It’s all about the pie

Zhao Shan and his wife rented a door near the south gate of Jasmine District and opened a small supermarket. Although they were distributing leaflets and promoting sales, their business was not cool and they did not earn much money every month.

One day, Zhao Shan was playing with his mobile phone in his supermarket when he heard a noise outside. He ran out to see that a dumpling shop had opened next door.

The owner of the bun shop he knew was Yu Hua. More than half a month ago, Yu Hua came to Zhao Shan’s small supermarket to buy cigarettes, zhao Shan asked about the jasmine community, and said that he planned to rent a door room to open a dumpling shop nearby.

Zhao Shan told him that jasmine community is not big, only a few residential buildings, and has opened around seven or eight snack bars, wonton, rice noodles, ramen, mutton soup all have, some competition. Yu Hua just laughed and said nothing more. Later, Zhao Shan heard that the long-vacant door next door was being renovated. After inquiring about it, he found out that Yu Hua had rented it. This is just a few days, yu Hua’s Yu Ji bun shop has opened, it is really quick enough!

Zhao Shan looked at Yu Hua’s face, smiling like a flower, and could not help turning his mouth and thinking, “Don’t be too happy now. Wait for the day when you will cry!”

Which bear to think of, Zhao Shan’s prediction this time loses level greatly however. Yu Hua’s dumpling shop did not close within two months, but became more and more prosperous. Every morning and noon, people came to buy baozi in an endless stream, making yu Hua and his wife as busy as a top. Zhao Shan some wonder, yu Hua sell steamed stuffed bun so delicious? So bought back a cage a taste, ho, taste is really not general. I guess business is good for a good reason.

From then on, Zhao Shan looked at Yu Hua with new eyes. They were both from other places and half towners, and their shops were next to each other. Gradually, they moved about more. You came to buy steamed buns from me, and I went to buy cigarettes and alcohol from you.

That night after lying down to rest, Zhao Shan thought of his own supermarket business is still half dead, a little sad, can not help but sigh. His wife Wang Ying guessed what was on his mind and said to him, “What’s the use of sighing? Something must be done quickly, for if this goes on, we shall all be in trouble!”

“What can I do if people don’t come to buy? You can’t buy it with a string!” Zhao shanchong’s wife complained, “Look at the dumpling shop in China, the business is really hot in a mess! Simply, we close the supermarket, I go to China bun shop to work!”

As Soon as Zhao shan finished speaking, Wang Ying suddenly reached out and clapped her hand on the bedside table and said excitedly, “If he can sell steamed buns in China, can’t we sell pies?”

Wang Ying’s words stunned Zhao Shan. No, that’s not a pie for sale. Knowing what Zhao shan was thinking, Wang ying told him that before she married him, she had worked in a restaurant in the county seat and learned how to make pies from an old chef. Later, the old chef resigned and the boss asked her to make pies instead.

After wang ying finished his speech, he said to Zhao Shan, “Honey, as far as I know, most of the people living in Jasmine Community are young people. Young people are lazy and do not like to get up early to cook, which is the main reason why Yuhua’s dumpling shop is doing well. What do you say we keep our supermarket open with a side business in the morning — selling pies?”

“Will it work? People in China will have a problem with it.” Zhao shan said worriedly, “I’m selling pies, but I’m robbing people of their business. As the saying goes, two of a trade seldom agree. Do not turn friends into enemies at last.”

“You are such a knobblehead!” Wang Ying scolded Zhao Shan, “What would he say if we sold pies? We’re not selling steamed buns. If he does have a problem with it, I’ll go and explain it to him!”

His wife said to this, Zhao Shan is not good to say what, on the ground agreed.

The next morning, the pair made several trips to the wholesale market and returned with an oversized electric baking pan and ingredients for the pies. After some practice in the afternoon, Wang ying really made a delicious and tender pie. She confidently say to Zhao Shan: “husband, you look good, I do of pie everybody certain meeting rob buy!”

They were so excited that they did not sleep well all night. As soon as it was dawn, they could not wait to get up and began to make pies.

Daylight, small area out to buy breakfast gradually more people. People are surprised to find that the couple who run the supermarket are selling pies without warning. The pastries lying in the walkoff basket waiting to be sold were yellow in color and had a mouth-watering fragrance. A lot of people tired of eating steamed stuffed bun, hulla once around, you buy three, I buy two, soon dozens of pies robbed. Wang Ying and Zhao Shan saw in the eyes, happy in the heart, more enthusiastic to make pie.

As for Yu Hua, his shop used to be surrounded by people who came to buy steamed stuffed bun at this time, but today the door is blocked. It’s almost seven o ‘clock, and customers are still scarce. He felt a little strange when he saw a number of regular customers passing by his dumpling shop and heading east. He ran out to look and saw people gathering in front of Zhao Shan’s supermarket to buy pies. Yu Hua suddenly burst with anger. Good you zhaoshan, you are too careless, you are not blatantly robbing my business!

Since you are unkind, don’t accuse me of injustice. After a discussion with his wife zhou Hong, Yu Hua decided to make pies as well, and fought with Zhao Shan and his wife.

Well, it was Zhao Shan’s turn to be angry. Zhao Shan thought to himself, yu Hua, you have also sold pies. Isn’t this against me? We only sell pies for two hours in the morning and no at noon or evening. Is that what you want? The world’s money can not only let you earn ah!

In this way, Zhao Shan and Yu Hua, two former “brothers”, became enemies because they sold pies. In between serving customers, the two men would glance at each other’s stalls, each with a resentful look in their eyes. Since then, the two families became enemies and never talked to each other again.

At noon, Zhao Shan was counting goods in the supermarket when he heard a quarrel outside. He hurried out to see yu Hua wrestling with a bald man with a green dragon on his arms.

That baldheaded man Zhao Shan knows, it is the ruffian of a small area nearby, call Liu Dachuan, the person sends nickname “Liu is not afraid”. This Liu Dachuan cruel and merciless, often to a wholesale market nearby to collect protection money, who does not pay him secretly under the black hand who, make the merchants are afraid of him. The public security organ had targeted him early, but he was such a small blunderbuss who did not make small mistakes, and had become a common occurrence in the detention house, which did not matter at all. Of course, Zhao Shan also suffered. When Liu Dachuan will come to his small supermarket to stroll, smoke, wine, cakes… He doesn’t mind taking whatever he wants.

Yu Hua was athletic and nimble, and Liu Was no match for him. A few rounds down, Liu Dachuan was yu Hua press under the body can not move.

Yu Hua asked him, “It is natural to pay for meals. Are you going to eat the king’s meal?”

Liu dachuan said darkly, “No,” and Yu Hua released him. Liu Dachuan climbed up, took out a mobile phone scan code to pay for the meal, and then patted the soil on the body, swagger away.

After Liu dachuan had walked away, Yu Hua told the onlookers what had happened. It turned out that Liu Dachuan had a meal in his dumpling shop just now. He ate two POTS of steamed stuffed bun and drank a bowl of bean curd, a total of 18 yuan. After eating, he wanted to leave without giving money. Yu Hua chased after him to ask for it, but Liu dachuan not only refused, but made rude remarks and gave him a hard slap on the face. This time Yu Hua quit and began to scuffle with Liu Dachuan.

When Yu hua finished speaking, someone said to him, “Boss Yu, you have caused trouble. That man is a gangster. When his acquaintances see him, they want to hide from him.

Hearing this, Yu Hua said disapprovingly, “No matter whether he is a ruffian or a gangster, such a person should not be coddled. I don’t believe that evil, the rule of law society, he lawless?”

Onlookers dispersed, Zhao Shan also returned to the supermarket, but his heart is not practical, faint feeling to have an accident. That Liu Dachuan is not easy to mess with.

A week later, Zhao shan closed the door of the supermarket in the middle of the night, went to the bedroom on the second floor and just lay down, he heard the sound of smashing from downstairs. Startled, he quickly got up and pulled open a corner of the curtain to look downstairs. He saw Liu Dachuan with a stick hitting the curtain door of Yu Hua Bao Shop.

Zhao Shan was going to dial “110” to the police, but afraid of Liu Dachuan found out that he reported to the police, will find him to settle accounts, so did not dare to report. But he magically turned on the camera function of his phone and recorded everything that was happening outside.

At this moment, Yu Hua opened the curtain door and rushed out. Which bear in mind, his front foot just stepped out of the shutter door, the back foot was liu Dachuan beat down on the ground. Hearing her husband’s screams, Zhou Hong rushed out and protected Yu Hua. But Liu didn’t let Zhou Hong off the hook because she was a woman and beat her with a stick.

Until both of them were lying on the ground and could not move, Liu Dachuan just hummed a little song and marched away.

In a short time, the police and ambulance received a call from the masses have arrived. Police set up a cordon around yu Hua’s dumpling shop to investigate after helping emergency workers load the couple into an ambulance.

But the investigation to investigate, also did not investigate why – – surrounding shops can take in China dumpling shop monitoring there are two, one of which is zhaoshan small supermarket, but in advance were destroyed by Liu Dachuan.

Originally, when the police came to visit Zhao Shan’s small supermarket the next day, Zhao Shan wanted to provide the video taken last night to the police, but the words on the tip of his tongue he swallowed back. He was a timid man who had been frightened by Liu Dachuan. He felt that it was better to sit on the sidelines than to get himself into trouble. Since he and Yu Hua were in trouble, it didn’t matter whether he helped him or not.

In this way, the police in the surrounding visit a day, also did not find valuable clues to solve the case.

One morning, Zhao shan and his wife were busy making pies when they heard the rolling door of the next door Yu Hua Dumpling shop ring. Startled, he thought it was Yu Hua and his wife returning from the hospital. Looking up, he saw yu Hua’s eight-year-old daughter, Yu Fei, coming out from under the rolling curtain door.

Yu Fei’s eyes were red and swollen, and it was obvious that she had not rested well. She came to zhao Shan’s supermarket door, hoarse voice said to Zhao Shan: “Uncle Zhao, can you sell me a pie? But I don’t have any money now. I’ll give it to you when my parents come back.”

‘Of course you can! “Zhao took two pies to Yu fei and asked her,” Where’s your grandma? Why didn’t she send you to school?

After Yu hua opened his dumpling shop, the couple were too busy to take care of their child, so they hired his mother-in-law to take care of the child’s daily life and school transportation.

While tucking into the pie, Yu fei replied, “My parents were injured by bad people and were hospitalized. My grandma went to take care of them. My grandma said she would let me take care of myself for a few days and she would come back to take care of me when my parents were no longer with me.” Then he walked away with red eyes.

Looking at Yu Fei’s thin back, Zhao Shan was lost in thought. Is it safe for Yu Fei to pass several traffic lights on her way to school alone? Will you meet bad people? Will be abducted by the bad guys?

The more Zhao thought about it, the more worried he became. He pulled out his scooter, said hello to his wife, and caught up with Yu fei as quickly as possible. He took her to school and made an appointment with her that he would pick her up after school in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, Zhao Shan took Yu Fei back to his supermarket. Yu Fei burst into tears and said to him, “Uncle Zhao, I dare not stay at home alone. I’m afraid!”

Zhao Shan listens to, clap her shoulder to comfort her to say: “Fifi is not afraid, have uncle in, this paragraph of day you eat in uncle’s home, live in uncle, uncle sends you up and down school!” “My parents said you are not a good person. Now they have slapped their own face!” Zhao Shan smiled awkwardly.

In the evening, Yu Fei’s grandmother hurried back from the hospital. She was glad to see Him eating and drinking at Zhao Shan’s house. She said a lot of words of thanks. Zhao shan inquired about Yu Hua and his wife and asked her to go back to the hospital to take care of Yu Fei.

The next day, Zhao shan and his wife went to the hospital to visit The couple. Yu Hua was very excited and said to Zhao Shan, “Brother, I’m sorry. It’s my brother’s fault. From now on, we will only sell steamed buns instead of pies.

Zhao Shan said, “Brother, it’s us who should say sorry. We shouldn’t have stolen your business. We decided not to sell pies in the future, but to send and receive express delivery, which will make more money than selling pies!” Then the two men clasped their hands together.

When they left, Zhao shan told Yu hua in a low voice that he had provided the evidence against Liu Dachuan to the police and that the bad guy would soon be brought to justice.