Height of soul

  Michelle Patriciano, master of French jazz piano, the most famous “little giant” in the history of piano in the world. Because of osteogenesis imperfecta, he was less than 1 meter tall throughout his life.
  He spent his entire childhood at home, accompanied by his parents and two older brothers, and a jazz band rehearsing with his guitarist father every day. At the age of 7, he watched a piano concert and was fascinated by it. When his father carried the 88-key piano into his house, he climbed onto the piano stool and played a complete jazz that his father often listened to. From pitch to rhythm, there is nothing wrong.
  After that, he practiced piano for ten hours a day, from classical to jazz, and persisted for 7 years.
  The first appearance was very dramatic. In 1979, Jazz trumpet master Clark Terry and his band toured Europe. At the music festival in Cliuscra, France, a crowd of people waiting for the audience waited, but the keyboard player of the band did not arrive. Terry asked the audience after soloing a few singles: “Is there anyone who can replace our keyboard player?” At the age of 17, he was held on stage by his father. He sat on the piano bench like a five Six year old child.
  Terry smiled helplessly: “Then let’s have a children’s song.” Terry blew a few simple notes, but did not expect Michelle to improvise. He not only knows every song of Terry, but also plays on the basis of the original version, and the stage and the stage boil.
  Countless agents and jazz masters have sent an invitation to this new star, hoping to cooperate with him. However, his father refused to go out because of health problems. At that time, his condition was getting worse, his legs were stiff and he could not walk freely. But if he doesn’t go on stage, he will always be just a dwarf locked in the house. The red jazz drummer Lomano became his Bole, and every few days Lomano came to his house to persuade Michelle’s father to give this little genius maximum freedom. From Paris to New York, he became popular all over the world in more than ten years. He played jazz as rigorously and precisely as he did with classical music, and used his pair of hands with less than an octave key width to play a gyro-like vitality. Looking closely at the DVD of his live performance, it is not difficult to find that his left hand has been deformed, his palms and wrists are tilted inwards, and even climbing up the piano stool is not so easy. He said: “… The audience for the first time to hear me play, often based on curiosity, but most people will come back, it is purely for listening to my music if I’m really tall, that is short sake of”
  countless ‘S invitation, 220 concerts a year, sales of hundreds of thousands of records that broke the jazz record … He created a miracle, and it is also the most precious memory of the jazz kingdom in the last 20 years of the 20th century. With his reputation growing, he still practiced piano every day until he broke his phalanx on the piano and even came to death. On January 6, 1999, he died of pneumonia in Manhattan, New York at the age of 37.

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