“I want to pick a star and give it to you”: A romantic love sentence gains a million fortune

“I want to pick a star and give it to you!” This seemingly unattainable romantic love sentence has now been turned into reality by the Chongqing guy Lin Kui. In order to give the sky full of stars a realistic meaning and make them a romantic gift for every ordinary person, he established the “Star Association” to be the first “star seller” in China. For only a few hundred yuan, you can choose a commemorative name for your favorite planet online, and get a certificate issued by Lin Kui Company, and you are also eligible to receive a series of follow-up romantic services… this idea It touched countless people, and Lin Kui quickly gained millions of wealth!

Brainstorming: Let everyone have a planet of their own
Lin Kui is a Chongqing guy born in the 1990s. He worked in IT after graduating from university and also had an unsuccessful entrepreneurial experience. His bold idea of ​​”let ordinary people name the planet” originated from a trip.

In the summer of 2017, Lin Kui, who failed to start his own business, traveled to Chongqing Fairy Mountain to relax. One night, he was lying in his tent on the hillside and saw the stars outside. The night is as quiet as water, the mountain breeze is cool, and the stars above your head are brilliant…This beautiful scene rarely seen in modern cities deeply moved him and triggered Lin Kui’s infinite reverie about the vast universe.

The stars have always been romantic images. They are precious gifts in the universe! Lin Kui, who was looking for new entrepreneurial projects, was lying on the hillside that night and thought: Although the stars in the night sky are beautiful, they are too far away from us ordinary people. If they are all given exclusive meaning, even It is people’s “private property”, how wonderful it should be!

After the trip, Lin Kui began to check relevant information. He found that there are already many private naming agencies in European and American countries that provide people with commemorative services for naming stars. Hey, this is a lucrative business! Lin Kui couldn’t help but feel happy.

In fact, so far there are very few stars named after people, which is basically impossible. It is not easy to name an asteroid through international formal channels. Because the threshold for discovering asteroids is high, you must first prepare an astronomical telescope (equipment of more than hundreds of thousands of yuan). After confirming the discovery of a new star, you must pass various international audits before it can be recognized.

On April 10, 2015, according to the news announced by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the asteroid No. 41981 was named “Yao Beina” star. This asteroid was discovered by Hong Kong astronomy enthusiast Yang Guangyu at the end of 2000 and donated the naming rights to Yao Beina free of charge. She was introduced on the NASA website: “Yao Beina (1981-2015), a talented and courageous Chinese female singer, has won numerous awards for her accomplishments in popular music. She has a song called “The Fire of the Heart” that tells her about her. The story of fighting cancer. After tragically passing away in 2015, she donated her cornea.”

Asteroids are currently the only celestial bodies that can be named by discoverers. The Asteroid Center under the International Astronomical Union is responsible for the numbering and naming of asteroids. When you find an asteroid, you can give it a temporary number and report it to the center. The other party will check whether your asteroid has been given a tentative number before. If your asteroid has not been discovered by others, and has been observed in at least 4 returns, and the orbit can be determined very accurately, the asteroid center will give it a permanent number. As the discoverer, you will get the right to name the star and announce the name in the “Asteroid Bulletin” published by the Asteroid Center, valid for 10 years.

“Although the second private method is not recognized internationally, it is also very memorable and easy to obtain. You can name a certain asteroid you like online and get the relevant certificate.” Lin Kui said, It was with the lessons learned from some European and American commercial companies that he decided to establish China’s first company named after the stars-“Star Association”.

Behind the stars: Someone “puts” his beloved wife into the sky
After the establishment of the Star Association in August 2017, Lin Kui positioned the company to specialize in space cultural creation. In addition to providing customers with customized gifts named after planets, they also sell space-themed souvenirs. Because of limited venture capital, his small company opened in a rented house and only recruited one customer service staff. He did all the rest of the advertising and marketing, purchase and delivery, and other matters.

“There are a large number of stars in the Milky Way, and hundreds of millions of them have been discovered by humans. If there is a planet that only has a code name, if there is one that can be named by herself, give it to her sweetheart, let her look up in the night and see that one belongs to her. The stars of China are such a romantic thing!” Lin Kui’s slogan was very heart-pounding and evoked the imagination of many people, especially science fiction fans.

Friend Xiao Wu is his first customer. After seeing Lin Kui’s advertisement and online store link in WeChat Moments, Xiao Wu went in curiously, only to find that Lin Kui’s products were not just as simple as “naming the stars”. If you are willing to spend 888 yuan, customers can either name a certain asteroid they like, get a certificate issued by the “Star Association” company, and attach a star map indicating the location of the user’s star, and get an A simulation planet specially customized for it! Moreover, you will be eligible to participate in offline related activities organized by the “Star Association”…

At that time, Xiao Wu was worried about what kind of birthday present to give his girlfriend. He was a master of arts from the countryside, but his girlfriend who graduated from the same school is the daughter of a rich businessman in Chongqing. The relationship between the two was once strongly opposed by the woman’s parents because he was a “phoenix man” from a poor background. It was his affection and his girlfriend’s persistence that made their love withstand all kinds of tests.

Although Xiao Wu loves his girlfriend very much, he can’t afford to give her an expensive birthday gift. Even if the swollen face is filled with fat, a big-brand handbag or something given to her may not be able to touch that Bai Fumei’s heart. Xiao Wu was bothered by this, but found that Lin Kui’s creative gift was actually named for a star. He spent 888 yuan to name an asteroid “Yanran Star”, which was his girlfriend’s name.

Two days later, Xiao Wu got the relevant star map and naming certificate, as well as the artificial crafts of the asteroid. On the night of his girlfriend’s birthday, Xiao Wu took her hand to the riverside, pointed to a star in the sky and said to her: “Yan Ran, from tonight, the sweet star in the night sky belongs to you and to us!” Hehe, what are you kidding?” My girlfriend didn’t understand Xiao Wu’s meaning.

When she saw the simulated planet he brought and a “Yanran Star Naming Certificate”, the girl was taken aback, but she was so moved that she cried Xiao Wu with her arms around. Since childhood, she has received countless expensive and exquisite birthday gifts, but none is more romantic, atmospheric, mysterious and heart-warming than this Yanran star!

When she posted this unique birthday gift on Weibo and Moments, a lot of classmates and little sisters were envious, and they admired, “Your son Wu is so romantic, you deserve a Master of Arts!” Xiao Wu is really a generous gift to his girlfriend! “Yan Ran is extremely happy.

In the process of doing this service, Lin Kui also learned about the life stories of different people, either happiness, sadness, or regret. Some fans named a star as their idol, and gave him a certificate to express their love; some students spent 200 yuan to buy the cheapest asteroid naming rights and give it to their boyfriend who is about to take the college entrance examination. He can also become a shining star in the night sky! Someone wants to give this special gift to a child who is about to be born…

One of the most memorable things for Lin Kui was when he was preparing for the naming work, he found that the object data provided by the other party was a bit strange. After understanding, he knew that the other party’s wife had passed away. The buyer wants to leave his wife in the sky forever by naming an asteroid. When he looks up to the sky every night, he can still feel that his wife has not left yet, but in a different way. Watching silently and accompanying him and the child.

“This makes me realize that what I am doing is giving others more things: a long-term thought, the strength in people’s hearts, the courage to face life…I can help many people in this way, I have also gained touching happiness time and time again!” Lin Kui said emotionally.

Millions a year: sell creative but also sell service
The way to buy the name of the planet on the Internet is very simple: Lin Kui uses the database to make sales. Buyers only need to consider who they want to name and their constellation, and then edit a message, such as “Take this shining star For the most special you”, it can also be your mood when you named this star, or a blessing.

After preparing these small materials, you can open the Star Association official website or their online store, and submit the information for payment. The general audit time is 24 hours, and the time to receive the certificate is 2-3 days. After that, you can see the customized information of your star, its coordinates in the universe, physical map and other information on the dedicated website and App.

Entering Lin Kui’s Star Association website or online store, on the purchase page, there are thousands of baby reviews. Many buyers leave a message saying “It’s so romantic, a most special shopping experience”, and many people say “The boss does after-sales service. That’s great!”

That’s right, even though he sells creative products, Lin Kui also attaches great importance to “after-sales service”, rather than imitating his online sellers who just want to make quick money and ignore customers. This is also the main reason why Lin Kui is able to make the business of “naming the stars” bigger and bigger, while those colleagues who copied his brain to start a business have very ordinary business.

In order to enhance customers’ sense of use, the Star Association launched a series of romantic activities after users named the stars. Lin Kui believes that there is a touching story behind every piece of data, whether it is love, friendship, family affection, or the most important moment in your life. Since the customer chooses to let the Star Association to witness, he must continue this story Go down.

Therefore, Lin Kui decides to publish a book “Star Association” in November every year. The content of the book is mainly about some knowledge of astronomy and the customer’s “star shopping story”, and writes the beauty witnessed by the Star Association into the book, and Distributed to various libraries!

Imagine that no matter who you named the star at the time, one day after many years, you read your own story in the library casually, maybe that was your first confession, or right There is something special for you… Anyway, full of memories emerge, this feeling is extraordinary!

If you want users to feel more comfortable, publishing books is not enough. Every few months, Lin Kui will also create cultural exhibitions with the theme of stars in first-tier cities such as Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and invite mid- to high-end buyers (from 888 yuan at the Star Association) to bring them The person they love the most, to experience this romantic event. It is not only a salon for astronomy lovers, a paradise for romantics, but also the best place to propose and confess.

When you bring TA to the exhibition, you see the star you named TA back then, and you recall your beautiful moments together under the romantic starry sky; when you kneel down to woo your sweetheart, the like-minded people around you, They would applaud and booze with kindness and say “together, to be together”… what a fascinating scene!

In fact, the “star naming rights” currently sold on the Internet do not conflict with the scientific community. Lin Kui names the planets in a large database and treats each asteroid as a symbolic gift. “In this way, we want to allow buyers to express their romantic love and convey the importance and special emotions to the recipient. What we value is the commemorative meaning behind the naming.” Lin Kui said.

In addition, the Star Association also cooperates with many data storage organizations to store the data of every customer who purchases stars in the database for free. For example, the number and name of the star you bought, who you gave it to, what was your mood at the time, who you took to participate in the cultural exhibition activities of the Association of Stars, etc… There are many beautiful moments in life, but how many can you keep? What? And Lin Kui’s company will keep this beauty of every user forever, no matter how much money you spend in his home. When necessary, he can also call out the relevant information that the buyer named the stars at any time, help them make a beautiful booklet and send it to me as a souvenir.

In 2019, Lin Kui’s business of “selling stars” has won a good reputation, and his monthly sales have risen to more than 50,000 yuan!

At the beginning of 2020, he entered short video platforms such as Douyin again, and gained popularity by playing some short films such as the exploration of the universe, and then continued to sell the “name the stars” service on the platform, as well as smart globes that can be connected to mobile phones, and home use Related products such as entry-level astronomical telescopes.

Today, half a year later, Lin Kui’s monthly income is approaching 50,000 yuan only on the mobile short video platform! Coupled with the combined sales of his company’s website and online store, the annual revenue has already exceeded 1 million!

Although in the business world, Lin Kui is a man of affection and has never forgotten his sense of social responsibility. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, many people contacted him to “buy stars” in memory of their relatives, friends and colleagues who have passed away. When encountering such customers, Lin Kui will give them a lot of discounts, and even provide medical staff with free naming services. In addition, he donated a donation to Wuhan in a low-key manner.

Nowadays, in addition to selling stars and space-themed supplies through e-commerce platforms, Lin Kui’s company has also recruited some aerospace fan college graduates, who are specifically responsible for the planning of space and science fiction themed events, as well as the design and implementation of space exhibitions. This new business has brought considerable benefits to his company.

In July 2020, Lin Kui bought a riverside apartment in the bustling area of ​​Chongqing. Sitting in a newly renovated study room, looking at the charming Jialing River outside the window, he summed up his entrepreneurial experience like this: “It’s not that you can’t start a company and become a boss if you don’t have capital or products. If you do, the sky full of stars can become your own wealth!”