How should we treat disease

  Recently, I received a consultation call from an old gentleman. He is 61 years old this year, and just about to enjoy his retirement life, he fell on the bed with a waist and leg disease for more than a month. Although my condition has improved, I am still inconvenient to move. I have to lie in bed most of the time. In addition, seeing that many elderly people around me have various physical problems, I feel a little depressed, and sometimes lose their temper to their family members. He wanted to ask me how I treat the disease.
  I told him that this should start from my experience of illness.
  My disease is more troublesome: First of all, according to the doctor, it may not be cured for a long time, it may be paraplegic for life, and it may be life-threatening. Furthermore, the trouble that is more life-threatening is that this disease requires long-term bed rest, and that period of time is really tormenting. But in the end after hundreds of days and nights, I finally lay down, sat up again, stood up, walked, and came back to life. How did I get better? Speaking of it, there are so many aids, but the most crucial secret of recovery is 4 words-treat the disease from the heart.
  When an illness comes, of course, you first need to see a doctor. You should take medicine and take medicine, infusion, surgery, and in a word, you can treat what you should do. To treat diseases from the heart means to treat diseases even more to treat the heart. If you fall ill, your heart will not fall. Work hard on psychological adjustment to stimulate your own positive mind and vitality to improve curative effect and promote recovery. In other words, treating diseases is like building a tower. Treating diseases from the heart is to build the spire, and treating diseases from the heart is to build the tower base and body. Only with a solid tower base and a solid tower body can there be a strong spire. Clinically, there are some patients with the same condition who use the same therapy, but the effect is far different. There are many reasons for this, but the key is that the mentality is different, and the effort to treat diseases from the heart is different.
  Treating diseases from the heart sounds very mysterious, but in fact there are many practical methods-
  re-recognition of diseases: disease is a disaster in life, but at the same time it is an opportunity in life. Diseases are here to advise us to take active actions to improve lives. It not only allows us to know ourselves physically, but also allows us to know ourselves spiritually, so as to better improve ourselves and obtain the source of inner strength for complete recovery.
  Brave responsibility: The responsibility of a seriously ill person is first manifested in not forgetting their own responsibilities, but also manifested in the calmness and calmness in the face of the disease, and even more manifested in the effort to be a normal patient. With this responsibility, there will be a source of life, and with a steady flow of vitality, there will also be God’s blessing and protection.
  Treating illness as a friend: With illness as an enemy every day, how can your heart be calm and stable? Struggle with the disease from time to time, I am afraid that if you don’t need the disease to toss you, you will toss yourself down. Therefore, treat the sick like a friend and live in harmony with the disease.
  Positive thinking: Our body is closely related to thinking, and the way of thinking affects the function of the immune system. As long as we improve our way of thinking, we can improve our immune system and our lives. A person who is used to positive thinking will have the best psychological immunity.
  Will training: tenacious willpower is the most important blind medicine for recovery. Will is not only the psychological quality of rigidity, but also the psychological quality of resilience. It is not only brave and strong and spirited, but also perseverance and perseverance.
  Rehabilitation dialogue: Every one of our hearts is an instruction to the body. Each cell of the body will make corresponding physiological responses according to this instruction. Therefore, people who suffer from illness should engage in active self-healing dialogues and continuously input instructions for rehabilitation. In this way, our body will really recover step by step.