How to exercise science if you have Parkinson’s disease

  Exercise can help relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease patients, improve exercise capacity, and prevent cognitive decline. The question is what form of exercise is suitable for people with Parkinson’s disease? How to determine the optimal exercise intensity, the duration of each exercise, and the number of exercises per week?
  According to the development of exercise prescription illness
  disease vary widely Parkinson’s disease, require individualized analysis, based on the patient’s condition, a variety of factors such as age, health, previous athletic abilities to judge how reasonable comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation.
  The principle of exercise for patients with Parkinson’s disease is to avoid excessive exercise load, exercise time should not be too long, pay attention to control heart rate, strengthen protection during exercise, and avoid falls and other traumas. Warm-up time should be guaranteed, and moderate massage should be done after exercise.
  Exercise is generally recommended when the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are relatively mild. Therefore, exercise should be well connected with drug therapy, and exercise under the premise that drug therapy is in place can get twice the result with half the effort. Relying solely on exercise, drug treatment is unreasonable, the effect will be counterproductive.
  Patients with early Parkinson’s exercise prescription
  patients at this stage may be low-intensity aerobic exercise, stretching exercises, balance exercise, exercise time is generally about half an hour is appropriate (not recommended for more than 1 hour), exercise number of times per week 3 to 5 times is appropriate.
  Exercise forms include walking, brisk walking, jogging, alternate walking and running, cycling, and non-violent ball games. For early-stage elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease, soothing stretching exercises are more suitable. Tai Chi and yoga can be chosen. Studies have confirmed that Tai Chi and yoga are suitable for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Group exercises such as aerobics can improve exercise capacity and regulate emotions, and are also recommended exercise methods.
  Exercise Prescription mid Parkinson’s disease
  at this stage Parkinson’s disease patients have a diminished ability to balance the trend in the movement should pay special attention to avoid falls and injuries. Exercise load should be strictly controlled, and the duration should not be too long. Exercise 2 to 3 times a week.
  If you have a good balance ability, you can choose to walk, brisk walking, Tai Chi and yoga. If your balance is weakened, you can walk slowly under proper protection and do rehabilitation exercises focusing on the upper limbs, etc. Rehabilitation experts recommend that these patients do freehand or low-impedance, low-weight-bearing limb stretching exercises and balance exercises.
  Exercise Prescription of advanced Parkinson’s disease
  patients in this period should aid rehabilitation division or family members, there were protective of balance training, walking training, upper standing exercises, stretching exercises and other limbs in bed. During exercise, you can moderately stretch muscles and move joints, which helps to avoid limb contractures and slow down the deterioration of sports functions. Patients can perform active exercises or passive exercises. Pay attention to the changes in the condition during exercise, and monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and other indicators if necessary.

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