problems with this seemingly perfect partner soon appeared.
  At the end of the 1950s, the U.S. government was preparing to replace the old aircraft during World War II with a new type of TFX aircraft. Boeing and Power Corporation, based in Fort Worth, Texas, compete for the $7 billion sale. Engineering technicians and military experts prefer Boeing, but they need the approval of the Secretary of State of the US Navy. Johnson quickly appointed his past right arm, Connelly, through the relationship. As soon as Connelly took office as Secretary of State for the Navy, he began lobbying in favor of the Power Corporation, and a large sum of money went to the Power Corporation. Kennedy was relieved of his position as Secretary of State for the Connelly Navy after he noticed it. Soon Johnson appointed another of his cronies, Fred, as Secretary of State for the Navy Department, and Power Corporation finally completed all the transactions. In this transaction, the whereabouts of hundreds of millions of dollars is unclear. Kennedy suspected that Johnson had taken bribes and secretly set up an investigation team to investigate. If the result is true, Johnson will face jail.
  Learning that Kennedy was investigating himself, Johnson was furious, but he was helpless for a while. Before long, Kennedy offered him an excellent opportunity for revenge, and Johnson decided to give it a try. On June 4, 1963, Kennedy was about to sign a little-known Presidential Decree 11110.
  According to the presidential decree, the US government will take back the right to issue currency from the private central bank, the Federal Reserve, and implement a silver-backed monetary system. Silver currency refers to the link between the U.S. dollar and silver. In 1873, under the pressure of the European Rothschild family, the currency status of silver was abolished and a single gold standard was implemented. The Rothschild family controlled most of the world’s gold mines and gold supply, and they controlled the entire Europe Money supply. If the plan is implemented, the US government will no longer “borrow” from the Federal Reserve and pay high interest rates. Loss of the power to control currency issuance, coupled with the circulation of “silver bonds”, will eventually force the Federal Reserve Bank to go bankrupt. As the actual owner of the Federal Reserve, this result is unacceptable by the Rothschild family anyway.
  After many unsuccessful mediations, the hardliners of the Rothschild family immediately found Vice President Johnson, and the dissatisfied Johnson hooked up with them. Kennedy’s widow Jacqueline said that Vice President Johnson and the Rothschild family had very close contacts, and they were still whispering at two or three o’clock in the evening. There are also many people who are dissatisfied with Kennedy in the CIA. The Rothschilds have close contacts with them. They have a common purpose: to abolish the bill. There is only one way to abolish the bill, which is to let Kennedy die and make Johnson the new president of the United States. In this way, a big net of death quietly opened to Kennedy.
Successful assassination

  November 22, 1963 was a heartache day for Americans. That morning, Jacqueline and Kennedy came to Dallas, Texas, and took a convertible car to the city with great interest. Before that, the two had a small conflict. According to Jacqueline’s memories, one day she accidentally found a 19-year-old White House intern Okieman’s underwear in her bedroom. She ran up to Kennedy angrily, and shouted, “Kennedy, what is this?” Kennedy flushed. Angrily, Jacqueline had an affair with Hollywood actor William Holden and Fiat Motors founder Aeneri. After the incident, she calmed down quickly. She thought her husband was just acting on occasion, so she forgave him.
  On this day, Kennedy was very happy to take her hand and sit in the back of the car. There were cheering crowds everywhere, and the two kept waving. The car came to an intersection in the city center without knowing it. At 1:30, Jacqueline suddenly heard a few gunshots on her head, and a stream of red liquid rushed towards her face. She was horrified to see her pink coat splashed with blood from her husband’s head. Kennedy was shot. One shot hit his neck and the other hit his head. The bloody husband fell into her arms like a piece of wood, motionless. Governor Connery sitting in front was also shot. Seeing all this, Jacqueline was stunned.
  News of Kennedy’s murder quickly spread throughout the world. Some people shed sad tears, but others secretly happy. Vice President Johnson is one of them. He and hardliners in the Rothschild family planned the murder together. In order to ensure the success of the assassination, Johnson ordered his senior assistant and confidant Edward Clark to personally manipulate the details of the murder. To this end, they set up an assassination team on Vice President Johnson’s Texas farm.
  The core members are CIA agents Cod Meyer, David Phillips, William Harvey and others. They recruited two killers through the broker Frank Sturgis: Oswald and Lusen Salty. They originally planned to do it in Miami. On November 22, 1963, they arranged for Lucen Salty to mix in the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to assassinate. Oswald hid in a room facing the street on the sixth floor of the Teaching Material Warehouse Building at Deli Plaza, Texas, where the Kennedy motorcade must pass, and shot him from a long distance.
  Under normal circumstances, there are four motorcycle security police in front of the presidential motorcade, close to the four sides of the presidential car. This increased the difficulty of Oswald’s shooting, so Clark instructed Johnson’s secret service to come forward and ask them to retreat to the back of the car, under no circumstances over the rear wheel of the presidential car. Of course, the reason is to let everyone have an “unobstructed view” for the president to review. In order to ensure that Oswald shot accurately, they also modified the president’s driving route map so that the president’s car was less than 10 meters away from the teaching materials warehouse building.
  All this has been carefully arranged, but there is another problem, Johnson’s own safety. He traveled with Kennedy, and the car was behind Kennedy. Of course, it was out of consideration to avoid suspicion and clean up the guilt, but what if he was shot by a killer? Therefore, when the convoy arrived at the Deli Plaza teaching materials warehouse building, Johnson immediately bowed his head, bent down, and loaded it on the carpet in the car to find something. He didn’t get up until the gunshot. This scene happened to be seen by a patrolman who was driving Kennedy’s car. When the police investigated, the patrolman said without any cover: “Vice President Johnson looked as if he had a premonition that a bullet would fly over.” However, He received the warning soon and changed his words immediately. Johnson’s goal of killing Kennedy was finally accomplished, but then a trouble emerged: the killer Oswald was captured on the way to escape. How to do?

  Agent Cod Meyer immediately thought of the Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby. This nightclub owner owed a lot of foreign debts due to poor management. He was chased by creditors all day, and he was going crazy. This person has cancer and has not been alive for long. Agent Cord Meyer approached him and offered to kill Oswald. Ruby’s offer is 1 million dollars and take good care of his family.
  On the morning of November 24, 1963, Ruby came outside the Dallas detention center and Oswald was pushed out of the car from the detention center. Just as he stood firmly, Ruby rushed up, took out his pistol, and fired three shots at Oswald “pop, pop, pop”, and Oswald fell to the ground instantly in full view. Ruby was put in prison. When asked about his motives, he had to make up nonsense. Soon, his cancer had an attack, and he died in prison before the day of execution.
  Perhaps it was because his conscience discovered that before he died, he wrote a letter to one of his best friends. The letter said: “I was used to stop Oswald from speaking. One day, you will know what Johnson is. People and his relationship with the murderer. He saw the whole world as a fool, but one day, you will see who is hiding behind what the president did.” The letter later fell into the hands of a researcher , But Johnson has assumed office as President of the United States, and no one takes his letter seriously anymore.
  After the assassination, when Kennedy was still receiving rescue in the hospital, Johnson issued an order to clean the convertible car. Then, Johnson appointed his cronies to take the bloody clothes of the Governor of Connery back and wash them, and then ordered the destruction of the physical evidence again. The convertible that Kennedy was riding in has been under the supervision of the White House guards, but the bullet-marked windshield was replaced on November 25.
  It was soon reported that on the morning of Kennedy’s assassination, near Elm Street in Deli Square, a railroad worker saw three cars with their license plates driving back and forth in this martial law area. At 12:15 noon, the railway worker clearly saw three suspicious-looking people hiding behind the wooden fence, one of whom had a gun in his hand. He thought these people were security guards around Kennedy, so he walked away. In fact, these people are members of the Kennedy assassination team.
  Under the ingenious operation of Agent Cod Meyer, in August 1966, the railroad worker was killed in an inexplicable car accident. According to statistics, in just three years after Kennedy was assassinated, 18 key witnesses died one after another, of which 6 were shot, 3 died in a car accident, 2 committed suicide, 1 was cut, and 1 was broken Five people died “naturally” on the neck. From 1963 to 1993, 115 relevant witnesses committed suicide or were murdered in various bizarre incidents.
  Less than 100 minutes after Kennedy’s death, Johnson was sworn in in the cabin of the Presidential Air Force One at Dallas Airport and became the 36th President of the United States. As a result, all investigations against him ceased, and the upcoming Presidential Decree 11110 issued by Kennedy before his death was automatically invalidated. The members of the assassination team he controlled were all promoted afterwards and held important positions in various departments. In order to cover up, Johnson ordered the establishment of the Kennedy Murder Investigation Committee. After several years of investigation, it was finally determined that the shooting of Kennedy was Oswald’s personal behavior, without any deeper political background.
  On the 40th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination in 2003, ABC Broadcasting Corporation conducted an investigation. 70% of Americans believed that the assassination of Kennedy was a larger-scale conspiracy. Jacqueline, Kennedy’s widow, didn’t believe it either. After Kennedy’s assassination, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. interviewed Jacqueline, and she accused Johnson of being the murderer behind the scenes. These audio tapes are sealed in the Kennedy Library in Boston. She requested that these tapes be released 50 years after her death, because she fears that these insider exposures may cause her family to become targets of retaliation.
  Seventeen years after Jacqueline’s death, her daughter Caroline Kennedy agreed to release the secret recordings in advance and provide them to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in exchange for the cancellation of a TV series about the Kennedy family. “Sunday Express” said that ABC executives confirmed that the content of the tape was “explosive.” The mystery of Kennedy’s murder is about to rise again.