Give you a VIP card

  Lao Chen is a veteran and works as a doorman in the Civil Affairs Bureau. He was on duty that day, and saw an old man in his 70s limping into the door with a woman in his 50s. Old Chen frowned, asked the two to sign the entry and exit register, leave their phone numbers, and then coldly watched them walk to the marriage registry on the third floor.
  About half an hour later, the lame old man came out and said “bye bye” to Old Chen with a smile. After a while, the woman also came out. Old Chen stopped her and asked, “You are gone? Didn’t you get married only last month?” The woman nodded and said nothing. Old Chen sighed helplessly, and said, “As long as he is his age and grows up like that, how did you marry him in the first place?” The woman finally cursed, “Old liar, you can’t die! I think he has a little money. I just married him, who knows…”
  This curse hit Lao Chen’s heart, only to hear the woman continue to say angrily: “He said that the house will be transferred to me after registration, and the bank card will be under my control. After registration, he said. Test me for 10 days, then 20, 30 days… Now that the room is not seen, the card is not seen, what am I waiting for? This old bastard also forced me to return the bracelet he gave before marriage, saying it was inherited from the ancestors. It’s thousands of dollars. It’s not his daughter-in-law who will die early if she wears it. I won’t tell you, I have to scold him a few words to feel comfortable!”
  After speaking, she chased out the door and cursed the street outside. Old Chen laughed secretly when he heard it.
  But having said that, it is really hateful for an old pensioner to do such a thing. When the director of the marriage registry got off work, Old Chen asked him: “Director, the lame old man is clearly deceiving ignorant and greedy rural women. Why do you let him succeed again and again?” The
  director sighed and said, “They are married and divorced voluntarily.
  Yes , there is no dispute, we can only act according to the rules.” Old Chen smacked his lips and said, “Then you can tell the girl about his deeds before getting married.” The director smiled bitterly and said, “That’s his privacy. , Said it was illegal. Once I euphemistically called him “just enough”, he was so excited, hippie smiled and said, “I’m not here for you to eat,” as if we still have to thank him.”
  Old Chen scolded: “Old rascal, what a rascal!” He made up his mind that next time the lame old man comes again, he must fix him. When he got off work, Lao Chen passed by the photo studio at the door, and suddenly had an idea, he had a trick, so he walked into the photo studio and talked to the boss like this.
  In less than two months, the lame old man came again, and the woman leading this time was younger. Old Chen uncharacteristically greeted enthusiastically: “Hey, Lao Sao is here again, okay!” The lame old man said unhappily, “I am Lao Xiao, not Lao Sao.” Lao Chen quickly apologized, “Excuse me, we Guangdong That’s how the guy’s speech is. Come and come, there’s something good about you.” With
  that, Lao Chen pulled Lao Xiao into the guard room, handed him a card and said, “This is the’Wedding VIP Card’. This year, you I patronized the marriage registry several times, so I gave you VIP-level treatment. With the VIP card, there is no need to queue for marriage and divorce, and you can do it on the go; it is allowed to bring the current wife and girlfriend at the same time, and get married immediately after the divorce…”
  Old Xiao Put the card in his pocket and interrupt Lao Chen’s words: “You don’t need to queue up, you don’t need to say more about the others.”
  Lao Chen smiled slightly and continued to compile: “Listen to me. You can also enjoy the speciality of the photo studio at the entrance. Discounts. From the second time, regular customers will lose one yuan for each consumption. If they didn’t enjoy it before, they can accumulate it.”
  Lao Xiao loves small and cheap, and he smiles suddenly when he hears this: “This is good! I’ll enjoy it later.” ”
  Old Xiao took the woman to the registration office to check the ID card and household registration booklet, and then went to take pictures excitedly. At the checkout, he took out the VIP card, pulled the boss aside, and whispered: “According to the shop rules that old customers spend one yuan off at a time, this time I spend 30 yuan. You should post it upside down. I won’t tell you.
  Just care about it, it’s free.” Who knows that the boss disagrees: “You are a regular customer, but you have spent more than 30 times. Is there any evidence?”
  Old Xiao asked the woman to go to the registration office and wait, and then he asked. Boss: “Have you kept the bottom of the photos you took?” The boss said yes. Old Xiao said: “Then you can turn it over, even the marriage and divorce photos, I will definitely not take less than 30 photos.”
  The boss said impatiently: “So many, you at least report a date, or tell me how to turn it? Or do you do it yourself?” Then, the boss opened the computer album and gave Lao Xiao a seat.
  The photos were so dense that Old Xiao looked dimly dim and couldn’t turn it down. With his eyes rolled, he came to the guard room and asked Lao Chen: “Every time I come, do you have a registration?” Lao Chen pointed to the access register on the table and said, “Of course.”
  Old Xiao checked the access registration excitedly. Borrow the book to the photo studio, start from the beginning, and report the days I have been here. The boss checked the computer photo album according to the day, and he found many old Xiao married couple photos and divorced solo photos. They immersed themselves in checking for a while, and found that Lao Xiao had indeed consumed no less than 30 times.
  Old Xiao triumphed, and was about to let the boss waive the bill, but he didn’t expect to take a hard hit on his head. He got angry and turned his head to look, only to see a woman hitting him with an umbrella. I don’t know when she came back, just to have a panoramic view of all his double and single photos.
  The woman is so angry that she can’t do anything to swear: “Old, old Sao! You liar and gangster!” She took off the bracelet on her hand, raised it up and was about to smash it, but listened to someone behind her promptly warning: “You will pay for breaking it. It’s thousands of dollars!” The woman was startled, turned around and saw that it was Lao Chen who was talking, and she only heard him say: “Old girl, the bracelet on your hand is Lao Sao’s heirloom. More than a dozen old girls are not wearing it, you have to hold it steady!” The
  woman’s face went dark, she stared at Old Xiao fiercely, and threw the bracelet into the trash bin filled with waste paper by the door. The next sentence: “Let you cheat again, one day people will be castrated!”
  Old Xiao picked up the bracelet, like an old rooster that was defeated. Old Chen smiled and asked, “How? Does the VIP card work?”
  Old Xiao rolled his eyes and thought, and then he realized: The guard must have called the woman back, and blamed himself for being greedy for petty and cheap, making the person in front of him play! He took out the VIP card, smashed it into Lao Chen’s face, and yelled: “You kid! It was uneasy at first!”
  Lao Chen caught the card accurately, and laughed: “You are kind, right? Another day, I will call those dozen or so old girls one by one and ask them to each bring a steer knife and go to your house for a party!”
  Old Xiao got angry, pointed his finger at Old Chen and walked out. Since then, he has never been seen in the Civil Affairs Bureau.