Healing two generations with love, British gorilla has a soft heart

   In March 2022, a “net red” golden snub-nosed monkey in Baoji, Shaanxi Province was sent to a wildlife rescue base for rehabilitation treatment because of the enthusiasm of tourists. This phenomenon quickly attracted the attention of netizens, and people discussed how to properly care for wild animals. In fact, what wild animals need is not “safe food and clothing in the fence”. British billionaire Damian and his orangutan companions have confirmed this to people with their own legendary stories…
  Breaking the “fence”
  to establish an animal base
   1960 Damian was born in a wealthy family of businessmen in England. Although his family was well-off, Damian was not happy as a child.
   Because my father is busy with business, he rarely takes care of his family. Occasionally when he goes home, he often frowns and is reticent. The young Damian never felt his father’s closeness. What he remembers most is that his parents made a big noise when they disagreed. Before slamming the door and leaving, his father once viciously confronted Damian who was curled up in the corner. An roared: “You’d better go and study hard! After I die, don’t think about inheriting a penny. If you want to fill your stomach, go and support yourself!”
   These heart-piercing words were undoubtedly great for young Damian. harm. The messy home and the mother’s sad tears interweave to form Damian’s fragmented childhood. When he was 6 years old, his mother was finally unbearable and ended the marriage that brought her infinite pain.
   After the mother left, the father had no time to take care of Damian. Although he arranged for his servants to buy Damian a lot of toys and snacks, he never chatted with his son, much less understood his inner needs. Damian, who wears famous brands and has no worries about food and clothing, always feels that there is a fence between himself and his father, and they can never enter each other’s world.
   Damian’s father likes animals and established a wildlife foundation in his early years to treat and adopt tigers, lions, gorillas, giraffes and other wild animals. Damian also likes animals very much, and often goes to play at his father’s zoo, where dozens of naive silverback gorillas are his best playmates. He often imitates the orangutan beating his chest and baring his teeth, and imitates the gorilla walking on his hands and feet. His antics always elicit laughter from the keepers. Laughing and laughing, they will sympathize with Damian again, because he is not accompanied by his parents and always goes to the zoo alone to relieve his loneliness.
   At that time, Damian liked a little orangutan, only a few months old, and named it Chubby. Once, Damian greeted the gorilla while hugging Cupid. The breeder on the side asked him in surprise: “Hey, Damian, what did you just call that gorilla? Uncle?”
   “Yeah, it’s my good friend Chubby’s dad, shouldn’t it be called Uncle?” Damian answered. In his heart, these orangutans who grew up with him are like family.
   In the company of animals, Damian gradually grew up. After graduating from university, he went to the society, doing internships, part-time jobs, and sales… After years of hard work, he finally got rich rewards. However, when his hotel and entertainment complex business took off, the man who had enveloped his entire childhood with violent rants suddenly fell ill.
   In 2000, Damian’s father died of illness. Damian burst into tears when he saw his father’s will. The grumpy father who once said, “Don’t ever inherit a penny from me,” left him the entire foundation with a large sum of money attached.
   “I want to leave my favorite animals to my favorite son. Although this kid doesn’t like me, he is a young man who strives to make progress. He can use this legacy to protect these animals.”
   Damian Weeping at the will. It was only now that he understood that his father had been growing up with him with a unique and silent love, but this love was cut apart by the “fence” set up by his father, which Damian had never felt for decades.
   “I will protect these animals, but first, I must break the ‘fence’!”
   Through years of company interaction with orangutans, Damian knows what wildlife really aspires to. He believes that the real way to protect wild animals is not to keep them in enclosures to provide food and drink, but to allow them to return to the vastness of nature.
   Therefore, Damian invited a large number of experts to transform the animal shelter at home into a “wild animal rescue and release base”. Here, wild animals will be sent back to nature after systematic wild training to experience the survival competition of chasing and hunting!   With the help of animal experts, many animals that have been injured, trapped
   or abandoned have been properly resettled—they were sent to wild bases in Africa, and after a period of training, the evaluation decided Whether to continue training or let it go.    In the spring of 2001, Damian was sitting on the grass to rest, and when he looked up, he saw a thin little orangutan being picked up by the staff. It looked like it was only a few months old. The small frightened eyes and awkward movements immediately excited him. From Damian’s pity.    “Poor little guy!” Damian took the little orangutan gently and greeted it by blowing lightly into its eyes. The little orangutan narrowed his eyes shyly, and his furry little head arched hard into Damian’s arms.    In the days that followed, Damian took care of the cute little orangutan personally. He named the orangutan “Kuibi” and not only paid attention to its eating and drinking every day, but also played with it often.    Under Damian’s meticulous care, Quibi quickly grew into a large, powerful gorilla. But it is still keen to play the game of “eye blowing” with Damian, as it did when it was a child. Whenever Damian gets close to Quibi and blows gently at him, Quibi will always close his eyes in cooperation, and the intoxicated expression on his face will make Damian and the breeder laugh.    Quibi always likes to follow Damian’s back, pacing slowly like him. Sometimes, Damian picked a leaf from a nearby branch and chewed on half of it, and Quibi did the same, pulling a leaf into his mouth and chewing with relish.

   The good times are always fleeting. In 2005, the 5-year-old Quibi successfully passed the wild training and was about to leave the base to survive in the wild. In the past few years, so many animals have been released, only for Quibi, Damian has an infinite reluctance –
   “Being with him, I can slowly bring out the cowardly self in my childhood memory, at that time I was like A poor little orangutan who can only pray across the fence to be loved…” Damian stroked Quibiu’s thick black hair and couldn’t help but redden his eyes.
   Even with all the reluctance in his heart, Damian decided to let it go back to nature. After careful preparation, Quibi was sent to the virgin forests of Gabon, Africa, which is the habitat of gorillas and has a complete biosphere that has not been destroyed by humans. Quibi is basically free from natural enemies there.
   Despite this, Damian still left staff in the local area to keep an eye on Quibi’s life and give timely feedback to him in the UK.
   It didn’t take long for the staff to report to Damian happily that Quibi is very adaptable to the environment of the virgin forest, and after wild training, it is quite capable, and can always find food quickly.

   Damian was so relieved that he even opened a bottle of vodka and hummed a little tune with a glass in hand.
   But it didn’t take long for the Gabon staff to send back a message saying that Quibi was in love. In order to compete for his girlfriend, it often fights with a male gorilla. The scene of the two big men fighting fiercely is really scary…
   This news made Damian panic instantly. He had trouble sleeping and eating, and had nightmares for several days. I dreamed that Quibi was beaten and scarred…
   Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Damian to receive new news: the capable Quibi not only became the leader of the forest, but also married three wives!
   Excited, Damian picked up his 5-year-old daughter Sally and turned around several times.
   Sally laughed, then said to Damian , “Dad, you can’t just focus on Quibi. It’s been a long time since you took me out, and I miss Mommy…” Thinking of it, it has been two days since his wife quarreled with him and ran away from home in a fit of rage. Damian felt very guilty about his daughter’s lonely look. Although he struggled to maintain a happy family, the disagreement between his wife and him in his career made Damian exhausted both physically and mentally.
   Five years later, Damian finally, like his parents, was forced to divorce. The wife dragged the luggage away, leaving Damian with only her daughter Sally, who wept day and night, and a career facing all kinds of difficulties.
   The helpless Damian could only get drunk every night, but his daughter’s tears brought him back to reality again and again. Seeing that Sally, who used to be lively and cheerful, became cowardly and inferior, Damian was very distressed, so she had to buy all kinds of expensive and gorgeous clothes in order to get her daughter’s smile back.
   But that didn’t make Sally happy. Finally one day, 10-year-old Sally cried and threw away the unopened toys and clothes, beating her father with her tender hands: “These can’t make me happy at all! You don’t understand what I want What!”
   Damian was upset by his daughter’s cry, and at that moment, a lot of images suddenly appeared in his mind, the most clear was the boy who played with the orangutan since he was a child, and the time when Quibi was first brought here. terrified look!
   Damian was silent for a moment, looking at his daughter’s thin figure, he suddenly realized that he had inadvertently followed his father’s old path!
   “Sally, my baby, it’s my father’s fault…”
   After a long talk with her daughter all night, Damian finally understood Sally’s pain and hope. During this process, he thought of Quibi countless times and missed the infinite power that his honest and honest partner brought him.
   Damian decides to travel to Africa to find Quibi.
   People who didn’t have the same experience couldn’t understand Damian’s stubbornness. Friends around him could not persuade Damian, so they could only appoint four gun-toting bodyguards for him, and repeatedly explained his precautions.
   “Kuibi has been out of human society for 5 years, and it’s a beast now! You’re taking your life to give it snacks!”
   “Bring more food, if it doesn’t recognize you, at least it can get it from these foods.
   In the summer of 2010, after saying goodbye to uneasy relatives and friends, Damian and his staff came to Gabon, Africa, and drove a boat along the river to find Quibi’s territory .
   Damian looked around for Quibi’s figure, but heard a roar from the other side, and when he looked closely, it was Quibi, who was fully alert and viciously standing on the edge of the jungle, issuing a threatening warning to these uninvited guests!
   “Quibe, it’s me!”
   Damian’s eyes immediately filled with tears. I haven’t seen him in five years, the “partner” he has been thinking about day and night is right in front of him, but he doesn’t recognize him! Damian seemed to remember something, like when they first met, he sat sideways on the grass not far away, smiled slightly, and turned his head to one side.
   The staff around him couldn’t help but sweat. If Quibi thought Damian was provoking, he could rush over and tear him apart in minutes!
   Unexpectedly, Damian’s action made Quibi, who was anxious and roaring, quiet down. It stared straight at the man in front of it with wide eyes, and suddenly strode towards Damian…
   Everyone’s hearts were instantly raised in their throats. Damian was also nervous, but he decided to take the plunge. Several bodyguards were ready to pull the trigger, but were stopped by Damian’s eyes.
   Suddenly, a surprising scene appeared! After Quibi got close to Damian, he squatted down slowly and sniffed softly near his ear. Then, its eyes became more and more gentle. Damian was overjoyed, and Quibi really recognized himself!
  Reunion and Embrace
  Healing Two Generations
   To make it further confirm who he is, Damian blows lightly into Quibi’s face, their favorite game of the year. Sure enough, Quibi felt Damian’s breath and narrowed his eyes cooperatively…
   Damian hugged Quibi excitedly, this huge partner also stretched out his long arms to embrace his long-missing human companion .
   Unexpectedly, when they embraced excitedly, the angry roars of other gorillas sounded around! It turned out that Kuibi’s “wives” were jealous when they saw that he didn’t let go of his arms. They gathered around and prepared to tear up this uninvited guest!
   Seeing this, Quibi immediately shocked the “family” with a huge roar and kept them quiet.
   Then, Quibi continued to hold Damian’s hand, expressing his longing for the past five years like no one else. It even motioned Damian to follow it, introducing his wife and children to Damian, as if to say to him, “I am all right here, how have you been all these years?”
   Damian burst into tears. In the middle of the break, this rich man who is all-powerful in the business territory is actually still a child who longs for love and companionship. Now facing his favorite playmate, he finally takes off his mask and becomes himself.
   The time with Quibi was happy and short. In order not to make the mother orangutan too jealous, the “old friends” only got along for an hour, and Damian was ready to leave under the urging of the bodyguard. But when their boat traveled for a day and a night, and was about to leave the river the next day, Damian found the familiar figure again in the grass on the opposite side!
   “It’s Quibi! It actually followed our boat secretly for a day and a night!”
   Damian couldn’t hold back his tears, he rushed ashore again and hugged Quibi tightly, and the people around were also moved by their deep friendship.
   Back in the UK, Damian seems to be a different person. He got back on his feet, inspected the market himself, revised his business philosophy, and refined his team of partners. Despite the work at hand, he still finds time with Sally every day, telling his daughter his story with Quibi, and promising to take her to Africa to visit Quibi.
   The happy holiday finally came. In the summer of 2011, Sally, accompanied by her father, met Quibi for the first time.
   Although there were fears that the behemoth would be a danger to Sally, Damian had been gently encouraging her daughter from behind.
   “Be brave, my princess, Dad will be by your side to protect you, don’t be afraid, go forward!”
   These words made Sally take courage, and finally slowly approached Quibi. And Quibi, through Damian’s visits several times a year, has long since returned to the familiarity and tacit understanding he had with him in childhood, and now he is even more friendly to welcome the lovely girl he brought.
   Looking at the tall and mighty chimpanzee in front of her, Sally was terrified at first. But as Quibi gently stretched out her hand and pulled up her tender little hand, the warmth from the palm of her hand seemed to instantly inject a strength into Sally, making her mind instantly calm down.
   She turned her head to look at her father, the man who used to focus only on work and was indifferent to his family, and now he was looking at her tenderly. Sally suddenly realized that it was Quibi who healed her father and let him find the child who longed for love in his heart, and now, her father also hopes that Quibi can heal her, so that she will stop crying and embrace the sunshine life bravely!
   The eyes of the father and daughter met in each other’s eyes, and Sally couldn’t help but burst into tears. Quibi seemed to understand their voices, stretched out his long arms, and embraced the father and daughter together. The father and daughter held each other’s hands tightly in the gorilla’s furry arms…
   In the days that followed, Damian would bring his daughter to find Quibi whenever he was free. Many people asked him why he didn’t bring Quibi and his “family” back to the UK, which has such a large wildlife rescue base anyway. Every time she hears this question, Sally will rush to answer: “Because we want to give Quibi real happiness, not to let him be well-fed and pray for love through the ‘fence’, but to be released to nature and bravely chasing the sun. With love!”
   This understanding and consensus made the father and daughter more harmonious and intimate. Under the influence and company of Quibi, Sally grew into a lively and cheerful girl, and Damian also harvested her new love in 2014.
   Damian posted a video of him and Quibi on the Internet, which has more than one million views and touched countless netizens. When replying to netizens, Damian said: “It’s not so much that I saved the gorilla, it’s more that it cured me and my daughter. Now, Sally and I continue to protect the cause of wildlife, we have to rescue More animals, and more love. Animals, like people, should break through the ‘fence’ and live freely and bravely in the sun…”