I + you + travel the world = happiness

  They are a post-90s couple.
  He was born in the northeast and grew up in Shenzhen; she was born in the northeast and grew up in the northeast. He is calm and honest but slightly conservative; she is brave and unrestrained but a little impatient.
  After such a pair of young people meet together, what kind of wonderful sparks will they strike?
  Don’t make sardines: let’s resign together.
  In September 2018, Wang Zihe, a senior boy in recording art major at Beijing Film Academy, saw a picture of her with a girl in the circle of friends of a female classmate, and left a message behind: “Who is this girl? She looks like a lot of fate.” The female classmate then pushed the girl named Li Xinyan’s WeChat to him: “You two have a fate.”
  It turned out that the summer vacation in 2014 was about to end. , Wang Zihe, a freshman majoring in recording at the Qingdao Branch of Beijing Film Academy, rode from Shenzhen to Qingdao. One of his female classmates picked a few photos of him riding along the road and posted them in Moments, which attracted the attention of Li Xinyan, a girl studying at Zhejiang Media College. Li Xinyan
  left a message in her girlfriend’s circle of friends: “Who is this boy? Good-looking!” After Wang Hejia added Li Xinyan’s WeChat, the two “talked” as they did. Wang Zihe, born in 1994, his father Wang Qun was the founder of a cultural media company in Shenzhen, and his mother worked in a newspaper. Before the age of 5, Zihe was taken alone by his mother to live in his hometown of Jilin. After he arrived in Shenzhen with his father, his father was too busy and rarely saw each other, so Zihe was taken by his mother alone. Zihe’s character is kind, simple and obedient, and rarely does things that break the norm.
  Xin Yan, also born in 1994, is a native of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. Her father unfortunately passed away in her third year of high school, and she was brought up by her mother. Mother is a typical Northeastern person, bold and rough, so Xin Yan is also anxious and maverick.
  Zihe and Xin Yan share their dreams of traveling around the world through WeChat as a mediator and telephone as a mediator, and their relationship is rapidly heating up.
  At the end of June 2019, the two met in Qingdao after graduating from university. One day, Xinyan said to Zihe: “I’m going to Beijing, are you going?” Zihe originally planned to go to Shanghai after graduation, but when he saw that Xinyan was going to Beijing, he hesitated and said, “Then… I’ll go to Beijing too.” Xinyan saw that Zihe was willing to go to Beijing with her, and immediately directed Zihe to pack up together. The next day, the two rented a car and squeezed into the luggage pile to Beijing.
  Zihe’s aunt opened a trading company in Beijing. Zihe thought, she was at least safe with her aunt, so she went to work at her aunt’s company; while Xinyan looked for recruitment information by herself, and was educated by a Beijing family after interviews. Institutional admission. In the aunt’s company, although Zihe is not professional, he feels very stable, but Xinyan thinks that Zihe should boldly try to find a new position that suits his profession. After Xin Yan’s persuasion time and time again, Zihe passed 5 written examinations and 1 interview, and was finally admitted to the CCTV Recording Division and left the comfort zone of his aunt’s company.
  Zihe feels very lucky to be able to join CCTV, and the whole family is very proud and proud. He thought, as long as CCTV does not abandon him, he is willing to work at CCTV until retirement. Xin Yan works as a choreographer in an educational institution. She knows that she has a bad temper and is not suitable for being a teacher. After arranging 6 graduation scenes for several schools, she didn’t want to do it.
  During the Spring Festival that year, Zihe was busy recording the Spring Festival Gala, and Xin Yan and her mother who came to Beijing went diving in the Philippines. In the underwater world, Xin Yan saw dense sardines rushing in one direction, and then rushing in the other direction. This reminds Xin Yan of how she and Zihe go to work every day. They are like that. Every day at dawn, they get into the crowded subway, rushing in one direction with many people in groups, and rushing back in groups at night. She suddenly didn’t want to be a boring sardine.
  When she returned to Beijing, Xin Yan resigned without hesitation and bought part of the money she had saved over the years to make a long-term investment; part of the money she had bought was stocks, and at the same time she became an e-commerce company on various platforms. After resigning, Xin Yan has extremely free working hours, but her income is several times higher than Zihe’s. She watched Zi He held up the recording stand day after day, and felt that this shouldn’t be Zi He’s life’s work, so she persuaded him to resign. But Zihe finally got admitted to CCTV, how could he leave easily?
  After busying the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, maybe Xin Yan’s persuasion planted the seeds in his heart, maybe the initial freshness gradually faded, and the ensuing boring and ease made Zihe lose the feeling of being a north drifter. Xin Yan saw Zihe’s boredom. One day, the two of them went for a walk. Xin Yan looked at the backs of a family of three cyclists passing by on the street, and asked Zihe, “What is your dream in life?” Zihe said, “Work hard and make money to support the family.” Xin Yan again Question: “In addition to work and making money, what do you want to do the most?” Zihe said: “When my life is complete, I will travel the world with you.” Xin Yan asked: “Life is complete before going out for a walk. , Or is it consummation after going out for a walk?” This question caused Zihe to fall into contemplation.
  Xin Yan said, while the iron is hot, there are many channels for young people to make money. We can manage finances scientifically and use our profession to do more technological and interesting things. Finally, Xin Yan asked: “Would you like to make money while walking on the road?” Zihe was finally moved, but he said: “Then I have to wait for my first quarter bonus before resigning.”
  2019 At the end of February, Zihe had to submit a letter of resignation under Xin Yan’s multiple urgings. At the end of March, after receiving the bonus for the first quarter, Zihe officially went through the resignation procedures and left CCTV.
  Premarital Travel: grindstone each other’s
  back to the day of Shenzhen, Xin Yan then fixing authorities merely about the child He started to buy a car, buy equipment. On the afternoon of April 9, 2019, the two could not wait to set off.
  At the beginning of the ride, Xin Yan set a discipline for herself and her boyfriend: “No matter how difficult it is, you must never take a ride.” Zihe hesitated a little: “I’m fine, can you…can do it?” “I’m not afraid. , What are you afraid of?” Xin Yan waved a big hand, dismissing it. However, Xin Yan soon suffered. It is not always possible to find the toilet during the ride. It doesn’t matter for men, it can be solved anywhere, but Xin Yan is an unmarried girl, she can’t undress and undress in the public, right?
  When she was too suffocated, Xin Yan’s anxious temper was completely exposed: “After riding for a long time, I can’t even find a toilet. It’s so annoying.” Zihe didn’t have any ideas for a while. Finally, Xin Yan finally found a quiet place and pulled Zihe: “Stand here and block me.” This solved the problem of internal urgency.
  Even though it’s inconvenient to use the toilet and physically weak, when someone asked them where to ride on the road, Xin Yan still boldly said: “Lhasa!”
  On the Sichuan-Tibet line, they had to pass 14 high mountains above 4000 meters above sea level. . When we got to the foot of Dongda Mountain, it was getting late. Zihe suggested taking a rest and leaving tomorrow morning. Xin Yan felt that it was still early and insisted on crossing the mountain. Zihe had no choice but to follow her, but he was sweating in his heart.
  As the altitude increases, oxygen becomes thinner and thinner. When approaching 4500 meters, Zihe had already shut up and stopped talking. At first, Xin Yan was chattering non-stop, but her panting became heavier. Later, she dared not speak anymore. By the time they reached the top of the mountain, it was already 9 o’clock in the evening.
  On the top of the mountain, there was nothing but wind and rain, and it was too dark to reach out. Xin Yan, who had always been careless, was hungry, afraid, and cold at this time. At this time, Zihe stretched out his hand, took the bicycle she was riding on for Xin Yan, and said, “You use your headlight and mobile phone to illuminate, and we will definitely walk out of the dark together.” In this way, Zihe has one hand. Pushing a car, Xin Yan shining brightly, and the two of them touched the black and continued to walk down.

  The two of them literally walked 30 kilometers in the wind, rain and hail, and found a hotel on the mountainside until about 1:00 in the morning. The shop was full, but the owner said, “This is in the middle of the night, with wind, rain and hail. It’s really not easy for you two to walk down hard. I usually don’t accept customers. You two, I have to take it anyway. I will vacate the wood house for you to live in today.”
  That night, when the two changed into dry clothes and lay on the firewood pierced by thorns, Xin Yan couldn’t help but fight each other. He said: “This is the most comfortable bed I have ever lived in my life.” When Zi He was about to answer, he found that his beloved girl fell asleep very contentedly and sweetly. Seeing his sleeping girlfriend in front of him, Zihe couldn’t help feeling full of emotion. It turns out that Xin Yan, who looks like a female man, also has such a weak and helpless side. Along the way, many self-driving and cycling friends heard about this pair of young people who were “twisting” to death. When they met them, someone always gave them some drinks and asked to take a photo with them. The warmth from strangers makes these two post-90s often moved.
  On June 17, 2019, there were still more than 200 kilometers away from Lhasa. They decided to ride to Mozhugongka first, then ride another day the next day, and ride to the Potala Palace in the evening. When they descended from the last 5,000-meter Mila Mountain, it was 22 o’clock when they arrived at Mozhugongka. The two of them ate a watermelon at a roadside stall, and they ate Xinyan out of great power. She said to Zihe, “Brother He, let’s ride Lhasa overnight, right?” After
  2 months, Zihe knew her strength. He also knew Xin Yan’s tenacity. He said, “Okay, rushing overnight.” National Highway 318, riding during the day is quite dangerous, let alone at night. But the two who wanted to reach their destination as soon as possible ignored these. Along the way, Zihe tried her best to protect Xinyan, while Xinyan tried her best to take care of herself, not to worry about Zihe.
  On June 18th, after 20 hours of continuous riding, they finally saw the extremely holy palace. It’s just that they are too tired, the two are too tired to feel, there are no tears, the excitement and carnival scene that I have imagined many times did not appear. Xin Yan said softly to Zihe’s camera: “We’re here.” She fell to the ground and fell asleep. Zihe sat down, put Xin Yan’s head in his arms, and slept until dawn.
  A few days later, the two set off from Nepal and arrived in India on July 9, 2019. On August 13, 2019, the two returned to Shenzhen.
  When they left Shenzhen in April, the total assets of the two were 25,000 yuan. After 4 months, the two relied on the long-term investment, short-term income and e-commerce income made by financial institutions, and relied on the production for the Xiaohongshu platform. The remuneration for professional print ads not only supports the entire expenditure, but also increases the total assets to 30,000 yuan. Really make money while traveling.
  More important than making money, through this ride, both Wang Zihe and Li Xinyan discovered another side of each other: Zihe is conservative but very calm, and he has the responsibility of a man; Xinyan seems to be careless, but in fact there are The side of a little woman, especially next to her beloved man, is even more revealing. This discovery made them very happy. After returning to Shenzhen, Xin Yan continued to do investment and e-commerce, while Zihe worked for the film and television companies and advertising companies in Shenzhen as live radio and post-score music.
  On November 11, 2019, under the witness of both parents, the two received a marriage certificate. After the marriage, the young couple went to Dubai for a trip, and then went to the Philippines for a dive. After returning to China, I originally planned to visit relatives in Heilongjiang. After the Spring Festival, I was looking for a job and went to work. I didn’t expect to catch up with the epidemic and the whole family stayed at home all at once. Zihe couldn’t help panicking after staying at home for too long. Xin Yan said: “Rather than idle, it is better to continue to travel!”
  All over the world: love and happiness bathed every corner
  travel again, Xin Yan decided to conduct new business development, the establishment of a new model to make money. In order to travel more leisurely and allocate more time to work, Xin Yan decided to spend 30,000 yuan from the remaining activity fund to buy used cars. The two travel by car.
  On April 9, 2020, when the two returned to Shenzhen from Xuexiang, they bought a Jinbei car in the second-hand car market. After 40 days of personally building, finally, on May 21, the two set off in a white and purple “RV”.
  They plan to travel all over China in a year. The two have made a division of labor tacitly. On the road, Zihe is responsible for driving and Xin Yan is responsible for happiness. At the camp, Zihe was in charge of taking pictures and washing dishes, and Xin Yan was in charge of washing vegetables and cooking. At night, Xin Yan was responsible for the copywriting of the shooting content of the next day, while Zihe edited, dubbed and scored the content of the shooting that day.
  Xin Yan had never done a copywriting plan before, and Zihe and her father only occasionally played with SLR cameras, and did not really shoot professionally, let alone professional editing. But fortunately, the professionals in the father’s company will give them a lot of remote guidance, which allows them to make videos no less than those made by any professional team. Uploading their work to Xiaohongshu, Watermelon Video, and Today’s Toutiao will attract many fans to watch. Some of their single videos have reached more than 20 million views. This becomes their new source of income.
  There is very little time to communicate with others while riding, and very little time to have fun in the local area. After driving the “RV”, Xin Yan will show infinite charm every time she arrives at the station. I saw her in a small apron, standing next to the car, frying, frying, steaming, stewing, omnipotent. Many travelers who drive real RVs like to share dinner with this young couple.
  Xin Yan became Zihe’s role model in communicating with strangers. He slowly began to make friends with people who were eating together and with local residents. He taught them how to use their own drones and explained the “RV” transformation process to curious people one by one. His personality has become more and more cheerful in such exchanges, and people have become more and more happier.
  On the journey, when the road conditions are bad, the car gets stuck in the mud. At this time, Zihe will take the initiative to ask nearby residents for help. After the cart is pushed up, he will open the beer and stand on the side of the road and touch the bottle to congratulate the people on the cart. This was impossible in the past.
  When his father Wang Qun saw these videos, he kept saying: “Thank my family Xinyan. Without her, Zihe couldn’t be so happy and proactive. Zihe is now in a relaxed state of mind and body is all the credit of Xinyan.”
  And Xinyan Zihe always looked at her face gentlemanly and listened appreciatively every time she chatted with people, which gave Xin Yan a great encouragement. As a woman, Xin Yan felt that Zihe was cultivated from the bottom of her heart. She feels that the greatest happiness of a woman is that she can love someone in her life, and that person is using all of his body and mind to love you.
  I remember that when they were in Diqing, Yunnan, the two stopped their cars and spent two days and one night crossing one of the world’s top ten classic hiking routes-Shangri-La Tiger Leaping Gorge. The Tiger Leaping Gorge Mountain Road is a small path made by people with their feet. One side of the road is a cliff and the other is an abyss.
  When the two were walking halfway, a horse team ran from the opposite side with a bell ringing. Xin Yan, who had never seen a big animal, instinctively made a sound of fear. When the horse “coaching”, maybe that horse likes beautiful women too, and it flicks its tail mischievously. Just when Xin Yan was about to be beaten by a ponytail, Zihe, who was walking behind her, hurried to catch up. Regardless of his own safety, he stretched out the hand that did not hold the camera and tightly grasped his woman. That kind of subconscious love is really touching.
  In August 2020, before the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Wang Zihe and Li Xinyan were established by the Shenzhen Municipal Government as a model for young people in the new era. This gave the young people great encouragement.
  Now the newlyweds have passed through Guangxi and Yunnan, and have once again entered Tibet. When they revisited the road they had ridden last year, Xin Yan said that she was a little impatient when riding last year. Fortunately, she met Zihe, who was never sullen, and it was Zihe who calmed her down. , Let her feminine side be discovered. And when he was riding last year, Zihe, who would only keep moving forward in silence, would actually sing while driving while twisting his waist in his seat. Speaking of the feelings of the husband and wife when traveling together, they said: “Traveling is to find ourselves and find each other on the road. After two years of travel, we feel more and more that we have found the right person. I + you + need to travel This world = happiness for both of us…”