Looking for Page

  The story takes place in a small mountain village in the North China Plain.
  ”Hey, every day, when will you come back? Tell your grandpa, what do you need, grandpa prepares it for you. Paige? What is Paige?” Li Yubao’s phone was hung up by his grandson because the old mobile phone had a bad signal. Too.
  In the dim light, Li Yubao was wearing presbyopic glasses, squinting, while rummaging through a dilapidated Xinhua dictionary, while murmuring: “Peggy, wearing, and breeding …”
  ”Come here, children, grandpa asked You have something to do, what is Paige? “Li Yubao asked after a group of children playing games. “I won’t tell you, I won’t tell you.” The little guys ran away without a trace.
  Li Yubao came to the only shop in the village to take luck. The female boss took out a bottle of hair conditioner and asked him if he wanted it, only to see the big two words-Peggy.
  A group of people at the village entrance was playing chess, and Li Yubao used to ask for help. A chess friend replied: “I know Peiqi, but I haven’t played it. It seems to be similar to checkers.”
  Finally, at the dinner table where a few buddies were drinking and chatting, Li Yubao heard that the wife of the next brother was in Beijing As a babysitter, you should know what Page is. Sure enough, she told Li Yubao: “Pec that is fake, the one in the cartoon looks like this.” Then, she shook the blower in her hand.
  In the blink of an eye, it was the Lunar New Year, the sound of firecrackers outside the window, and the room was steaming. The son Dawei took his daughter-in-law and grandson home, and the family sat at the dining table with happiness. “This is the mushroom I picked for you, this is the jujube I picked for you, this is the gift I gave to my grandson …” Li Yubao sacked the bag on the table, and finally took it out of the snakeskin bag Something carefully wrapped in a red cloth. Everyone put their eyes on the light, and saw the red cloth open, and a pink “page” transformed from the blower appeared.
  This is the bridge segment in the movie “What is Peggy” filmed by director Zhang Dapeng, and it was dominated by the night because of its strong affection. Paige, in the heart of this simple rural grandfather, is no longer just an animated character, but he spent several days and nights alone tapping, welding, painting, and creating treasures with his own hands. Because for him living alone, Page needs to wait a whole year to see his loved ones once.
  What is Paige? Paige is the moon in the sky. If the child wants it, the parents and grandparents will give it, and they are willing to give it, and do everything possible-because the child is the only audience for the rest of his life. As an “audience”, paying money or giving gifts is indeed a good expression, but the most important thing is warm companionship. In fact, at some moments, we are all looking for “page”, looking for the most selfless love that only family can give us.