I love you with a long wind, I have you

  My friend asked me to go to Shanghai Disneyland to play. When I went to the high-speed rail station to buy tickets, my mother was on the sidelines and said to me in a semi-begging tone: “I will go with you, I can help you with your luggage.” Simply refused like a spring of touch, and quickly flicked at her without thinking.

  In the early morning, the sky glowed with beautiful fish belly, like a child who had not opened his eyes, hiding behind a thick cloud. Before embarking on the train to Shanghai, my mother told me that the temperature of the mother’s love would burn me, and I just wanted to escape. I was imprisoned every day when she set a good life track for me, and I threw thousands of flowers in my heart when I was about to flee to Shanghai.
  The moment the coordinates landed in Shanghai, I started a long journey away. Sitting on the brisk subway, drifting around the corner of the city, looking at the trendy and prosperous city streets, the mood is simply good. The barometer of life, after experiencing the frustration of being immersed in reading every day, on a certain day in July, after a bitter wash, suddenly all became sunny.
  At night, he dropped heavy luggage, and I surrendered to the tired, and lay on the bed motionless. My mother’s WeChat broke into the room at a quiet moment: “Mao Bao, have fun? Have to eat well, don’t be afraid to spend money, and the most important thing is to be happy outside.” I can feel that share across the screen The temperature hit. I was tapping the buttons lazily, and she on the phone must be expecting my reply. “Mom, the sky in Shanghai is so blue, just like applying freshener on it.” I described to her with relish the place she had never touched that she could only paint hard in her mind. She replied a few smiles in a second, as if the blue sky were in her mind at the moment, alive.

  Coming home from Shanghai, I was the last passenger on that train to get out of the platform. The sun in midsummer is like a beast of flood water. When it is spread, people are like the freshly cooked pork belly on the grill, which is saturated with greasy juice. The mother stood on the side of the fence, with a large sweat bead on her head, and looked fiercely at the exit. My figure always affected every change of light in her eyes.
  My mother led me out of the square in front of the station, and asked me everything about Shanghai, and the car was in a hurry. I was obviously quite upset about her questioning. We didn’t go home, the taxi swished twice, raised a light dust, and stopped at the door of the cousin’s house. The car stopped, facing me tired and shrunk, she and Yan Yuesai said: “Your sister and Yangyang miss you, let’s have a meal, my mother will take you home to rest.” I tried to drag myself The tired body slowly moved down from the seat, suppressing the emotions that would fill his face.
  When I went to my cousin’s house, I was responsible for playing with my nephew Yangyang. My mother plunged into the kitchen and started the most intimate contact with the cooking fumes. My cousin, who came back from get off work, ridiculed me when I saw black charcoal.
  At the end of the conversation, Yang Yang tugged at my clothes corner and shouted to drink Wangzi milk. I had to get him. When I walked to the kitchen, I stumbled, and through the slight gap in the refrigerator, I saw my mother’s expression full, using the most infectious words to tell my aunt everything about Shanghai, the place she had never been to The rich words accumulated in ten years of life, like the gourds and scoops, worked hard together according to the words and words I told her in my heart. The aunt on the side was attracted by her wonderful description, and after shouting with excitement, she must take her cousin to Shanghai to see.
  I looked at my mother’s disguised expression, and I felt a bit of bitterness in my heart. Large tears jumped thousands of miles like the Yellow River waiting for the opportunity. How blue the sky is, she never knew it in her narrow mind, she just imagined it based on the words and phrases I conveyed.

  The family gathered next to the steaming hotpot chicken, ready to eat. Occasionally, my mother and father talked about me again. She was like the bowl of chicken soup that is everywhere in my life, always replenishing energy for me. The postgraduate entrance examination failed in World War I, and suffered from World War II at home. He always lay on the tormented hot kang, and vowed to resist the hot pressure. Eating the chicken cooked in the pot, she didn’t know what emotions were fermenting. She glanced at her father. The two seemed to be fighting each other. Their eyes were fixed on me, and they said, “Mao Bao, you must fight this year. As long as you Being able to be admitted to graduate school and stepping onto this new ladder, I will be able to walk with confidence no matter where I go and your dad.” I dare not look up, let alone look at her, my face was flushed and my head was like an iron ball , Rubbing into the bowl without limit, the heat from the pot kept pouring into my eyes, and the tears turned straight.
  Afterwards, climbing on the long postgraduate entrance examination, my mother was always like a superman, shuttled between the gaps of my learning time, competing to send me the knowledge in the book every second, and on her successful learning road, told me to cherish one by one Drop time is the key to winning. Today, she changed from being a learner of five rich cars to being a teacher, she still chose to be down-to-earth. Without overnight success, she can’t embrace the bright future empty-handed. She keeps conveying this eternal truth to me in her life.
  My path to postgraduate study was accompanied by my mother, and seemed to be more calm than others. I haven’t walked so hard because I know that in this world, someone will stay with me forever, she will share the pressure for me, and she will make progress together with me until the spring is blooming.
  The final result of this postgraduate examination is still a long row of question marks in my life, but I must go all out. Because, I am not alone. Through the heat of summer, the sorrow of autumn, and the winter’s sizzle, the efforts will surely be full of fruits. Next summer, I will take my mother to Shanghai and go further. I want to stand in front of her and hear her say to me: “The sky here is so blue!”