Husband who is second married, you are not a rat

Liao Dan and Xiang Shang are both married. She took her daughter and was only 5 years old; he took his son and was 11 years old. She divorced, her ex-husband was addicted to gambling and domestic violence; he was widowed and his wife died in a car accident 5 years ago.

Liao Dan is a Chinese herbal medicine research and development engineer. He looks beautiful and gentle. Two years ago, she and Xiang Shang’s mother lived in the same ward, and both of them had work to be busy, so they took turns taking care of the division of labor under the proposal of the old people. Slowly, the two mothers fell in love with each other’s children, sturdy enough to try to match them together.

Liao Dan never agreed, she always said it was good to take her daughter alone, and did not want to remarry. “Two families, two children who were originally strange, integrated under one roof, tired of thinking about it.”

Xiang Shang persuaded her: “If the two mothers are hospitalized, how can we be so easy if we do not cooperate? The same is true for living, and the benefits of cooperation must outweigh the trouble.” After a month, Liao Dan finally agreed to try again. She dragged the word “try” to a long length, making Xiang Shang feel like she was a big white rat, and she used it as an experiment.

After marriage, Liao Dan’s classmates celebrated their birthday and Xiang Shang followed. After dinner, a group of men gathered on the roof to chat, and inadvertently chatted to Liao Dan’s house. A male student said that Liao Dan had a vision and bought the house by himself shortly after work. After the divorce, he bought another one. Both of the two suites were in a good location. He also said that Liao Dan was very independent.

Hearing this, Xiang Shang couldn’t help but “chuck”. Before getting married, Liao Dan proposed to sign a prenuptial agreement with him, saying that both houses were given to his daughter Xiaoxiao by the ex-husband’s house. But now it seems that this is Liao Dan’s excuse.

In the evening, the son of Xiao Xiao and Xiang Shang Xiang Xiang played in the living room. Xiao Xiao’s suspender skirt slipped down and Xiang Hao was about to help her wear it. Blocked the good. Since then, Xiang Hao has always been far away from Xiao Xiao. Xiang Shang asked him to take his sister for fun and said wrongly: “She is not my sister, her mother doesn’t like me playing with her.”

Back to the room, Xiang Shang said to Liao Dan euphemistically: “You don’t seem to like Xiang Hao to play with Xiao Xiao.” Liao Dan smiled and said, “Xian Hao is adolescent right away, and Xiao Xiao is not related to Xiao Xiao after all, I I think it’s better to pay attention.”

In fact, Liao Dan takes good care of Xiang Xiang, tutors his homework very patiently, and takes care of his tastes as far as possible, and actively participates in activities in the children’s class. If you think about it seriously, Liao Dan’s worry is also reasonable, but Xiang Shang just feels awkward. They are not like a family, and the two children sometimes seem at a loss. Thinking of the lie about the house again, Xiang Shang felt that his marriage was full of strangeness.

One night, Xiang Shang carried the astronomical telescope and led the two children to the top of the building to watch the stars. Liao Dan silently followed. Suddenly, Xiao Xiao stood in front of the telescope and shouted: “Mom, look, Ferris wheel. Last time my dad went to sit with us.” Liao Dan frowned, and immediately walked away with the child, leaving Xiang Shang and his son Dazed on the roof.

In the evening, Xiang Shang asked whether Liao Dan could not forget Xiao Xiao’s father, Liao Dan shook his head. Xiang Shang sighed and said, “In fact, living together for so long, it is normal to forget. When I say something in my heart, I often think of Xianghao’s mother involuntarily.” Liao Dan looked at Xiang Shang for a long time, and said, “Actually It’s not that he can’t forget him. On the contrary, he’s trying to erase those pasts, but he always comes up with various memories and is a little depressed.” “So you have been unhappy?” “Somehow, you can’t be happy.” “ Would you like down-to-earth happiness?” “Uh!” “I want to give you down-to-earth happiness, and also want to give our home down-to-earth happiness.” In the dark, whispered to Shang, the room was quiet, and Liao Dan heard Clearly, intuition told him that what he said was his heart.

A few days later, Xiang Shang said to Liao Dan: “Let’s change the whole family’s life in the city.” “Where to go?” “Hangzhou.” When choosing Hangzhou from major cities, Xiang Shang was thoughtful. Hangzhou is not far from the city they currently live in, Nanjing. The high-speed rail is more than an hour’s drive. Life habits will not change much. Children adapt quickly, and the elderly can travel easily. In addition, he once heard that Liao Dan said that she went to Hangzhou several times for business trips and had a good impression there. The first big egg in her workplace was picked in Hangzhou. In addition, more importantly, there are few relatives and acquaintances in Hangzhou. They can start a new life without being disturbed by the past. Xiang Shang has been in contact with headhunters in Hangzhou, and their couple should be able to find the ideal job in a relatively fast time.

After introducing these, Xiang Shang looked at Liao Dan with some surprised expressions and said, “Let’s take the children to elope once, to draw away from all the past, choose a city and be a family that loves each other.” Liao Dan only I felt a ray of sunshine in my frosted heart. This man was willing to give up everything he had been familiar with for decades for this half-way home, and to start from his hometown and start again. Why can’t he cater to him once? She decided to give it a try. After being silent for dozens of seconds, Liao Dan looked at Xiang Shang and solemnly said, “Okay!”

Two months later, Xiang Shang and Liao Dan settled in Hangzhou with two children. Xiang Shang rented a first-floor house with a courtyard in front of him. He built a swing for the children and built a flower pond. He set the dining table in the courtyard, Liao Dan cut vegetables, he was in charge, the couple smiled at each other, and a new life began.

After changing to a new environment, it is inevitable that I will not be able to adapt. I will discuss with Shang Shang and Liao Dan. Even if I am busy working, I have to go home for dinner. After dinner, they will talk about their own situation and encounter problems. The adult guides the child. The child can also advise the adult, and they are all happy. They will also hold family dinners on weekends, invite friends, colleagues, children and classmates to live together, and slowly establish a new network of contacts.

Several unpleasant episodes appeared in Liao Dan’s work. Xiang Shang gave her advice and accompanied her to resolve it calmly; after Xiang Shang arrived in Hangzhou, he had a little physical problem. Liao Dan and his two children took good care of her. In this way, after a half-year adaptation period, the family feels that life has really turned a new page. Xiang Shang said that blind date can not only be down to earth, but also romantic. He searched for various ways to travel around, he would take Liao Dan and the children to go through one by one. For example, on the weekend of late autumn, choose the trail to Tianzhu Mountain. The jungle is mottled and picturesque along the way. You can also encounter bird nests and wild fruits. On rainy days, the family takes snacks to sit on the top of the mountain behind Faxi Temple to see Xixi Look at the village in the wetland; if it snows, it is even better. The four people happily go to the Lingfeng Temple to find plums, go to the snow in the Santai Mountain to enjoy the snow, and go to the Quyuan Wind Lotus on the West Lake to knock ice…

Two years after arriving in Hangzhou, Xiang Shang took out all his savings and prepared to buy a house. Liao Dan quietly sold a suite in Nanjing and gave Xiang Shang money. He said embarrassedly, “In fact, the house is my own, not Grandma Xiaoxiao gave it.” Xiang Shang said: “I knew it before I came to Hangzhou.” Liao Dan froze and added to Shang Shang mischievously: “You forgot? I’m a cunning rat of Chinese medicine.” Dan smiled, with tears in his eyes. Xiang Shang wiped his wife’s tears lightly and thought to herself, now, he is finally no longer a rat.

A few months later, they moved to a new home. In order to renovate, the family worked hard, and finally they all had a room they were satisfied with, and a large terrace extended to the top of the tree. The two children stood on the terrace and chanted Song Ci, carrying them on their backs. Xiao Xiao said: “Brother, did you find out that Li Qingzhao is an alcoholic? Xiang Xiangxiao: “It’s true that the secret of nearly a thousand years ago was also discovered by our family Xiao Xiao.” The family couldn’t help laughing.

At night, on the bed of the new house, Liao Dan approached Xiang Shang and said softly: “I feel very happy and very happy.” Xiang Shang embraced his wife and said, “I also feel very happy and very happy.”