In India, these bridges are crumbling

  ”I never thought that this bridge would collapse.” In an interview with the US “Wall Street Journal”, 24-year-old Prakash Palma still had lingering fears. On October 30, he, his sister, four brothers, and one neighbor went to a famous scenic spot in Gujarat, India: a “swing bridge” built during the British colonial period. Among the seven people in the group, only he and his sister survived. More than half a month has passed since the tragedy that killed 135 people, but its shock wave has not subsided. Indians are angrily pursuing accountability and worry about the safety of other old buildings in the country.
  According to the British “Guardian”, India has about 173,000 bridges, of which about 36,000 were built during the British colonial period. According to data disclosed by the country in 2015, 6,700 of these bridges are older than the cable-stayed bridges that collapsed not long ago. Many bridges are dilapidated, unsafe and in urgent need of repair or reinforcement.
  The Center for Bridge Management Systems in India estimates that at least 5,300 bridges in the country are structurally problematic and require attention. In 2018, 226 bridges were at risk in Uttar Pradesh alone.